[INFO] SHINee – Fourth Mini Album “Sherlock”


As expected, this 2012 will be the rise time for SM Entertainment. Not only promoting EXO with their countless teasers and photos, this is SHINee’s turn to take netizen (netter and citizen) attention. This March 21st, Shawol gets the new excitement from SHINee comeback in their fourth mini album themed as Sherlock.

It said that the French boys is the theme for this album photoshoot.

Further, they use “hybrid remix technique” to join two different tracks, “Clue” and “Note” into one complete track “Sherlock”. This mini album includes 7 songs and separated chapters as the story of Holmes.

This album will be available on the March 19th through iTunes and released worldwide on March 21st.

Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

Source: SportsChosun

Credits to: Allkpop

Re-written by: Dylandia Elfyza @ Fairytale Beyond Reality


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