[HEART] Unlucky Miracle (You Will Feel How Lucky You Are)


Finally, I’m baaackk!!

Sorry for not being here for a very long time. Those stuffs about college assignment and tests take all of my time away! So, although it is still busy months, I don’t give a fuck with that. I miss writing here so much and share my story with all of you.

So, I’m here to talk abooouuuut… concert of your idol!

I guess many of will shed the tears when hearing this. There are many unlucky fans who cannot watch their idol’s concert, including me. But, don’t cry too much, because I will tell you a story about Unlucky Miracle. I hope after reading this, you will feel how lucky you are.

So, there is a story, about a girl who always feel unlucky all the time. She blamed everything, she cursed the God, she felt that she was a failed product from God. She thought, “What do I live for if God didn’t give me any happiness?”

Her friends went here and there, bought many things and got a lot of things, her friend told about her happy life. She could not stop her friend’s story, because she started to dream that it was her.

Her friend watched many concert. She thought, once again, she had no miracle in her life.

She already asked to her parents about the concert of her idol. She wanted to watch it, but, her mom only smile gently and rubbed her hair, “It is not the time, Darling. They are not your priority. You should do what you have to do right now.”

She cried a lot. She confused. What she had to do is watching her idol’s concert. That was the only thing she wanted right now!

She began to angry to her parents. She didn’t talk to her parents for a long time. She always been in her room. She thought, “What should I respect them? They gave me no happiness.”

Then, one day, she was sick because she didn’t eat properly. She locked her door. Her parents and her brother screamed her name, but she was too angry to answer that. She called her idol’s name, because their name usually gave her power. But, there was no answer from her idol. Her parents and her brother’s scream got louder. Even, there was many loots in her door. She still freezed in silent. She still hoped somehow her idol will appear in front of her magically like those she read in many fanfictions.

There was still nothing happened. Her stomach got sicker. Her sight got blurrier. Until the second when she felt nothing, she fell deeply into the unfounded ground.

Then, many days passed, her parents took care for her patiently. She cried everyday, but she didn’t know what to cry about. Her mom didn’t ask her anything, only smile and smile.

But, her mom also had a heart. She could not resist any longer about her daughter’s behavior. She sat beside that girl and began to talk, “If I may know, why do you cry every day?”

Her daughter turned her face away from her mother. Her mother still talked gently. “Tell me, who knows I can help you.”

Suddenly, her daughter stared at her mom angrily. “You don’t want to help me. You rejected my wish a few days ago.”

Her mom puzzled for a couple seconds, then she realized what was her daughter talking about. “About that concert, I already help you.”

That girl was so confused and asked, “What do you mean? That concert will be held tonight. There was no time to go to that concert anymore.”

Her mom, once again, smiled gently, “I didn’t say that I bought you the ticket. I helped you because I forbid you to go to that concert.” Her mom breathe heavily, “You know, we aren’t like your friends who had a lot of money. I and your dad are just the ordinary worker. Trust me, if I want to, I really want to do every things that you wish for. But, I couldn’t. Besides I don’t have money, you should think what do you live for. Although you said a thousand times that your life was for them, I am your mom.” Her mom began to cry. “I will do everything for you if it was for your goodness. That’s why, I don’t want you to go to that concert. You should do what you have to do. If the times comes, you will meet them. But, for this time, I beg you, stay here.”

Her mom held that girl’s hand as if that was the most precious thing in this whole world. That girl started to the clearer vision of her mom. There were wrinkles in her face. Her hair turned to grey. And she looked into her mom’s eyes, it was still the same eyes which always make her calm many years ago. Where did the time goes by? She missed many things from her mom. Then, she cried louder and louder for a very different reasons. She didn’t cry for her idol, she cried because her mistake of forgetting her mom, the one who always here to take care of her.

“Mommy, I am sorry..” Those words glide easily in her tongue, as if that how it should be. Her mom smiled with relieve, realized that her daughter was back. She held her calmly, like many years ago when her daughter fell down from her bike. That girl cried like a child, and felt so stupid because could not see the real miracle which put right in front of her eyes, it is love from her family.

She felt so stupid because a few days ago she called her idol’s name for help, while there were three people will sacrifice their lives to save her. She knew that her idol loved their fans, but not in the way which her family did.

“I love you, Child, more than anything in this world.” She smiled in her mother’s arm, and felt as if she was the luckiest person in this world.

Finally, another day comes, she faced it with smile. There were still many concerts to attend, but she didn’t cry anymore. She said to herself and to her idol, “I will wait!” It is because she believe what her mom said. When the time comes, she will meet them in a better way.

Actually, it was a story about me. Although I added some scenes to make it more dramatical, it was still about me, I am an Unlucky Miracle girl in that story. Two years ago, I was a selfish person. I forgot about my family and only thought about fangirling. My score in school decreased sharply. At that time, I felt my idols were the most important people in my life.

Then, many troubles come, I felt I could stand any longer. Until, one day, my mom held me and said many things about life. I realized, it is useless for me to keep live like this way.

Guys, I believe there was may of you who want to meet your idols so bad. You think that you can sacrifice anything to meet them. But, don’t you dare to sacrifice your family. It is the most precious thing in this world. We all born lucky, but it is our way to keep that luck. Every things could be a lucky thing if we can find the bright side. Cherish your life. Cherish your days.

Don’t update the status in your Twitter or Facebook account as if you are the most unlucky person in this world.

You may cry a lot, but don’t blame God and your family. When the time comes, trust me, you will find your way and create your own miracle.


Dylandia Elfyza

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