EXO is a new boyband formed by SM Entertainment. This agency has a great role in spreading Hallyu Wave all over the world through TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, and so on. EXO will be the part of this new world addiction of music. With an amazing combination between face, voice, and also talent of each members, we can predect that EXO may follow their seniors even over it.

EXO contains of 12 members. They will be divided into two groups. EXO-K with 6 members and EXO-M with 6 members. SM Entertainment said it is to reach their target, go international beyond Korea.

They are nicknamed as ‘boys land’ or ‘boys from heaven’.

To catch attention from fans, SM Entertainment won’t make it ‘normal’ as usual teaser or news. SM Entertainment expects the good respond from netizen by presenting EXO. Not wasting the time, one by one, EXO member revealed. The great calculate expectation has brought EXO onto the top. Even though the music video album haven’t unveiled, people looks forward their next move.

They released first member of EXO-K, KAI (Kim Jongin), December 21st 2011. He is the first member on EXO-K. Check it out here.




Name : Kim Jong In 김종인
Stage name : Kai 카이
Hieight : 182 cm
Bithday : January 14, 1994
Blood type : A
Position : Vocalist, Main Dancer
Family : Mother, father, two noonas (older sister)
Skills : Ballet, jazz, hiphop, popping, locking dance.
Facts : Appeared in Hahaha song CF with DBSK, friends with Shinee’s Taemin, mentioned in The Shinee World Thanks to.

Then, SM Entertainment revealed the second member, Lu Han. He is prepared for EXO-M and being the lead vocalist and lead dancer. In his teaser on December 26th 2011, he featured with KAI.




Name : Lu Han 루한
Stage name : Lu Han 루한
Height : 178 cm
Bithday : April 20, 1990
Position : Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Home town : Heidian , Beijing
Hobbies : Animation. art, video games, computer, water sport, racket sport, football, music, concert/club, television, animals, trevel, singing.
Facts : filmed MV with XING before, In 2008 He song “I’m letting you go” as well as “In love with the future you”.

More and more people fascinated by how SM Entertainment represent their boyband. This won’t stop here, again, SM Entertainment released the third teaser of TAO on December 27th 2011. The second member in EXO-M.




Name : Huang Zi Tao 黄子韬
Stage name : Tao 타오
Height : 185 cm
Bithday : May 2, 1993
Position : Rapper December 27, 2011
Nationality : Chinese
Home town : QingDao, Shandong, China
Hobbies : singing, playing basketball, exercising, martialarts, sword dance.
Knows : English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Facts : He is a very conservative person, likes to exercise alone. , has placed first for Wushi and Rap Competitions.

Several days later, SM Entertainment shocked the netizens with another teaser of KAI on December 29th 2011, January 2nd 2012, and January 5th 2012.

Done with promoted KAI, SM Entertainment showed the next member featured with KAI, Se Hun on January 9th 2012. He is the vocalist and lead dancer in EXO-K.




Name : Oh Se Hoon 오세훈
Stage name : Se Hun 세훈
Heightigh : 181 cm
Bithday : April 12, 1994
Position : Vocalist, Lead Dancer January 10, 201

Not only with KAI, SM Entertainment also made his solo teaser on January 10th 2012! This is the teaser that revealed all of EXO members.

One day later, SM Entertainment revealed the teaser for Lu Han and Se Hun on January 11st 2012. It looks like they are getting along very well. ^^

Following the previous teaser, SM Entertainment soon released the next teaser of LAY for EXO-M on January 16th 2012. His position will be in EXO-M as vocalist and main dancer.




Name : Zhang Yi Xing 张艺兴
Stage name : Lay 레이 / Xing Tuo
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 60kg
Bithday : October 7, 1991. Changsha, Hunan
Star sign : Libra
Blood type : A
Position : Vocalist, Main Dancer
Interests : Playing computer to master the language: Chinese Korean
Occupation : Student (Hunan Normal University High School)
Interests : Hobbies: guitar, dancing

The next member revealed on January 24th2012 named Xiu Min in his teaser with KAI. He will be placed on EXO-M as lead vocalist.




Name : Kim Min Seok 김민석
Stage name : Xiu Min 시우민
Height : 176 cm
Bithday : March 26, 1990
Position : Lead Vocalist
Experience : 2nd at SM Everysing Contest 2008 (1st place was Jino)
Speciality : singing, dancing, taekwondo, kendo

Then, SM Entertainment refreshed our mind with KAI and LAY teaser on January 26th 2012. It means this teaser is the proof that shows the dance ability of 2 main dancer on EXO-K and EXO-M.

The next move from EXO showed to many people that they are not only the ‘rookie-boyband’. On 29 January 29th, SM Entertainment revealed two other EXO-K member and one EXO-M member on ‘What Is Love’ music video. All members whom sing here is main vocalist. We won’t see the dance video just like the previous teaser. They come not only in body move, but also in voice swing that capture our heart. In this music video, we can see two unrevealed EXO-K member and one unreleased EXO-M member. On EXO-K, it has Baek Hyun and D.O as main vocalist. As cameo, we can see Chanyeol and Joonmyun. SM Entertainment confirmed that Joonmyun will be the leader on EXO-K. Take a look. On EXO-M, it has Chen and Lu Han. As guest, we can see Cris. Click here.




Name : Baek Hyun 백현
Bithday : May 6, 1992
Position : Lead Vocalist




Name : Do Kyung Soo 도경수
Stage name : D.O. 디오
Bithday : January 12, 1993
Position : Main Vocalist




Name : Kim Joon Myun 김준면
Stage name : Joon Myun 준
Height : 172 cm
Bithday : May 22, 1991
Position : Lead Vocalist, Leader
Blood type: AB




Name : Park Chan Yeol 박찬열
Stage name : Chan Yeol 찬열
Height : 185 cm
Bithday : November 27, 1992
Position : Rapper
Blood Type: A


1. Appeared in the PV for the Japanese version of SNSD’s “Genie”
2. 2008 Smart Model Contest Winner
3. Plays guitar, bass, and drums
4. Can beatbox





Name : Kim Jong Dae 김종대
Stage name : Chen 첸
Height : 178 cm
Bithday : September 21, 1992
Position : Main Vocalist
Facts : first revealed through the SM Orchestra at SBS Gayo Daejun 2011

On February 6th 2012, SM Entertainment released again the second teaser of Se Hun. At the last minute, KAI appeared.

Lately, SM Entertainment revealed the fifth teaser of KAI on February 9th 2012.

Soon after that, SM Entertainment unveiled teaser of TAO on February 13th 2012.

After that, SM Entertainment answered the curiousity of EXO fans in ‘What Is Love’ MV. They released teaser of leader and main vocalist in EXO-K, Joonmyun and D.O on February 14th 2012. What surprising is Joonmyun uses the stage name, Su Ho.

Then, the teaser of leader in EXO-M released on February 15 th 2012, Kris.




Birth Name: Wu Fan

Stage Name: Kris

Date of Birth: –

Position: EXO-M’s leader, rapper

Height: 188 cm

Fact: Lived in Vancouver

The 19th teaser starred by KAI (again!!! >.<) on February 16th 2012.

Then, the rapper of EXO-K takes the attention on February 22th 2012 in the 20th teaser. The teaser song titled El Dorado. El Dorado means golden one, the name of a Muisca tribal chief who covered himself with gold dust and, as an initiation rite, dived into a highland lake. Later it became the name of a legendary “Lost City of Gold” that has fascinated many explorers since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors. Though many have searched for years on end to find this city of gold, no evidence of such a place has been found.

But, Chanyeol bewitched us with his own gold-alike face. The rhythm of a song, the melody, even though we haven’t know the legendary, we feel the different atmosphere from another teasers. We have explored the treasure in this teaser.

A week later, “Baby Don’t Cry,” 21st teaser of KAI released on February 28th 2012.

SM Entertainment moved fast, on February 29th, teaser of main dancer on EXO-M and lead dancer on EXO-K, LAY and Sehun, out of the box.

Three days straight, the teasers keep appeared. On March 1st 2012 is KAI turn. Astonished, because on the last minutes, another EXO member, whether K or M danced along with KAI. The smooth move and gentle music spell on viewers.

And then, 8 March 2012 is a big day for EXO fans. Again, they released music video, “History.” Unlike “What Is Love” that showed the singing ability, this MV focused on dance ability of each members, not only lead or main dancer. We can see how cohesive is their move with harmony and rhythm. Just like the name of this MV, EXO made the real history.

Check this out. EXO-K. EXO-M.

Some rumors appeared when EXO came to K-Pop showbiz. It said that EXO created to replace Super Junior. This rumor is totally hoax. No matter how long Super Junior will take a rest from public, they won’t disappoint their fans. EXO made because they are prepared since several years ago. It said SM Entertainment will create M-1. One of the members are SM The Ballad member, Jino. The facts, SM changed their mind for some reasons. Maybe this is what we called company strategy, Jino will appear in bigger opportunity.

Although there are still so many rumors which are not cleared yet, EXO made a history. EXO with their extraordinary talent refreh K-Pop showbiz. We don’t have to leave our previous idols, they have their own space. All we have to do is enjoy K-Pop as long as we can. Is bashing really necessary when we know there is something more important to do?

Written by Dylandia Elfyza

Copyright by fairytalebeyondreality.wordpress.com

Take out with full credits

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