[NEWS] EXO Will Release Repackage Album of XOXO

BP-6k5uCIAE7InJ.jpg large

After the glory of XOXO which has been sold 378,956 copies—the highest album sale rank of 2013—EXO will release the repackage album with follow-up song, Growl.

They will release the album on August 5th and perform in M!Countdown on August 1st.

These are the teaser photos for their comeback.

BP_HVG_CYAAZ6Qu.jpg large

BP_HZHuCIAAa4gI.jpg large

BP_HzWkCEAEwQUv.jpg largeBP_IT3VCAAE9Ysf

BP_Hb5yCcAEtQOq.jpg large

BP_HeoHCcAAHtu-.jpg large

BP_HgqMCYAA0lLa.jpg large

BP_HjHECMAAWBQz.jpg large

BP_HlWuCQAAzza2.jpg large

BP_HnqTCQAIoVyw.jpg large

BP_Hp9KCMAI1AGt.jpg large

BP_HtoFCYAABDxm.jpg large


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