[MIND] Sexy Image, A New Image of K-Pop (Part 1)

Holla everybodyyyy!!

I am back! Not with my gloomy-yummy posting like before, this one is a sexy beasty posting!

I am going to show off my topless back! Here it is!


That’s me! Can’t believe it?! I don’t believe it either. Hehe.

Well, in fact, that’s Nana from After School. That photo is taken for latest album of After School, “Maxi Single”. Why do I suddenly bring up this topic? Because I am sure there are numerous people (the saint ones) who do not like the concept.

Hmm, considering this blog is a liberal territory, I bet you can guess what will I say..

But, before that, I will summarize what “normal people” say about that.

1. After School is a girlband with talented voice and quality. They don’t have to show off their body to gain more popularity. This photo teaser will only make them less respectful.

2. K-Pop is being known as music which puts forward the music quality and cute concept. The sexy image belongs to Western music only. Remember, its cute concept which brought K-Pop to the international world.

For now, those two opinions are enough to me for being rebutted.

Although I am not a playgirl, I think After School is a girlband with sexy image. Although there are so many cute faces, their image as sexy girls are not bad either, moreover, it is amazing. Well, maybe it is true Pledis wants AS to gain more popularity by showing their sexy body. Because, THAT’S HOW BUSINESS WORKS, DARLING! More opened spaces are better. Rough? It is. Cruel? It does. Maybe you think that Nana felt sad because showing off her half body. Maybe you think that Nana felt happy because showing off her half body. But, whatever it is, as fans, let’s support her! It is useless to say that you don’t like the photo teaser, it won’t encourage her.

Next, don’t you think it is boring if K-Pop is just all about ‘cute’? We all need diversity, baby. Sexy image is important for business. All things changed, right? There are no certainty in where you belong, K-Pop, C-Pop, J-Pop, Western music. Everything changed. Live with that. If you don’t like it, simply by only liking a girlband with cute concept.

Finally, whatever your opinions are, I don’t care. I love that photo teaser. I love how beautiful the photographer capture the bad side of Nana. I love her expression. And I can’t wait for After School comeback!

With a lot of sexy smiles,

Dylandia Elfyza


PS. Actually, I wanna bring up more topics about this sexy image in K-Pop. But, for today it’s enough about Nana. In Part 2, I think I will post the sexy image of Hyuna.

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