[HEART] Consequence Risked


Well, after my gloomy session is over, finally I realize one point. Maybe I won’t think about it without an advice from my friend, but yeah, I confess she is right..

My mark this term is not really good. Besides my dad was not home for a week, and it makes me agitated because usually he cheers me up when my exam came. The videos from my biases are also too good to be abandoned, I didn’t study at all. And the result out. I am death. It’s so contrary with my last term mark. It’s all NINE written in my answer sheet. I am down. I am frustated. I am blaming everyone around me. I even think of a suicide. Crazy? I know. I am just seventeen years old girl who look for whi I am.

But, my friends told me, to be K-PopErs, you have to get ready for the consequence. Yes you’re happy. But your future is risked. And I think deeply..

I am proud to be K-PopErs then. This dark time will be over. I am gonna get my scholarship in Korea because of my madness with k-Pop, or maybe I am gonna meet my biases. Who knows? We have to sacrifice something to get what we desired. Maybe it’s hard to see my mark. But I have friends. And it heals me a lot. They help to laugh. They help me to get back..

So, as long as I am happy with my prestise as K-PopErs, it’s okay….


Dylandia Elfyza

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