[POETRY] My Hero

Silence, you come close.

Spread love and warm.

You’re here with your glittering.

Shining, right there.

You told me what unknown.

You teach me what world cursed.

Yet, you speak to me about happy heart.

I see you through the glass.

Your unmoving pose.

Your moving body.

And you smiling lips.

Again and again, you raise me from the ground.

You don’t know, I know.

It’s enough for me to keep loving you.

As the sun who long for the earth.

Willing for burnt by the blaze of its own fire.

Burn himself till die.

My hero.

I give this to you.

A little piece of my heart.

I hand this to you.

My soul for you to save.

Because I trust you.

As my life sealed.



Dylandia Elfyza

By rosazazil Posted in Poetry

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