[VIDEO+ALBUM] SHINee – The Fourth Mini Album “Sherlock” (Teasers+Music Video)

Shawol waits patiently for Sherlock released. Finally, SM Entertainment answer their curiosity with member teaser. This teaser formatted as “Clue+Note”. Actually, this “Clue+Note” has connection with their music video story.

First released member teaser is Jonghyun on March 14th 2012. He sang his part on Sherlock. Blinger will fascinated with his loud-heavenly voice. Finally, after countless “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer” performance, we know Jonghyun will never lose his sparkling voice, directed or indirected.

At the same day, Taemin followed Jonghyun with Sherlock dance in his teaser. Taemin danced with beats from Jonghyun’s voice. Cheers, Taemins, finally, it is no more Ring Ding Dong or Lucifer dance!! It’s Sherlock dance! Taemin danced really well as usual. Capture our heart with his energical move and manly face. He’s not our Taemin in “Noona Neomu Yeppeo”. It’s our Taemin with his straight blonde hair.

The next day, on March 15th 2012, Key will made your day brighter with his smile and sharp eyes. Shoot your heart with love from SHINee.

Then, charismatic Minho ended our curiosity. His big onyx eyes and his muscular body wrapped in black suits makes you can’t turn your face of him. His bass voice thrills the heart of all woman, even man. The teaser entitled “Message from Minho” soon read as “Message from Apollo.”

Highlight medley is released soon. Contended their teaser photo. It looks like they want us to wait and show their best performance.

On March 18th 2012, Sherlock Music Video teaser is revealed! The setting is in museum with detective style. Mysterious appeal feels so thick in their gaze.  SNSD Jessica is the model of this music video.

Finally!! On March 22nd 2012, SHINee finished their music video! Sherlock music video teaser is revealed! Our waiting is worth it. SHINee really know how to make us cry and smile at the same time. Their dance is more fantastic then in Lucifer or Ring Ding Dong. Jonghyun’s powerfull voice mixed really well with choreography. The maknae Taemin neutralize the manly impression from 4 members. SHINee is really shining Sherlock. As detective, their expression become tougher. As man, they become sexier. And as idol, they know how to cheers their fans.

Release Date: 2012.03.19
Genre: Pop
Language: Korean

Track List:
01 Sherlock.셜록 (Clue+Note)
02 Clue
03 Note
04 알람시계 (Alarm Clock)
05 The Reason
06 낯선자 (Stranger)
07 늘 그자리에 (Honesty)






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