[POETRY] The Untold Story

Someone said fate is reality.

United us in graviry.

Just like universe was created by mystery.

It can be human misery.

Or a love as a fairy.

I was once believed in miracle.

When my heart fulled by sparkle.

People thought my smile is a dazzle.

I changed my name into angle.

Without knowing I would meet a rebel.

Then I met you.

Offering friendship, you.

Unsaid, becoming friend, you.

Stupid, because I trust you.

Those facts came last.

Destroying my faith into a blast.

Time ran fast.

But my life dropped like a dust.

Breaking my heart as if it’s a glass.

I still believed you.

I really do.

But my mind couldn’t be undo.

We should go…

You and me.

We have an untold story.

Our will before to keep each other seems fuzzy.

I have known your frailty.

And you don’t want me to cast away your opacity.

Unsaid, trust me!

Yet you leave me.


We once had beautiful dreams.

Collect it one byb ones.

Laugh as if we are the happiest.

Cry just like we are the saddest.

You came into my life when my dreams death.

Light my way and never stopped.

But maybe this is the path we should walked.

Our untold story.

We both know.

We’ll keep it till whenever.

When it comes the day.

I’ll ask.

Then we’ll know….



Dylandia Elfyza

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