[REVIEW] EXO, Power Connection and Symbol, Fantasy or Fact?

EXO creates history this April. With their debut Music Video entitled MAMA, we finished our waiting.

But, this music video is not only musici video as usual with single story. From December 23rd 2011, EXO begin to lit our curiosity. KAI’s teaser is the beginning. Then other members overtake the stage of this new boyband.

After they released MAMA lately, what are the teasers for are revealed.

SM Entertainment prepares EXO debut carefully and not as normal. From MAMA, we know that is actually the story line.

First of all, from KAI and Luhan’s first teaser used “Time Control” song. The “Time Control” power then become Tao’s power.

Then, Tao’s teaser with “Metal” song being Luhan’s power.

Lay’s teaser using “Phoenix” beats become Chanyeol’s power to create phoenix from fire.

Sehun’s teaser with “Black Pearl.” In his teaser, he played the water and lift without nothing. Water controlling being Suho’s power.

KAI’s teaser entitled “Lightsaber” become Baekhyun’s power.

Xiumin and KAI’s teaser with “Let Out The Beast” being Kris’s power to call dragon (beast).

That’s all I found. Maybe in the future, SM Entertainment will release more teaser to make us know EXO’s story more.

Further, the symbol in MAMA music video used by them is not without reason.

As beginning, we know that EXO icon is hexagonal.

Maybe waiting for EXO’s debut help my curiosity about them grow high. I searched what hexagonal means and I found this.

I am so thankful hexagonal means a good thing. The’wisdom’ and ‘star’ must be a hope from SM Entertainment for EXO.

Then, the butterfly.

Butterfly means amazing transformation that takes place through Christ’s redemption and regeneration. When “born again”, we become “a new creation” (2 Cor. 5:17)

To many Pagans, it’s the travel in a search of reincarnation. From the storyline before the Music Video started – the narration – it is told that the tree of lifes need to live again through the power of 12 legends.

The butterfly represents that ‘reincarnation’ of tree of lifes. Implicitly, reincarnation, reborn, and a new creation represents EXO.

I also found the meaning of moon and sun in this picture.

I don’t know whether it is true. But this all I found. It’s just a myth without proofing and logic. But somehow it’s really fun to find something like this. ^^


We go to the each member’s symbol.

What I wrote above doesn’t mean I wanna persuade to make you believe that EXO is a part of freemasonry. Some of those symbols is not freemasonry at all and does not have any proofs. I only look for it through internet and websites about freemasonry.

EXO created by SM Entertainment anyway. So if it’s right, SM Entertainment is the one to blame. Remembering that the ear-catching beats from the beginning of this song..

Careless careless shoot anonymous anonymous
Heartless mindless no one who care about me?
Careless careless shoot anonymous anonymous
Heartless mindless no one who care about me?

I think the lyrics is about they who don’t know herself/himself. He felt that no one cares about and believe as anybody in this world. Although we don’t know what the meaning is, we still really enjoy it from how they say it. This is also one of SM Entertainment strategy to make EXO become marvelous.

But, I think without those freemasonry stuffs, we still love our boys no matter who they are.. ^^

Then, Kris’ pet. The dragon.

From the folklore above, not all beliefs said that dragon is a bad thing. For Chinese, dragon is a symbol of a lucky and live rich.

Once more, this is not the article about which is bad and which is good. I only write what I like. And somehow find what the meaning of those symbols is so fun… 🙂

Written by Dyland @ Fairytale Beyond Reality

Take out with full credits!

23 comments on “[REVIEW] EXO, Power Connection and Symbol, Fantasy or Fact?

  1. I really like this. I knew some of it and was shocked kind off but that’s whats interesting about it. If it’s really true then they are not alone in doing this anyways.

    All kpop…slash that…all ARTIST! has it. (Whatever am I talking. I’ll just go.)

    • Hai Anonymous. 🙂
      Thanks for reading and dropping comment.
      We’re same. I was shocked too when I discovered this fact. If it’s coincidence, this is too much. It said that three or more coincidence may not be ignored.

      • I am assuming that the devil connection has something to do with Catholic faith? Just a bit of history here, Catholic conquistadors banished all whatever religion ancient people had because they want to spread their religion to conquer lands with great riches. Let’s take for example my country Philippines. Before the Spaniards arrived, the ancient Filipinos practiced Animism. But when they came, they burned every “Anito” or deity our ancestors honor as gods. And for good measure, dismissed everything as demons, so nobody will fight back, and succumb to the new religion, thus making invasion of the archipelago easy. Oriental countries like China, Korea and Japan are not heavily influenced by this western concept. The dragon is a sacred creature for the Chinese, that they use it to decorate their palaces with this. It is associated with power, authority and prosperity. The other one is a buffalo, I think that is more of a Chinese horoscope symbol which symbolizes strength, which in the western horoscope is called Taurus. About Tao’s symbol, I am not sure what symbol it is associated to but, the Illuminati does not exist! I mean think about it? A secret cult? Sure we have many secret cults, but we don’t know about it because they are a SECRET! A lot of devil signs are associated with pop culture including the crazy Illuminati suggestions but they aren’t true. I am a Catholic myself and I don’t believe in those.

      • Hey, Anna.
        I am so sorry for taking so long to reply your comment. It’ss been a while since the last time I checked my blog.
        Well, as about Illuminati, I cannot say I don’t believe it or I do believe it. Just like you said, it is SECRET! So, for those who don’t really know the truth, we are just wondering: is that real? So, I open up myself to any possibilities.
        And about those signs used in so many video clips, actually we can say it is markeing strategy. Think about it, even though technology has developed a lot, people still love spiritualism, devilish symbol, and many more which cannot be reached by our logic. Why? Because it has something to do with our after-life. We are curious about it. And showbiz world use it so wisely by slightly put it in their video clips so we can find out those secret symbols, spread it to others, and voila, the video clips will be famous.

  2. This is so cool, I never actually go and pay attention to those details in the symbols, until after reading this. You must down a lot of work 🙂

  3. wow good jop good jop ^^ but i always heard that exo is freemasonry >_< ??? i love theme they're my life 😦 and i have all exo's necklaces but they say that kai symbol is freemasonry ????!

    • I think it’s the company, they’re the one who manages the song, and theme, some idols just follow the song given to them, especially group idols

  4. Good article but I have difrent opinion.
    1. Luhan: His power is telepathy not control metal
    2. Kris: In teaser he was learning flying and i think that his power is flight but in music video he call griffin or dragon ._.
    3. Chan Yeol: His power is control on fire. Of course by this power he can create phonix made of fire

    Thanks and sorry for my bad english

    • I don’t know exactly each symbols,someone say telepathy,i know its power isn’t control metal,it is will-power.I want to buy favorite symbol if i understand each power because I am fond of magic.

  5. I was wondering where u found the picture of Kris and the dragon since its official from SM. could u post thelink I’d like to see thay video… and u said Kai could summon the Griffin, but the Griffin is a different mythical creature than a Dragon… if I’m not mistaken it is the body of an eagle and lion combined…could u clarify why Kris can also summon the Griffin… if his symbol is a dragon? Thanks so much! ^^ btw its an awesome article!

  6. i really surprise when i read your post. its really something. but, actually, i dont care if it was real or not. i just see it in another point of view. Like someone said before. it was marketing strategy. but, i agree if mythology is more lot of fun to learn than other things, in my opinion. But dont blame the agency or staff because, those symbol those story those character were totally cool. Cool for us to learn as our knowledge. We dont have to follow the ritual or something, we just have to learn as knowledge

  7. One correction for the author: D.O’s symbol is a siberian tiger. There is no real freemasonry in EXO, nor in the music industry. Freemasonry is about structural design. Record labels and visual marketeers put several spins on artists to give that quasi-religious illusion, the purpose being to rouse people’s attention and to get a defacto reaction. Some people in the entertainment and music production industry may believe in witchcraft, but it isn’t real, and ultimately has no power. In order for something to have power, it has to actually accomplish tangible work, and vice versa. I think EXO’s mythology is fine and cute, but I would like to see the flat-earth society of pagan witch believers – whom are responsible for satanic crap in other artists videos – pushed out of the industry.

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