[NEWS+PICS] 120601 JYJ’s Yoochun Has the Day Off to Bali Island

*Above is his pic in Incheon Airport*

Cassie Indonesia, prepare yourself, because it’s time to be tensely exploded knowing this news.

Uri saranghaneun Chunnie is in Bali now!! Yay yay yay.

He is there for Elle Photoshoot magazine and maybe for his birthday too. For an island as beautiful as Bali, he would not just stay there for a while right? As we know June 4th is his birthday. Although I am not able to see him (ever since the university test is coming closer), I  hope he has a wonderful and enjoyable vacation in Dewata Island.

I am sure there will be a lot Bali girls who in love with him. The room-service, the receptionist, the dancer. No one can ignore his charisma, even if he’s only in topless condition. (ups! that’s his best condition).

I am disappointed, of course. He feels so close now but I cannot see him. Maybe right now, this time, he is in his bed enjoying the view from his window. Or walking along the beach where no one can recognize him. I believe the actor’s best me-time is when no one see him as people in the camera. But he truly is.

So, Oppa, enjoy your holiday and you can stay as long as you want. You had been so busy lately. Before JYJ Asian World Tour, just refresh your mind because Bali has a thousand beauty views!

*His clothes above is the same clothes he wore in Bali Airport*

News Credits by Dyland @ Fairytale Beyond Reality

Picture Credits: As tagged

Pictures Shared by JYJ3

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