Everlasting Love from Everlasting Friend

Super Junior.
Somehow I ask myself. Who are they? Do I really know them? Or actually I only dreaming this whole time? Creating silly imagination about 15 men. 15 perfect men. Maybe. I guess so. In fact, I am no one.
But, what do u call this feeling? When you know they cry, u also cry? When you they receive something good, It feels like its also yours. Just like they share those to you. What do u call these hopes? You wish they will be happy forever, you pray every night so that they won’t feel any burden. What do u call it? For me, it’s love. It’s Everlasting Love from an Everlasting Friend.
From Super Junior, I learn how to love my friends, I learn how to get what you want hardly, I know what life is. What family is. What dreams are.
Lately, I read so many sadly article about Super Junior. Heechul will leave Super Junior for military, for a while. Leeteuk cried on Inkigayo. One by one, everyone left. My love. My life. My breath. It’s leaving my heart. Trust me, it’s hurt. Just like something invisible steal what you do for life.
Super Junior is something I do for living. Super Junior is the melody I sang to my painful soul.
Heechul oppa, please don’t be cry. Please don’t be sad. Keep your smile. Keep your laugh. Keep you sparkling eyes. You are much more handsome with your happy face. We will wait for you. We will keep your place. You can go now. We won’t let you go in tears. Instead, we always hold your heart with love. We met in happiness. So we will say goodbye in happiness. But, hey, it’s not goodbye. Because wherever you are, you are still Super Junior. You are still Milky Skin Kim Heechul. You are still our Cinderella. And we will always gonna be PETALS and also ELF. We give you our words. We cross our heart on this.
Leeteuk oppa, you are the best leader I’ve ever found. Really. You take care of your members very well. You sacrifice yourself for them. That’s why, we are very proud of you. Super Junior and ELF are very lucky to know you, to have you, and to love you. When you feel sad, just remember there is still one zillion ELF who will cry with you. And also give back your smile. Just stop if you feel you can go more forward. But, we are here behind you. Hold you. Support you. Although there is so many storms and hard road ahead, we are standing for you.

When the night goes dawn..
The laughter had left the town..
Being silly a clown..
This love has pushed me down..
Weird fun..
Because I am happy even though I cried..
Believing is the only thing I do to keep alive..
When the star flew around the galaxy…
I only deeply..
Wish they will be happy till eternity…

Promise To Believe,
Dylandia Elfyza

If you find this letter, please spread this to ELF and also to our Super Junior. Take out with full credit.

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