[HEART] How is it like to be Jaejoong’s sister?

It’s already 4 days after Try Out. The nightmare for some K-Popers, especially me. Can you imagine when you have to download your fave vids and have snacks in front of your Apple but the facts all you have is a bundle of complicated questions? When you have to memorize their new songs but everyone told you to READ, REMEMBER, UNDERSTAND, AND MEMORIZE economy law? Gosh. Trust me. I’d rather clean my school field than stay one day long in my bedroom. Not for fangirling. But self-killing.

But, it’s all over now. And next week my school will celebrate it’s ‘whatever-th’ birthday. Yes. Three days freedom. Actually the occasion held in one week. But headmaster said we have to hold in our motto. ‘No day without learning’. Bah! Maybe he means no day without boring.

Well, after one week without teacher’s shit, it’s gonna be second Try Out. And Midterm Exam.The School Exam. And National Examination. Fucking crazy! I am crazy if I follow what my tacher said as exam guide. She said:

1. Always pray.

My head said:”Pray to make my download success, pray to reunite TVXQ, pray to attend Boyfriend concert.”

2. Do everything maximally.

Yeah. My videos in my laptop in maximally HD. It’s maximally great. And definitely drive me insane! (Remember Jaejoong’s expression. >.<)

3. Study and study.

Study in cyber cafe. Study EXO member. Study Hangul. Study KAI body. Study Youngmin’s lip. Ups… Kekeke.

4. Keep your relationship with others.

Hmm, I know I have to keep my relationship with Taemin. I’ve abandoned him lately. Ever since they have no new MV, songs, or news. Maybe I have to watch him closer. So he will help in my Art subject. Hehehe.

Well, whatever my teachers said, K-Pop is never leave my heart. Hahaha.

Now, enough with my-fucking-examination-story.

I wonder before, what is it like to be Jaejoong’s sister? He is a very kind man. He’s the real angel! He’s so gentle with woman. And he even donated his money for his elementary school.

Maybe our conversation will be like this.

On boring Saturday morning with dull lesson and odd teacher..

Me: (Is calling Jaejoong oppa)

JJ: Hey, sis. How are you? (sweet voice, gentle tone, melt my heart…!)

Me: Oppa, I’m boring.. (with the voice as if boring equals with dying)

JJ: Ohh.. Poor you. Don’t worry, my lil sis. What can I do for you?

Me: (in my heart, ‘fuck me oppa’) I don’t know. (sounded like I don’t know what to do because I have no more power to think)

JJ: I’m in Japan now. What if I bought you a ticket now and you come here? I will tell someone to pick you up.

Me: (blink eyes, wink eyes, smirk eyes) Is it okay for you?

JJ: (smile smoothly over there, but I can feel it from my iPhone speaker) Everything is okay for me. As long it’s to make you happy.

Me: Yes! Oppa! You’re the best! I love you!!

JJ: I love you too.

Teacher: Dyland! You said you love me? (her face is getting weird, and my class is running to fear)

Yeah. It sounds crazy but somehow it’s cheer me up. I am blessed because my teachers are never catch me when I daydreamt.


Dylandia Elfyza

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