[NEWS] The Maknae in Jaejoong’s Family Prepares for Debut

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong’s biological mother announced the preparation of Jaejoong’s youngest sister to debut in showbiz industry.

On May 4th, an online community board revealed the pictures to Jaejoong and her little sister along with the news she will be debuting soon.

Oh Seo Jin, Jaejoong’s biological mother wrote on her twitter,Maknae has decided to major in theater and film, and she will be debuting soon as well. Yesterday, she met with her director and will be sitting down for dinner with KBS officials today. They say they like maknae’s clear image, but I’m a bit worried because she doesn’t know anything about dressing herself up and is a bit countrified…”

From the sound of it, it seems she’ll be debuting as an actress.

She must be a lucky girl. Being Jaejoong’s little sister is a fortune. With her face and voice-art blood in her body will be a great provision as an actress. Good ‘more’ luck for her!

Source + Photos: Star Today via Nate
Tip: Yae
Credits to allkpop
Edited by Dyland @ Fairytale Beyond Reality


2 comments on “[NEWS] The Maknae in Jaejoong’s Family Prepares for Debut

  1. Jae Joong sister is so cute just like his brother Jae Joong very handsome and cute … hope his sister will be just like her brother .. saranghae…

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