Peterpan Movie

I just watched Peterpan movie. And I realized, no matter how many times I watched it, I’ll still fascinated with the story. Usually, if I watch the fantasy movie, I’ll go with the visual technology first, but with Peter and Wendy in this movie, I can ignore it. After all, the visual tech is not bad at all. Although Harry Potter is still the top in my list to watch about magic, mystery, and fantasy. But with Peterpan, that’s another thing.

Peterpan, a boy who will never grown up in Neverland, took the boys all over the city to accompany him in that magical place where the pirates shout, the fairies fly, the pink clouds hang on the sky, the Indian with their ritual, and mermaid… Then, one day he heard a girl told the story about Cinderella in London. Every night, he stood and peek in her window, listening her sweet-tender voice, his heart melted. And he talked to her then said there is place where you will never grown up. Being kid forever and play with no one will angry to you. Wendy agreed and brought her two younger brothers. Peter gave them the pixiedust from Tinker Bell so they can fly just like him and go to Neverland.

“Go straight to the second star in the East. That’s Neverland. Hypnotized, Wendy jumped out from her house, and fly together with Peter.

The story is very touching. The narration makes my body trembled and almost all the time, I felt to cry.

A few years ago, I rent the Peterpan DVD in the video movie rental near my house. I rest it for 2 weeks. And almost everyday I watched it. Why? Maybe because I hope the ending will change. Wendy stays in Neverland forever or Peter comes along with Wendy to London. But, in the movie, they separated with their each lifes. Wendy grows up, and Peter still being the kid in Neverland.

I know the word ‘happily ever after’ is really boring. But Peterpan is the only movie I wanna change. It feels not right when they are not together. I watched and watched it, but the ending still remain the same.


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