[HEART] Random Day

Here I am. Rewrite what’s in in my mind. Waiting y brothers to finish his homework in the next box of this internet cafe. Just to let you know, he is using Ki Bum picture in his facebook display picture. Wow, I guess I really influenced him.

Today is Thursday. Nothing special. The sun is still shining, the wind keeps blowing, and I am still gloomy. Haha. Well, gloomy girl is my identity.

I just downloaded SM Fashionista in Youtube. I hope it’s beyond my expectation. I had watched some videos of EXO and Taemin. Oh my god! I don’t know whom to look. They all soooo gorgeous.

By the way, tomorrow is Friday. We will home sooner than usually. Pufft, I hope I can relax with my friend. The preparation for UAN really drives me insane.

Sign, Dylandia Elfyza


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