[NEWS+ PICS] Girls’ Generation Is Going To Rock The New Year!


What a gift!

After has succeeded with their The Boys album, Girls’ Generation is back. Now, it’s not all about those elegant dresses and princess-look. They are the girls with the colorful mixing concept and unbeatable style.















‘I Got A Boy’ is the title picked by SM Entertainment for their girlband.


The very first photo teaser released is Hyeoyeon’s photo above. The tattoo on her skin proved how SNSD will shock the SONE this January 1st 2013, the date when the abum will be released.

Beside that, SME gave us the unique concept for this fourth album. We would be brought to 2008, the year where SNSD be the ‘Dancing Queen.’ Yes, you bet it, the time machine is just the right theme the new year.


Actually, Dancing Queen was made in 2008, but despite to copyright problem, SME replaced this song with Gee. As you can see, Gee is a massive hit! But, after you look deeply to Dancing Queen music video, you only can see the small difference with Gee.

Gee focused on cute melody and girly dance. But, Dancing Queen’s beats is sexier than Gee. Their dance is also involved more body shaking than cute dance. Still, bot of them are the great hits from our girls.

How’s that? Their outfits are not really exposed the sexy body parts, but SNSD has the magic power. The cute smile could gave us on hidden thing, they are sexy with the innocent way. The rhythm will cast the spell on you, just like what SME always do.

Do you get the story of this music video? Well, I’ll tell you. You can see 9 girls in the pinky room with soooo girly stuffs joking around.

[HD] Girls' Generation - Dancing Queen MV.mp4_000001083

Then, Yoona found the box and opened it. She took the phone (or something else?) inside it. The surprising expression was seen in her face. She called over the member and they came.

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000015583

They saw ‘GG’ wiriting in there. Suddenly, the ‘GG’ disappeared and come up ‘2008’ writing.


Just as it, they are taken to the past. The ‘Dancing Queen’ era…

After the past time is done, time rolled faster. They are not in 2008 anymore. The are in 2013. ‘I Got A Boy’ era is coming..

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000256708

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000243833

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000245041

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000246500

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000249333

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000250166

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000252500

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000253958

SNSD - Dancing Queen (MV) (HD).mp4_000255208

SNSD always have the fresh theme and addicted beats. I can tell you by only listen to the teaser audio.

So, girls, get your heart ready for these 9 girls…!





Article was written by Dylandia @ Fairytale Beyond Reality

Please take with full credits.. ^^

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