[HEART] Created

This whole 3 years I passed, with all the upside-down condition, I made it. In this moment, I’ll think of a victory. A freedom to shout out who I really am. Not only a guinea pig whose everyone used. I am me. This is me.

In the night when the national examination was over, I listen to Westlife. Just like before, they told where I come from. Who I am. And what should I do. And I know that I made it. Three years with various phases in me get me through the rain, rainbow, bright, hurricane, thunder, and so on. Smile then cry or cry then smile. It keeps happening and if it’s not because of my friends, I might be crazy.

I cannot say that I have found what I look for. For this while, let’s say that I know what to do now. For everything will show up next, let it be.

Finding my affection and passion, discovering my dreams, and forgetting my hurt love is the process in my senior high school. From happy of being queen bee till being bullied of everyone, that’s an experience.

And the story from my teacher about wisdom, I really appreciate it.

So, for everyone who had show up in my life, all I can say is thank you. From praising till underestimating my dreamworks, I hope it makes me grow better.

The last, it’s not an end. Maybe we’re gonna meet again when the truth came. I’ll find my path, and you will find yours. If it’s our destiny, our line will meet up and ‘HOLLA’, we know that what happened in the past is wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚



Dylandia Elfyza

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