[HEART] If You Wanna Be A K-PopErs, Then You Have To Get Ready To Run Out Your Money

Well, this is true. This is fact. Undeniable fact. It’s not the fake fact which we call gossip or issue. I’ve been observed my friends in our K-Pop clique, and yes, all we need to keep live is money. A lot of money. To buy original albums, merchandise, t-shirt replica from our bias, or only to buy magazine and download their videos.

For an established K-PopErs whom work and earn money by their self, this is easy. But for a student like us (we still have to stretch out our hand to parents!), we have to cry all night first to make our parents feel pity.

Being K-PopErs, is exclusive. Yet you have to get ready to lose everything. K-Pop is different than any other music genre. Although I am not really expert, I am not that stupid to divide which is plagiat and not. If you lived in Indonesia, you will understand what I am talking about.There is some alay wave in my country. Alay is another phrase for too much or overact. Some crazy boyband and girlband sing with their not-really-sonorous voice, or they will take lipsync. Well, that is the trend now. Love the plagiators with mediocre talent.

If you follow the trend, you’re the queen/king bee. Eeewwhh, I will never wanna be who I am not. Some of my friends hate me because my lovable hobby with K-Pop. I try to compromise with them. But they gave me nothing in return. What should I hold on for? Then, I let them go. They are with their world, and I am with mine.

Being K-PopErs, you have to get ready to be the black sheep. K-Pop is different. And it’s the common thing everywhere, being different is weird and people hate the diversity. Some of your friends will mock you and even mock your idols. Call them plastic and not human. Well, are you sad? Come on. You make them happy. Tell them that it’s better to have plastic surgery and entertain people than being a suck person with your weird face, Originally Indonesia.

Being K-PopErs, you have to get ready for competition. There is a quiz about K-Pop, limited merchandise, and many more which make your brain choked. That’s why we need strong mentality. I breve to say that K-PopErs is a strong human.

The last, being K-PopErs, you have to get ready to cry all night long because you can’t attend your favorite idol’s concert. Trust me, it’s much more hurt than lose your real love in reality.

Well, girls and boys, ready for being K-PopErs?

Dylandia Mama is here to accompany you through your self-seeking!



Sign, Dylandia Elfyza

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