[NEWS+VIDEO] Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News’ Reported Recording of EXO Showcase

Slow but sure, EXO are ready to debut. From the highlight of showcase on TV aired by Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, we know EXO has taken the attention!

EXO’s Korean showcase was held back on March 31st at the Olympic Park in Seoul, and their showcase in China was held at the University of International Business and Economics on April 1st.

Although these lads have not officially made their debut, the thousands of Korean and Chinese fans who came to see the boys show off their gigantic sounds of cheers crowd for EXO. They did not let the fans down. They did the best on the stage. Catch the eyes with music beats performed by each members and spell the atmosphere with the synchronized dance moves.

The showcase was hosted by Super Junior‘s Leeteuk who asked the boys a series of questions so that the fans could get to know them a little better. But the rookies were nervous speaking in front of so many fans, and hilariously gave short, timid answers. But somehow their face looks cute when asnwered those simple questions. That’s the power of EXO member pureness, for sure!

The EXO members also took individual jacket photos for their album, and fans got a chance to see Baekhyun who still seems a bit awkward posing for the camera, as well as Chanyeol who posed like a professional model. The members also introduced their ‘Pants Shake’ dance on the set of their MV shoot, further heightening fans’ anticipation for their debut.

News credits to allkpop

Video credits to Oumae25 @ YT

Edited by Dyland @ Fairytale Beyond Reality

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