[HEART] Get It By Yourself

I’m the new me. I’m not Dyland that used to be. I’m not longer the girl that makes people will give whatever it takes to get my mark. They know now, I won’t do it anymore.

Once, I thought that from being generous you’re gonna get what you want of ANYTHING. I wasn’t choose whether is good or bad. I closed my ears and my other intuition that said, “It’s not right.” What came to my mind that everyone is good, no exception. They did it for nothing but friends. But, regretful always come the last. Facts that I believed for so long time are fake. It’s only my dream. I was too plain for getting friends in that way. What I believed to live in society is, ” The more you give, the merrier you receive.” It was right. For some cases. For others, you only get what i called as ominous.

They took my mark. The cheat on my work to be the best while it’s me who deserve to. I won’t be this bad if they feel sorry or at least give me reward. But, no once comes. They only see me as mark maker. No more. I have tried in the last midtest to not give them anything. And you know what? They look down on me. They hate me. They get rid of me as I am a bacteria or dandruff.

Well, they won’t win that easy. They thought by making me bad, I’ll do my mistakes all over again. I am furious for the first time. But, I don’t give a shit. I still have friends who love me for the way I am, who not ask me to be perfect, I have them, what should I afraid for?

For now, they can laugh because their good mark for cheating on my other friend’s work. But one day, I’ll meet them and know that I am the one who right.

What you earn is what you get. By begging you won’t get anything but sin and bashful. This is a modern era. You have to try hard to get what you want. You can’t change the world with money, but you can make change with brain and knowledge.

I’m not a lover. You can’t get me into your will. Just to let you know, I am a hater.


Dylandia Elfyza

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