What Have I Done Lately?

What have I done lately? I don’t know. I’ve been in holiday since one month ago. And I am fucking love it till death. Yeah, finally, freedom!!! I am willing to show my middle finger to the school. Just to say goodbye. Even only for one month. Recharge myself from stupid homework, killer teacher, public speaking, silly question, and other bubbly stuffs.
Trust me!
I love it!
So, one day before it starts, I celebrated it with my friend. We ate. We danced. Sang. Shouted. And created some future story. That’s the best day ever. I mean, hang out with my friends.
But, now I ask myself, what have I done lately? It seems the time walked too fast. I don’t even notice it. Started from midnight-late-sleep, calling my friend till midnight (everyday!), and woke up after the sun had already set in the highest position. That’s what I’ve done.
There is still a homework. Zillion stressed out. It freaks me out sometimes. Okay, I mean it. Sometimes. Which it means only a few second plopped in my head. Then, bubbye, it disappeared. I don’t even care of it. Crazy? Nope. I just enjoy my time. Hehehe.

Dylandia Elfyza
The Happy Teenager with No Stressed Brain because of Homework..

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