**** ***!

Hai slut. How are you? Maybe now you are busy counting you lies to public or how many guys abandoned you.

You try really hard to get a round of applause, huh? Including wearing you short bling-dirty skirt and tight tanktop. Oh don’t forget your tink-tink accessories. I wonder do you wanna play Bollywood movie. Just to let you know, it does not make you beautiful nor shining nor gorgeous, it will not suit in your Rihanna’s tanned skin puke wanna be. Do you know what suit you best? Gunny sack. At least you have hide your sewer face to the world.

Well, whore? Why don’t you get a life and stop your shit. You are not more than a bug. Let me remember how many times you shout GO INTERNATIONAL. It is countless. You only scream and yell to people that you can. The fact, you are loser.

So, A! A to the G to the N to the E to the S, fuck you, okay?

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