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Three days ago, my friend told me about this Baekhyun-Taeyeon dating photos. At first, I didn’t even give a single glance to that photo. “That hoax and bullshit thing,” is what I said to her.

But, then, SM Entertainment confimed it! BLAAAAAM!!! My world fell apart at that very moment.

I went straight home. And I felt nothing. I looked at EXO folder in my laptop and I cried. Just like that. It hurts, but I didn’t even know why I should feel that way. I like Taeyeon. I adore SNSD a lot. It means I should have not hated her. And it’s true; I don’t even feel that way. So, why should I cry?

It had happened for two days. I didn’t even look up for the news and even for the source or magazine that created the news.

But, then, yesterday.. I found out that the source of the news is Dispatch…




For those who don’t know, Dispatch is the magazine that always created scandal with no logic and proofs. Maybe you could say that there is the photos but.. you need to look closer, guys. Dispatch is always failed in creating the scandal about SM Entertainment artists. Why? Maybe it is because SM Entertainment is the one who has the connection with Dispatch. And they want to Dispatch work fast and quick so that the scandal can be revealed as soon as possible. Can’t believe it?

Take a look at these surprisingly strange photos.


  1. Taeyeon picking up Baekhyunkhdkshd1This must be when Taeyeon picked up Baekhyun in the dorm. Here are my theories:
    1. Why should Taeyon went out to pick up Baekhyun? Wasn’t she scared of being found out by paparazzi or the fans? She should have stayed inside the car and texted him to say that, “Baby, I am outside. Come out. We have date tonight.” But, why didn’t she doing it? Maybe because she waited too long inside the car or maybe… it has been set up. Taeyon must go out from the car so that Dispatch paparazzi could capture her. As that simple.
    2. Look at the whole photo and look at the photo in the right side up of the photo. Here is the logic: If you were papparazi, you would make this kind of photo to zoom in which means the photo would be taken at once. It is impossible if you create this kind of photo if they are not taken at the same time, right? Even if you did, what for? Maybe because all of these photos are not real. Maybe because someone asked you to create this kind of story to make the public believe about what happened in the photo.

    Look at the circle number 1. It is kind of white and yellow van in front of Taeyon’s car. Look at circle number 2. Boom! White and yellow van transformed into yellow van only. How is it possible? Maybe it is Harry Potter who drunk and stopped for a while to do some stupid tricks.

    Look at circle number 3. It is kind of white fan behind Taeyon’s car. Now, look at circle number 4. Whuuush! The white van was missing! What happened? Well, once again, maybe it is Harry Potter!

    I believe that the photos were not taken in the same time. The small photo was taken when Taeyeon arrived and the big photo was taken when Taeyeon was going to leave. Why? Look at this photo.

  2. jdhs

When Taeyeon arrived, there was yellow and white van and yellow van positioned next to each other. Then, there was empty space behind yellow van. Behind that empty space, there is white van. So, Taeyeon must have parked her car in that empty space. It is not that she turned to be Hercules suddenly and threw that yellow van and white van out of sudden, right?

3. jshdhskdha

Look at circle number 1. The yellow in that space is brighter than in other spaces. That brightness must have come from the car lamp. If car lamp is on, it means that the engine is still on. Then, why did Taeyeon leave her car that way?

Another point: look at circle number 2. The door was left open. Why? If the car engine was still on and the door was left open, it means that Taeyeon only went out for a few secs. What for? Fresh air?

Or let’s say that she was going to see Baekhyun in front of the dorm. For the sake of my make-up collection, look at this photo.


Those are fans who waited outside the dorm at that time. Would she risk her life only to see Baekhyun while she could just wait in the car?

My question is: why were there so many errors in these photos if the event is real? It seems like SM Entertainment wants to make these photos looked as real as possible, but they failed. Maybe they are afraid of being found out so they captured each planned scene carelessly.


2. Taeyeon and Baekhyun looked for the place to have a date secretly.


Again, there is wrong logic in this photo. Two circle pictures above should be taken right at the moment in the car, right? So, again, if you were papparazi, you would put this kind of photo sequences to show that the photos are taken at once.

But, in this photo, they were not.


Look at the circle number 1. There was shadow on the car. What shadow? It was probably a tree. Then, look at the circle number two. It was a large space of road shone by car lamp. And surprisingly, it shows no shadow! Not at all! Not even a single leave. The logic is: If there was shadow on the car, then it should be shadow too on the road around it, especially if it was tree shadow. But, there wasn’t! Why? It is because these photos were not taken at once.

Next, look at circle number 3. The roof was opened. But, in circle number 4, the roof wasn’t opened. Once again, I state, these photos are not taken at the same time.

And why were the paparazzi put these photos together with the provocative caption showing they are doing it at that moment?

Simply because more dramatic this scandal is, the more fans will believe.

Now, your question is maybe… then when were the photos in those two circles taken?


3. Taeyeon and Baekhyun are having cheerful and romantic moment in the parked car.


This is the place where Taeyeon parked her car to have an enjoyable date with Baekhyun. Those two pictures in the circles above are taken in this place.


Look at the red circles. Those are the same shadows!

Why did the paparazzi has to capture the different moments but at the end they stick it together?

Again and again.. They were careless.

Then, look at this photo.


Baekhyun’s face was shown because of the flash from his handphone. Why did he open his cellphone while they were dating at that moment? It is 2 A.M, which means Taeyeon and Baekhyun looked for the time—even though it is so limited—to meet. They should have used it really well: to cuddle, to kiss each other, or to do anything else rather than plastering his eyes to the cellphone. If I were Baekhyun, and I met my lovely girl, I would put my phone on silent mode and ignored it for the rest of time. But, this? It doesn’t make sense to me.

So, why did Baekhyun do that? Again, so that the paparazzi could capture his clear face. Problem solved!

  1. Photos Angle

These are the most weird and stupid errors made by Dispatch.


This photo was probable taken from balcony or from any place which higher that the parking space. Balcony? Tree? It means that the paparazzi needed a lot of time to climb the tree or looked up for the balcony. If they are climbing the tree, do you think it is possible to climb a tree without anyone noticed? Moreover if they are right in front of you.

Next, look at this photo.


Look at the first photo above; it is probably taken on the bus because if it is on the tree, the paparazzi won’t have time for that again. But, the second photo shows that there was no bus near the spot in the first photo to take picture. What does it mean? Because it has been set up! All of these look like complete photo shoot that tried to be taken candid. But, sorry not sorry, SM, you can’t fool me.


How is it? Surprising, huh? Don’t worry, even though I am the one who analyze it, I always surprised to see more strange things in the photos.

Actually, there are some website that stated their suspicion about Dispatch. Unfortunately, only some international fans who realize about this.

jyj31 jyj32

Those are the screenshots from JYJ3. It is related with JYJ news in 2012 about fan assault which is—of course—fake. From the news, we can see that actually K-netizens are also suspicious about relationship between SM Entertainment and Dispatch. But, I am confused why K-netizen keeps their mouth closed at this time. Aren’t they suppose to check whether this fake or not? Aren’t they supposed to search for the place where these photos are taken? So, what happened right now in Korea?

I believe that SM Entertainment has many great and multi-talented artists. But, why do they have to create scandal this way?

My theory is because Kris is doing well right now in China. Recently, he went to charity event and donates his money. He even met one of the famous directors in China. Maybe SM Entertainment is afraid if many of EXO fans read this news and begin to draw attention to Kris. Therefore, they create this scandal quickly—and failed. You can see that there are so many errors which should not be made famous news zone like Dispatch. If I were Dispatch editor, I would make the photos as believable as possible. This is SM Entertainment artists—for God’s sake—I have to be careful with this.

SM Entertainment will be meaner as ever if they created this scandal only to make fans forget about Kris. They even will be a loooot meaner if in fact Baekhyun and Taeyon weren’t dating and being forced by SM Entertainment.

Some of the comments below asked about their Instagram posts which being identical to each other. Well, my theories are:

  1. Their posts also had been set up by SM Entertainment. Why? SM Entertainment thought that the good relationship between Taeyeon and Baekhyun will be a nice point for both parties. SM Entertainment controlled all movement of their artists in social media. Therefore, this is no different.
  2. Baekhyun is a really hardcore fanboy of Taeyeon. Like we usually did, we would take same pose or same background like our idol.
  3. They are really dating. Whether SME knew about this or not, both of them kept giving hints of their happy relationship.

In my third theory, you must be confused because why SM Entertainment should set this up? I mean EXO is the boyband which is riding their majestic popularity at this time, one single scandal could bring they down. Trust me; I also don’t know what is inside Kim Youngmin’s mind. Like I said, it is probably one of SM Entertainment’s ways to make fans forget about Kris leaving. The scandal of Baekhyun, EXO member, and Taeyeon, SNSD member will be great distraction for fans.

What about in Korea? Have Kris already forgotten? Probably. But, let me ask you, the whole fans in Korea compared with the whole fans in other countries, which is bigger? Maybe those fans in Korea already forgot Kris, but what about in other countries? You could say that they are moving on and even are not giving a single fuck to Kris. Yet, this is not enough for SM Entertainment. This company is such a big company with great business dealing and dirty tricks. They will do anything to win. They will crash anyone in their way. They want fans to really forget about Kris and start grieving or being happy for this scandal.

Now, let’s move on to the SM Entertainment’s stock. One of the comments below saying that SM’s stock is getting higher after this scandal. Unfortunately, I didn’t confirm it by searching the stock through the web. It is really my bad. I should have looked for it first before giving the replies.

smstock4 SMSTOCK1 smstock3

Those are the stock level of SM Entertainment today. It has been going down since tomorrow. I’d like to ask if anybody of you is from business major. Does it mean the company is in bad state right now?

So, if it has been set up, why would SM Entertainment doing this? I know that they can get back in no time. Are this all—the scandals—only to cover up Kris leaving?

Guys, trust me; I am as clueless as you. There are so many errors in the photo showing that is not kind of a date done by idols like them: opened rooftop, Taeyeon went out from the car, angle errors etc.

In addition, I’d like to add the photos which some people said that there was someone behind Taeyeon’s seat.


Sorry to disappoint you; that is not the manager. How come? Look at this photo.


It seems like the car headrest made of wood so that it is shining under the light. Therefore, the shining part looks like forehead.

Next, Lee Hyori once stated in Healing Camp about how Dispatch works. I don’t know which episode it is, but, if anyone of you knows, please share it so I can put the video.

Bqf-SGyCcAEhHno.jpg large

There is another speculation raised. In her answer, she didn’t state about ‘getting paid by company to release dating news.’ She said that Dispatch will release less damaging ones because there had been discussion before with the company. Thus, the photos we saw have so many errors because the great ones contain something more awful for Baekhyun and Taeyeon.


If I want to convince you to believe what I stated, I will not contain the stock from SM Entertainment, Le Hyori’s statement, and even the confusing of whether there was a manger or not. In fact, I didn’t. Why? I want you to analyze this from many perspectives. Open your eyes. Don’t be emotional and throwing hatred words everywhere.

In fact, we—as fans—who don’t know anything for real only can question what really happened. But, in the end, let’s have calm mind in facing it. Whether my analysis is true or not, only God knows what happened inside of SM Entertainment.

For the young fans, please don’t bash Taeyeon and Baekhyun if you think it is fake. They have enough already because of SM Entertainment. Do not scream nor shout to asking them to tell the truth. They even will get something worse if in fact they confessed of what really happened.


Let them live their life happily if they are really dating and my analysis is wrong.

Let them live their life happily if they are in fact not dating and keep supporting them.


So, guys, what do you think? Any other opinions? Or even additional facts about this scandal?

Let me know.

This is open discussion 🙂


P.S. Dear EXO stan, don’t worry, you are not alone. Together, we will protect our boys from their mean parents.





606 comments on “[NEWS/SCANDAL/REVIEW] What’s Wrong in Baekhyun and Taeyeon Dating Scandal?

      • I don’t know about that. I am afraid it’s just post made by anonymous to create more hatred towards snsd.
        One thing I always do after reading kind of news like that: browse a lot to get the truth and analyze it.
        Even my article contains a lot of errors 🙂

      • thank you for making this post.I also thought that the ‘dating’ scandal is kinda fake but I don’t have that detective eyes to see all those flaws in the photo so I cant prove anything to the fans.BUT thank to you,fans can see that there is something wrong with this news of scandal.Sorry for my bad English.Keep analysis-ing please ^^

      • Hmm.. I dunno about that. But, as you can see, there are so many famcams or variety shows showing they are pretty close. Now, it is up to you whether to believe they are real or just sisters.

      • I think so, that many exostan didnt notice and realize about the issue. It Just fan got started to over react after heard this issue then the emotional feelings comes out –
        then spreading ‘ sharing ‘ comments about them. So they dont even think if this is really true or fake. Same as me I feel affected after all but i just have to keep understand whats going on ‘ but after read this preview I feel like “should i believe it or not” or it depends on me I dont know but it makes me clarify. But now I dont even care if its true or not ‘ I just keep continue to support and love them. I just only a FAN who inspiring their music – anyway. FAns wondering why did taeyeon leaves apologies on her IG ? fans question it , some says ‘ why only taeyeon apologies , how about Baekhyun ?”.she shouldnt have to apologies ‘ its not her fault”.

      • I had exactly the same reaction when i found out! I just started crying even though he is not my bias..I like SNSD and I love EXO..tehy are my UBgroup and idk i just started crying ..but then i was like..HOW THE HELL WOULD BAEKHYUN AND TAEYEON START DATING! they didn’t even have previous rumours.. and 4months?! shouldn’t tehy be careful with their “relationship” at this time? and SMent wasn’t giving us any new info about Kris for so long..and they confirm the “relationship” after SOME HOURS ? i didn’t believe it at all.. and i also saw the fake pictures..but waited to see if anyone else noticed!

      • Just last night I had a conversation with my Korean Friend and confessed that Taeyeon cried when Tiffany and Nickhun went on public about their relationship. The thing is that she cried, I haven’t asked her the details about it but she also said something with regards to Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s relationship that it’s not real in the first place.
        PS. She got this information through a close friend of Taeyeon but I’ll confirm things later since we will meet later.

      • Sure I will do confirm it as soon as possible. She was able to share other things about SNSD before and it was something that we just like to keep secret. But in some occasion, there are things that aren’t worth keeping.

      • Ok so basically, Taeyeon and Baekhyun aren’t really dating, that the dating was made up to forget about kris? or that they are dating but they wanted to keep it a secret but SM decided to expose this news to the world? Someone help me out here…. 🙂

      • I kind of freaked out when my classmate told me about this…i kept saying…”why Baekhyun why?!?!?!!?”

      • Your’e Genius ……. Your’e One of a Kind Fan…. That bad rumors spread because SM Entertainment want it to…. I don’t care …. What ever happens,,, I really really love SNSD forever….. But Why Taeyeon agreed with fake relationship for the sake of that Entertainment…….. she’s not a toy.

    • Omg same here! I mean, there’s also a pic where taeyeon is looking right at the camera and SHE’S SMILING. If they caught some paparazzi out there, why didn’t they freak out?

    • Yes me too! I really don’t get it..how can anybody believe this crap??..
      there are so many errors I’ve noticed(and I wanted to write them down but im too lazy :P) that I literally LOL’ed .
      The fact that some people say “just let them date whoever they want..” – and I agree with that but,when I see comments like “just let them love each other” ….. -.-!…..LMAO dear exo fans, please WAKE UP! it’s all fake!

      anyways,i agree on everything that has been said here and I have even more theories about their whole “dating” thing.
      Thank you so much for this!!! ❤

    • Waoh ! FINALLY I find someone who thinks the same way ! I didn’t analize those photos but I knew something was wrong I hope all Exostans will understand and keep on supporting them bias 🙂

    • The Heavens have answered my prayers! FINALLY! Somebody to explain all this in a practical non-ambiguous way.I felt happy for Baekhyun and Taeyeon unni at first, but then all these articles on how they are fake confused me. I ain’t SM Entertainment’s biggest supporter, but I do love their groups. Seeing that somebody, Hangeng, Kris, and now Jessica are going, my hatred for the company has expanded. No offense to you SM, but EXO has been through enough this year, so has SNSD.
      I just read the Jessica’s statement articles, and I swear I was one step away from exploding. They have the best groups, and most connections, but what? What do I see first thing in the morning? The This-Scandal-Was-Created-To-Make-Fans-Forget-Kris makes perfect sense to me. I will die happy if SM can be normal, a non evil company that will avoid over-working their artists. We would love to see this day come. I hope I will be alive for it. :\
      I am really happy and proud of you for realising all these things others have, including myself of course, failed to spot. You have exellently pointed out the errors they created and I hope you have a bright future.
      A message to SM Ent. :
      If you keep creating fake scandals, forcing members out, and competing with perfectly innocent people who took long to move on, other fans will notice it too. If you are not careful, one day the SM building sill come crumbling down. Because no matter how much smart or foolish lies are created, truth is always unveiled in the end. You have been warned. Bring it on.

      We Are Six Hundred. 😉

  1. yaeehhh, you are a really fairytale beyond the realyta… finnaly i smile after i cried a river like no tommorrow because this bad-reallyreally bad news…… dont you even hear thay before this news out, there were a rumour in naver user that BH is a gay? And some people in korea who knows some idol said that TY is lesbi? I mean, so sm make this scandal to cover up that rumour? do you remember the scndal of jonghyun-sekyung? was that same like this right? there was a rumour that sm’s idol have a problem of seksual orientation and theen pooooffttt there ia a new couple among their idol and always like that.. like jonghyung sekyung, key nicole, and now baekhyun taeyeon? do you believe that??? and im sorry for my english, my english is sooo baddd….

    • Hehehe. Thank you so much. I just shared my findings and my analysis.
      Wow, it’s new. I don’t know about that rumour. And do many intl fans know about this? If not, is it because SME blocked the news and the news sharing?
      Well, about that sexual orientation, it is probably true. If you were a man and you were exposed with the other men all the time, it is probably true. They barely had no schedule to hang out with their friends rather than EXO, so I think it is probably true.
      And about Jonghyun and Sekyung, I don’t believe it at all. It is so obvious that SME also made that fake scandal. I asked some of Shawol hardcore fans about Jonghyun and Sekyung, and they said that it is impossible that Jonghyun were dating with Sekyung with no disguise in the middle of the street.
      Hehe. It is okay. My english is not so good either.

      • are you indonesian? can we just speak in indonesian? yeaahhh… well, there is still so manyyyy things i want to say.. but… its… gadapet banget feelingnya kalo kita ngomong pake english.. suerr… hehehehehe…

      • kemaren it aku dapat artikel juga tentang berita ini, tapi sekrang ownernya udah nge-unpublic artikelnya dia gituu.. kira2 jam sebelas malem aku balik dari acara keluarga, lagi nyetir trus baca kalo sm udah nge-comfirm, aku brenti dlu trus turun buat muntah, hahahah… suer. seneng banget ada juga manusia yang bisa d ajak ngomong in tanpa ada acara mewek dlu…
        back to the topic, mengenai yang rumor d naver it yah, emang bener katanya malahan lebih parah dari it, mereka ngomongin BH kalo dia tuh pecunnya exo yang tidur sama produser2 gay d korea makanya mereka bisa ikut acara in it. idk, it sesuai banget sama yang aku baca d artikel itu.. mungkin yah, mungkin sm bikin berita in supaya rumor it ilang, kan 2 3 terlampaui tuh, nama sm tetep bagus d mata pemegang saham, trus nama idol mereka juga tetep bagus d mata publik. kalo emang in tuh emang cuma masalah uang mengingat berapa banyak sm rugi gara2 kasusnya kris, berapa tuh? 80 juta dollar ada kali, DAMN YOU SM! tapi kalo emang cuman buat nutupin orientasi seksual mereka, ngapain juga di rempongin, tohh mereka juga yang bakalan nanggungin dosanya. dan masih banyak lagi yang mau aku omongin, cuman yah gituu, dri 3 hari yg lalu uneg2 aku simpen, tanpa ada yang bener2 bisa d ajk ngomong lurus d dunia nyata bner2 bikim semua tugas ku keteteran!!

      • Wah, sama dong. Aku juga sering muntah kalo dalam mobil gitu. Enek sama baunya. Hahaha.
        Haaaah?? Seriuuuuus??? Horor bgt kalo itu beneran…… Aku bukan orang yg hobi bikin spekulasi ini itu. Cuma tiap ada kasus kayak gini, aku menempatkan diri sbg orang netral, bukan fans EXO juga bukan haters. Soalnya kalo aku menempatkan diri jadi salah satu dari itu, aku ga bakal bisa mikir objektif.
        Yang mau aku bilang, ga ada yg ga mungkin. Toh kita ga tahu kan apa yg bener2 kejadian di Korea sono, di SM, di dorm EXO. Entah ini cuma aku aja ato gimana, tapi aku ga mau nerima kata2 mereka gitu aja. Aku sayang sama mereka. Sayaaang bgt. Kalo ga sayang, buat apa coba aku kemaren nyari sana-sini, coret sana-sini buat bikin artikel ini? Tapi aku ga tahu, yg mana EXO beneran, yg mana EXO bikinan SM.
        Aku ngerasa selama ini dimanipulasi sama SME lewat EXO. Itu sih sebenernya yg bkin nyesek.
        Percaya deh, SM bakal ngelakuin segala cara buat nutupin kebobrokan mereka dgn cara yg lebih bobrok lagi.
        Aku cuma berharap semoga kedua belas lelaki tampan itu beneran bahagia di sana, beneran jadi diri mereka sendiri.

      • pertama berita in keluar saya syo, namanya orang syok pasti susah nafas, awalnya juga saya ada d kubu “gpp it pilihan dia” tapi setelah baca beberapa artikel yang bilang kalo ini tuh settingan, rasanya gondok, pengen muntah lagi kan rasanya! hahahahah. kadang juga suka tiba2 ngerasa kalo apa yang selama in aku liat d yutub tuh cuma yahh, juga d setting? tapi tetep ajja keliatannya persahabatan mereka tuh pure banget… oh, ya… kamu tau gaaak, polar light? itkan fanbase terbesarnya BH d korea, dan menurut hasil stalkku d weibo sama d twitternya, kok dia biasa ajja nanggepin berita in, padahalkan kalo d pikir, pasti dia ngeluarin bnyak uang buat BH. tapi koookkk… apa mungkin emang dia udah tau pikiran piciknya para tetinggi sm d sna? hahah, it hanya spekulasi aku ajja kok… udah ahh, sekali lagi makasih yahh. bye~~ *brb buka tab tugas* nyahahahahha

      • Percaya deh. Aku juga ngerasa gtu. Hahaha. Ternyata ada yg mikir sama kayak aku yaaaa…
        Kalo persahabatanhya, memang pure. Tapi kepribadian mereka, aku ga tahu deh. Setelah banyak bgt skandal beredar, jujur aku jadi ngerasa asing sama mereka. Dunno why…
        Polarlight itu dari Cina, tapi dia sering mangkal di korea buat ngikutin baekhyun. Bisa jadi dia emang tahu sesuatu. Kan temennya pasti banyak tuh di korea.
        Semoga pikiran para intl fans kebuka deh dan nyadar Baekhyum sama Taeyeon itu ga salah.. mereka juga korban dari SM.
        Okeeee… Sama-sama..
        Semangat ngerjain tugasnya yaaa ^^

      • Yang lebih aneh lagi exo kan punya banyak sesaeng fans (apalagi baekhyun) yang ngikutin kemana2 ,masa ga ada dari sesaeng fans itu yang sadar kalo baekhyun pacaran? Apalagi kata SM udah 4 bulan!! Apalagi SM kan ga ngebolehin artis yang pacaran satu agensi ketauan harusnya mereka lebih ngejaga baek sm tae dong, padahal banyak video (bikinan fans) yang ngecoupelin artis SM langsung d blok, ini baek sm tae langsung d konfirmasi

      • lol yeah hardcore fans like you? Omg I’m not saying this article is wrong but I don’t want to see the bashful 12 yr olds being all relieved when this isn’t official. They probably say malicious comments and cries a lots and that’s why this isn’t helping. They are crazy a I tell you crazy the fandom lately is getting really annoying with rumors spread everywhere…I don’t know what to believe anymore. But I think baekhyun and taeyeon are close and they do have chemistry together so it more easier to believe they are dating….but from readin your article your as hard as a rock no matter how convincing I may sound you will always believe it’s fake. But maybe it’s real you never know. And wow. At this point you could qualify as a saesang that has no life and likes to write articles about two people that could potentially hurt them. It’s nice to know you spend your life like this. (Because I’m the laziest shit ever)..and I actually have a life. lol I kinda wish they were real

  2. yaeehhh, you are a really fairytale beyond the realyta… finnaly i smile after i cried a river like no tommorrow because this bad-reallyreally bad news…… dont you even hear thay before this news out, there were a rumour in naver user that BH is a gay? And some people in korea who knows some idol said that TY is lesbi? I mean, so sm make this scandal to cover up that rumour? do you remember the scndal of jonghyun-sekyung? was that same like this right? there was a rumour that sm’s idol have a problem of seksual orientation and theen pooooffttt there ia a new couple among their idol and always like that.. like jonghyung sekyung, key nicole, and now baekhyun taeyeon? do you believe that???

  3. Hi,happy to read your analyze,I am taeng fans,and same like you I feel something weird in this news.
    You make a great analyze about that photos, and don’t forget that there’s a photo tae look at camera and smile..it’s really weird right..
    If you in secret date,will you smile when there’s someone take your photo
    I’ve found too,people said that it take from sesaeng account,I don’t know it real or fake. In there said that sesaeng always follow baek and he/she didn’t found any sign ’bout baekyeon dating.
    Thanks for this post,and maybe we can discuss ’bout it 🙂

    • Thanks a lot 🙂 I just combined all knowledge from detective movies I guess..
      Yep, I forgot to put it, thanks for reminding me. That’s right. If I were Taeyeon and I caught7 somebody took picture of me, I would probably go panicked and run away lol
      See? SM Entertainment thought we are too stupid to be fooled.
      Sure. Of course we can discuss about it 🙂

      • Thanks also from this Locksmith in Texas USA. I had idly wondered whether the dating announcement might have been a story to conceal TaeNy, but always supporting Tae regardless.. I really like your detective work to compare photos and find the original larger photos for better context. The stock details were surprising. Please continue such diligent research =)

  4. O.o wow… when I tell my friend abaout Baekyeon she say: “I think Sm was hiding something…”. and it’s look like it’s true after I see this. it’s really beyond reality… you’re just like a detective you know? my mouth open when I see those picture. I think my body can really see future eh? i quit from being a shawol and ELF 1 year before EXO’s debut and become Baby. I think my body can tell that SM was like this… igeo jinja daebak!

    • Hehehe. It’s like my hidden talent I guess. Maybe because I’ve watched too many detective movies recently.
      I am even thinking about stopping from being in fandom, only supporting EXO. Too much drama in this fandom I guess. Hahaha.

      • yeah… i’m agree with you^^ my friend said that you can become a lawyer after i send her the link. hahaha… sometimes I think to stop supporting EXO. but my inspriration about EXO just flow out again and again… so i think i just support them so my inspiration won’t go away… kekeke… just kidding^^

  5. one more thing that i noticed
    the journalist said that they will contact the company/label some days before releasing the fating news
    that means Taeyeon knew it would be released
    why did she even posted the Oreo pic on that day? To give more proof?

    • Wow, I didn’t notice that. Thanks for sharing.
      Well, I guess so. It is too coicidental. And there is no coincidental thing in this world. I believe that everything happens for reason. So, it means, SM made as if this dating scandal is really true based on Taeyeon and Baekhyun instagram.

  6. some people should really stop assuming and trying to make everything proven as fake and start moving on, why can’t you just face the reality, i wonder.
    if taeyeon and baekhyun knew this would affect greatly by the amount of fans they lost. why would they even agree on this? why would sm let taeyeon apologized if all of this meant to be scripted?
    keep on accusing sm will only make situation worse, you shouldn’t put our fandom hopes high. we’ve had enough already.
    this is ridiculous, just stop assuming when you don’t know anything, really. perhaps back then taeyeon was just tired of hiding anymore. barely keep that in mind

    • Reality that Baekhyun and Taeyeon is really dating? I accept that of course. I am happy for both of them.
      But, seeing those weird photos, I start to wonder, and analyze it. And I am not someone who can just sit here and do nothing with those thoughtless action from SM.
      Of course SM let her to apologize. It will be weird if she didn’t. There are so muh bash here and there, by letting her apologize, SM thought it would bring the fans back.
      I don’t know anything. You are right. I am writing this not as EXO stan or even Sone, I am writing this as me who analyzing all of these crap photos.
      If you thought this will hurt Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s feeling, I apologize. But I want everyone to take closer look at this mean action by SM.
      They cannot reject SM, that’s why. SM is so powerful. And rejecting their order means death penalty to them.

      • Agreed with Anonymous. I really doubt that you are happy for them. Why did you cry at first when their dating news broke out? From what I had read in your article, you keep going on and on with your assumptions which was way too long. The more I read, the more I feel that you really can’t accept the reality of it and the more I am starting to see you as one of those fans who is trapped in their own world.It saddens me when I see people like that.

    • I think SM need a big scandal to hide the tax fine news, and Kris’s lawsuit (advantage is leaning toward Kris)
      to SM, that fan-lost is nothing. It just affects Taeyeon and Baekhyun, not SM. SNSD’s and EXO’s albums still sales well and concert still sold out. SM still earn bunch of money.

      • Wow… I love your comment. You are absolutely right. Losing fans is just side-useless effect for SM.
        Creating this scandal will be like free advertisement for them.

      • rozazazil’s right on this. i agree to her point. honestly, when i first saw those pics something was really bugging me. I was happy for them really. who wouldn’t be knowing your idols are finally living a NORMAL life?? Real or not, that wouldn’t change the fact that’ll remain an avid fan of SNSD and EXO. But sometimes, fans should be more BRAINY than being EMOTIONAL. Not everything about something is worth believing.

    • Just because this theory tends to notice some “wierd shits” on dispatch’ pictures and decides to share it with the fandom, doesn’t mean it’s already proven. All theories that the fans made (even those theories that were made whenever EXO will be having their comeback) were not even proven nor stated it’s a fact.
      If you tend to like almost all SM artists, or probably being an SM stan, you should know the #1 fact that SM is so powerful. So powerful that even the idols’ lives can be controlled. The person who analyzed this is clearly not accusing SM, she’s just pointing out SM’s dirty little tricks. And she’s not even trying to keep our hopes up, because as this article said, it’s just a theory. A theory that once again to remind you, is made from a fan.
      This isn’t ridiculous. To be very honest it’s really helpful for a doubting relationship. In fact, I’m a BaekYeon shipper, and if the time comes that both of them will be together in the end, I’ll support them no matter what. But this issue really makes me confuse. If you’re a Taeyeon stan, you’ll know that Taeyeon is not a type of girl who’ll just do this shit anyway without thinking of the fans’ reaction. And more importantly, why would Taeyeon apologize if dating someone is not even a crime nor a sin? I’m afraid I can’t answer your question (why would SM let Taeyeon apologize…), but please do think about it, why would she even apologize? Because the fans were hurt and disappointed? No, it’s because she can’t do anything to stop her fans from hurting.
      I’m not forcing you to believe that this is just a big drama, neither telling you that BaekYeon’s relationship really is fake. My point here is, try to understand the situation. It’s like, 80% of EXO fandom can’t accept it and instead bashed both of the idols while the remaining 10% accepted them whole heartedly. Not because those 80% were immature and such… well, yeah, some of them, but because there’s something really wrong about the sudden outburst. Hope you get me.

  7. what is actually scandalous about baekyeon dating lol they are just in love. and meh, wasn’t talking about this would hurt baekyeon, it’s the fans that you will hurt for putting their hopes on sky. well it’s not like people would think the same way as you do, so far, people thought they are fake, by this article, why don’t you keep the analysis for yourself instead of making more fuss? then what’s the purpose of this article? proving the scandal is fake? or blaming sm? lol like they give fucks.
    sm recovers from kris quickly, you can see that some fans do too.

    • Dear, you are right, they are falling in love. I am not putting anyone’s hope. I am analyzing this pictures. It is strange. Really really strange.
      And sorry, I cannot keep this article for me only. Fans out there deserve to know how weird these photos are. And maybe you are going to say they deserve to move on and accept the facts too? Yes, of course they are. It is their choices whether to move on or keep hoping. Did I say that they are not dating? No, I didn’t. I AM ANALYZING THESE PHOTOS. And sharing my findings. That’s all.
      I don’t give a fuck about SM either. I give like so many fuck to those who don’t know who behind all this.
      There are nothing in this world which is one hundred percent true and and one hundred percent wrong.
      Hhhh.. Up to you. You can think as you want. I am in my way, and you are in yours.

      P.S. Maybe you should read books (not hoax or even my article or K-Pop article) more. By reading, you can see many things from different perspectives.

    • Err… I didn’t say that they are actually not dating. Maybe yes, they are dating. But, this scandal and these photos make no sense. I am analyzing the photos. That’s all.

  8. Idk if you had noticed this…but when the KF news broke out Tiffany’s Family have been liking TaeNy pictures with captions: ‘TaeNyisReal’, ‘BelieveinTaeNy’ etc… But never once they liked a picture of KF…Don’t you think thats weird? Recently Tiffany’s friend posted a pic and he said “Once again, love is torn apart~ Go! Get out! All just go! I’m going to be alone!!!” I know that Tiffany’s friends likes taeyeon but the thing that got me is ” Once again”…what can that possibly mean? Also another incident on the day the news broke out of BY, Tiffany’s sister-in-law liked a pic with the captions ‘BaekYeonisNotReal”TaeNyisReal’ etc.

    People say that im just a hopeless delulu shipper, but how would you explain when the Family of your ship likes the couple back? (if that makes sense)…Being a shipper or not these actions are very strange to being with……

    • I didn’t notice this. In fact, I only focused on the photos and Dispatch problem regarding with the illogical news they made.
      Really weird… Why? Why did they do that? In my wildest imagination, maybe it has been set up by SM again to create more drama in fandom. But, it is too… wild to think that way. Isn’t it creepy if actually all this time we’ve manipulated by SM?
      However, if they said it is true that TaeNy is real, I will be a lot happier. I ship them a lot. Hahaha.

      • Right? Isn’t that just weird? like i can’t even comprehend on what is inside the heads of the Hwang family lol
        It could just be SM…because we know how powerful that company is but even last year Tiffany’s cousin hold a Q&A on instagram, and ofc Locksmiths ask about TaeNy, and she said that she likes her unnies, she likes the couple, and agrees on that couple, and then she deleted the post after. Also I know that LGBT is a very big NO in Korea..they are a really conservative country on that matter. So what if Tiffany’s family said that its true and TaeNy is real? SM would want to hide that, because if news broke out that those two are ‘real’ everything will be hell much worse than now….SNSD would definitely disband and Taeyeon and Tiffany will be shunned from Korea.

        Also to think that SooYoung said a while back that she wanted to release a bts autobiography about them but they would need to leave the country for it…What happened inside soshi that it is so bad that they need to leave the country?

        I just wanted to share my opinion with someone right now 🙂

      • I think the power of SM is even bigger than the power of government lol.
        You know, one of the comments below said that there is rumour in naver said that Taeyeon is lesbian. I don’t know whether it is true or not.. But, do think it is strange that suddenly we knkw that a half of soshi members are now dating? And it happened continuously.
        It is really strange. The fandom, SNSD, EXO, and even SM….
        What if actually SM covers up bigger thing than all of these?

      • Idk why I can’t reply to your other comment but eh~

        But I remember a long time ago that Lee SooMan was in Interpol’s watch list and then he got away with it..that is how powerful the company is.
        I don’t think it was articles but blogs on naver instead.Even last year there were blogs about TaeNy and netizens got suspicious about those two. I do find it strange that SNSD is getting find out about dating, and it is continuously…… And I actually believe that SM is hiding something that is bigger.

        Also why is that Taeyeon and Tiffany is the only one that isn’t trying to hide their identity while going on these dates? If you look at Yoona/Seunggi Yoona was wearing a hat and had different days of them going on dates. Sooyoung/Kyungho Sooyoung was practically covered with scarf and a hat, and their date was going to the movie theater where everything is dark. Then theres KF…Tiffany wasn’t even trying to hide herself she was wearing things that she would wear for the airport, also looking at the camera when there was pictures taken? Oh and mind to say that their date at the restaurant was with other people and not just those two. And finally there is BY like you said above.

        Oh do you know what else makes it funnier? Taeyeon/Tiffany said that they would cover themselves up and go for a drive to the han river by themselves….They cover up when they are together in public but not with their bf? idk……

  9. This is my sentiment about the dating issue
    Let me address point by point about Taeyeon-Baekhyun so called romance.
    1. “‘Dispatch’ says that the two have been dating for 4 months now in the utmost secrecy. It’s said the reporters from the media outlet first spotted them while EXO was practicing for their first concert. ”
    So Taeyeon decided to go to his concert rehearsal where there is a big high risk to be seen. And yes she did by media outlet (mind that there’s no ‘S’ on that. only one media outlet seen them and that is Dispatch). So only Dispatch saw them? If I recall there were some fan accounts circulating about their rehearsal on the SNS and none of them saw Taeyeon? That is unlikely impossible.
    And plus, this was the time when the news broke out that Kris filed for nullification of his contract. The timing tho 😉
    2. “The photos were taken near EXO’s dorm where Taeyeon picked Baekhyun up and later went to the cafe together”
    So Dispatch saw Taeyeon picked Baekhyun near EXO’s dorm? But Why Dispatch didn’t took photos of BH walking and getting inside/out of the TY’s car? And another, NO PICTURES of them heading inside/out of Cafe. Isn’t that odd? I thought they were following them. I mean if you really following two hottest idols you would follow and snap pictures of them every minute as much as you can. BUT instead, the only pictures they took were they in the car and if you looked closely, You would noticed the angle of the pictures were taken, I think the photographer was on some HIGHER place, possibly on the rooftop? That screams, filming to me tbh.
    Take a look of this Nickhun/Tiffany and Seulong/Sohee date. It SHOULD be like this on BH/TY’s date like:
    3. Q. When did they normally go on dates?
    A. Mostly at dawn, out of fans’ sight. For the last month, Dispatch witnessed the two going on more than five dates
    More than five dates huh? But only managed to took pictures of them in one single date. How about the other remaining dates they had? If they had a date more than five, shouldn’t there be a pictures of them? But the big question is, Are they really dating? 🙂
    Haven’t they dated yet for the month of JUNE? Lol And if you notice again, they had a succeeding dates within the weeks that Kris issue. Everything seem a bit weird to me. I believe SM is covering up something big.
    I remember something I read on the past few days about Lee Hyori talking about How dispatch negotiates, Dispatch might have pictures of something damaging/scandalous pictures so SM traded something less one and when they ask for confirmation, SM will confirm it. If this is staged, so as to why SM decided to risk two popular members of two different popular group? Probably, Kris lawsuit? they want to divide the attention of public to something else (but I dont thnk so) or even bigger scandalous I believe Dispatch has stories/pictures that EXO or SNSD might be involve and they decided to settle like this in return. Win-Win situation.

    • I. LOVE. YOU.
      I really am!!!
      Thanks a lot to analyze their answers and their sentences. Yesterday, I was so captured in analyzing the photos rather than Dispatch clarification. Once again, thanks a lot.
      You have no mistakes in mentioning those odd things. You are absolutely right. I am thinking that way too. That’s how showbiz works actually. Creating bigger scandal to cover up another scandal.
      Anyway, where do you read about Lee Hyori’s statement?

    • Lmfao. The Taeny theory is literally the , sorry but the dumbest . Khunfany have been dating for like 4 years, Tae has dated Junsu and Leeteuk( yes there are actual fanaccs) . Baekyeon’s interactions+ snsd thing sort of prooves they are dating but sm MAY have used that.. for whatever scandal they’re covering up.
      Please stop bring Taeny into this, it literally makes you sound like a 12 yr old delulu shipper. Tiffany’s cousin even said Taeny are like sisters. They’re sisters for godsake. Leave them alone.

      • I am questioning. I am as clueless as you too.
        How do you know the true facts if I only sit here and receiving all SM fed to me?
        12 years old? Sure. Can 12 years old analyze these photos?

      • Leave them alone? How can you sit sweetly and listen to those bullshits sm gives to us? How can you leave them alone while they is being used with sm and so did we? And yeah, 12 year old delulu shipper? 12?! Whoa, if it’s true then, I would goes crazy, like, “this 12 freaking year old girl sure is freaking smart to analyze this photo!! Even i don’t realize this!! Whoaaa~!!!”

        I’m sorry for my grammar if there is lots of typo.

    • Tim, you got my salute! I would have completely believed this crap if a sasaeng fan was the one who revealed this “dating issue” coz yeah! those monsters are awesome sometimes. So why the heck that it was only Dispatch that knew about this?? As if no one would notice them at all. Stupid people. really.

      But whether it’s real or not, I’ll still be happy for them the same way i’m happy for Nickhyun and Tiffany.

    • OMG YOUR COMMENT IS SO CONVINCING. LIKE REALLY. After reading it, I feel like SM is making things up..

      If they are really dating, wouldn’t sasaeng fans revealed it first? You know exo fans are like ninjas. Lmao

      About Nickhun and Fany dating photo, I just realised they came from many sources/media while BaekYeon, only Dispatch release it..

      Even my friends said tht SM is very fishy..

    • Maybe that love hint means that they are really dating. Or maybe that love hint is also created by SM.
      We don’t know anything for sure. We are just fans. Or I could say outsider who doesn’t even know anything that really happened in SM.

      • Soooo, that photos –baekhyun and taeyeon in the same car– shows that, actually, they are really dating, and, for God’s sake, SM used them to make this scandal and try to make some believable proofs, like photos??

      • Soooo, those photos –taeyeon and Baekhyun is in the same car– shows that they actually are dating, and, for God’s sake, SM use them to make this scandals and to cover up some bad rumours about them? And trying to make these believeable-not-so-believeable proofs to make this scandal seems like real?

  10. Good heaven lord. I found what I thought in an article. Thank you! I did feel the same. My gut feeling keeps telling me this news is W-E-I-R-D but I thought I’ just being shock with the news or smtg.. >< Sorry S.M but we are smarter than you think we are.. =_=||

    • Trust me, I even need to think really hard and gather my guts to publish this. I was afraid that maybe some people will bash me, just like you might read in the comments below. Hahaha.
      But, I realize that I wouldn’t know anything if I didn’t try. So, I publish this. And surprisingly, some people think that way.

  11. oh no. i found a person who have the same opinion with me. thank you about this. i’m a vietnam-sone and i know the rumor. i don’t think that is true when sm confirm that news. i believe that Tae Yeon will never lie us, because i know her for 7 years ^_^ i’m really angry when they try to make TaeYeon feel bad and she was try to sorry her fans. i’m really angry. anyway. thank you so much 🙂 i believe i’m not the one think so and i’m right ^_^

  12. hi darling, thank you for posting it, though it’s just due to your detective side, it did make sense, a lot for true. i don’t really think that their relationship is fake or something, but maybe, just maybe, that SM and Dispatch used this to make up scandal, yeah?!
    once again, you’re amazing, Sherlock =)
    Uhm so can i have your permission to translate it into Vietnamese? Well since many fans in Vietnam have not heard of this yet you know. It’d be wonderful if you let me, thank you so much : )

  13. Wow you have a good eye. I was always suspicious about Baekyeon, like why would they have a secret “date” with the rooftop open? Why would Tae lean up to the window shield and smile? So her face could get caught?? It’s like she was asking to get caught. $m is a big, dirty ,greedy, company. They disgust me!

  14. Can you please make a thread in any famous forum about this so people can start opening their eyes and ears about what is actually happening right now? Please, everyone should really read this post of yours :”

  15. Delusional mother fuckers… Checking the cell phone is a problem on a date? That’s fucking retarded, do you have a brain?

  16. Are you stupid? Because I presume you are. Exostans like you are really quite pathetic and need to calm the fuck down. Like seriously. Do you think by attempting to disprove the truth that he will suddenly fall head over heels for one of you. Grow the fuck up. In case you don’t know what grow the fuck up means, it means get away from the computer and go do something productive with your life. Get an actual boyfriend. Have some sex, I’m pretty sure it will stop all your delusions.

    • So that having boyfriend and sex mean I am gonna stop from questioning? Hahaha. How cute.
      I am not doing this for the sake of taking BH away; it is for the fans who might too afraid to express their thoughts. And maybe for someone like you too who only can judge something from one point of view and neglect others.
      It is not delusions honey. It is proved by the photos. If you think my analysis is wrong, prove it. Don’t just use anon account to bash me.

      P.S. Just scroll down the comments and it might open you eyes.

  17. I . LOVE. YOU.
    this exactly what I’ve been thinking, and you made it to an in depth analysis. ♥ did you know that sm stock market raised at the moment the scandal was out?? This scandal is more likely a cover up for kris lawsuit. That evil SM.
    Anyways thank you for making this post!!

    Ps: are u indonesian? 🙂

  18. I’m assuming that you’re trying to say they’re indeed dating but all the “caught news” is staged by SM and Dispatch. I want to say few things here. But first I want you to know that I’m not even a bkyeon shipper.

    I’m agree about one odd thing there, the fact that there’s no pictures of Baekhyun walking to Taeyeon’s car. But for the rest of your analysis seems lacking something. Just for some consideration.

    1. Dispatch and SM stated that both of them starting dating since 4 months ago. Trust me, it might be longer than that. If you ever heard Yoona and Tiffany’s dating news, SM also stated that they’re dating for 4 months. I don’t know about Yoona and Seunggi, but a lot of fans know that TIffany and Nichkhun already dating more than that. Even I heard people said they’re dating since 4 years ago.
    See this article: http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2014/06/more-of-baekhyun-taeyeon-panns.html
    When he did his so called mission, I believe there’s some picture from the award show last year. Like… December?
    Please don’t take my words like I really know what the hell is really happened, because I really as clueless as you. And Pann is equal to Tumblr for us. So everyone can make a wild-oh-so-called article.

    2.Taeyeon picking up baekhyun.
    In the first picture indeed the van in front of Taeyeon car is different. Where does the van goes? It’s possibly that the car moving front to give a space for the yellow van like how it looks like in the second picture, the white van is in front of the yellow van. Honestly, both you and I don’t know the situation of the environment, right? Like how often the bus come and goes or whether Taeyeon parking exactly in front of EXO dorm not somewhere else.

    3. The Angle.
    No shadow on Taeng’s car hood, the roof is closed, and the car heading like how Taeyeon’s car parked when she pick up Baehyun. This is, how do I say it… maybe they’re done with their date? As you see that when Taeng’s car had tree shadow because she’s parking under the tree, or more likely the tree is in the left side of Taeyeon’s car. How do I know? The shadow drop to right side. And when the shadow is gone it’s because she heading another direction as you see not only the front lamp is on but the break lamp (the red one) is on. It could have mean that the car engine is on and whether she stopping or moving slowly we don’t know, because it just a picture. But the only thing I don’t understand is the light seems closer to where the papparazzi taking the picture. You might notice it from the brightness differences. Are they really didn’t see the papparazzi? Or simply because Dispatch trained a ninja to be their papp?

    4. Papparazzi following both of them quite long time, why only those picture that got published? Easy, as Lee Hyori said, maybe it means a “discussion” already settled before the article is out and they settled with those less damaging one.

    5. If this is really staged, why choose Baekhyun and Taeyeon? They’re not the only one who are dating right now. All people knows EXO is stil considered a rookie aside from what they have achieve and SNSD is SM’s group with the biggest earning. Taeyeon have the 2nd biggest fandom after Yoona in Korea. What is the benefit for both of them? Or the group? Or SM? Kris’s case has died down less than 10 days after the news broke out. The meddiation haven’t started yet. And the public, as in Korean people, doesn’t really care about who dating who. It just the fans within the fandom who keep voicing.

    I’m sorry if I’m ruining your fun, but your analysis lacking a fact how well you know the environment of their dating place. All I said coming from what I see in those picture and the words that has been running around between fans. I don’t know how the truth/reality exactly. Because let’s face it, we’ll never really know the truth in this idol world.
    When you get into idol world, you have to try really hard to keep your feet on the ground if you don’t want to get hurt. People will eventually getting hurt, but we still can control how hurt we’re gonna be.
    Once again, I’m not bkyeon shipper neither I SM (as a company) lover. I have hate and hate relationship with SM. I’m a sone and even a taeny shipper. I had a complex feeling too when the news broke out. Idols are human too, but fans also human. 🙂

    • You’re not ruining my fun. Not at all. In fact, I am thankful to you ro respond my article this way.
      You are right. All of us don’t know how the situation is in that place. That’s why, I really someone who lives in Seoul would look up for the place and maybe he/she would have different opinion with me. Gosh, I really wish I live in Seoul.
      I heard that SM stock gets higher. For SM, fans leaving is not problem. They can get more fans in a blink of an eye. The matter is stock holder. The higher the stock is, the SM will get tge money.
      Trust me, I am just analyzing these pictures. I am not saying they are not fall in love or not dating. This is SM for God’s sake. They can lift you up to the highest sky and even take you down to the deepest ground.
      I am so clueless actually. And I need all of people’s to reveal the truth. I cannot just sit here and write this fod myself only. We need question to move on.

      • SM!!!!!!!! are you not tired of blaming SM? for pete sake, if you were any of the idols under SM Ent. aren’t you going to file a lawsuit against them if you think they’re violating you human rights? as a fan i am, we should accept that our idols will eventually date someone sooner or later. heechul, siwon, & kyuhyun is under SM Ent. they belong to one group, Super Junior, for a ELF like me we know those three will never shut the hell up for issues like this whether it’s involving their group or not. sungmin, siwon, kyuhyun, suho, minho, sooyoung, & sunny came from a very wealthy family. when it comes to power they can absolutely match SM’s. so, if you were one their family members, would you let your son or daughter still be on that kind of company? this not just about your analyzation bout baekhyun-taeyeon relationship, THE HELL I CARE WITH THAT! i’m a Sone’s & EXOstan myself, so i support my idols. JYJ, hangeng & Kris have done it, why can’t them??????right?

    • the photos when he did his ‘mission’ were all taken this year. the blond-haired one was taken on inkigayo (also this year, on january of february, if im not mistaken). and the one in an award event was also taken this year, i dont exactly remember when, but seeing black-haired baekhyun, it means that was before overdose promotions (baekhyun was never has black hair since debut till nearing overdose promotions)

      i got your points there, and i feel your opinion might be true. i know what i said right now was not the main point, but just for clarifying that they may not dating before this 4months period (or they may be dating for longer without some hints beforehand)

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  20. Ure not alone in this thoughts. In any moment i believed in this story. U know why? Im a sone and tae is my bias. What it means? That i heard A LOT rumors abtshe be a lesbian.my gues is that sm want to cover kris issue and the participation of snsd is relationed with some issues with the group, like the rumors abt taeny. Is no news to sones that they were caught sometimes and that dispatch was in their tale for some time, includind, for example, their vacation to disney.

    • Probably. Keep asking and searching. We cannot just sit here and receiving all things SM fed us.
      After all, what do we know all this time? Variety show? Inteview? Watching all of those doesn’t mean we know who our idols are.

  21. Hello ^ ^
    Whoa, you said everything I think. This dating of the two is just another one of the lies of SM.
    I’m sone and I believe that Taeyeon would not be dumb enough to leave at dawn and just to make a point that the paparazzi take pictures of them two…
    this dating is fake.
    Besides the various rumors that Taeyeon is gay… It’s either a day before leaving the news she was in a VIP area of ​​a gay club with Key (SHINee)
    What makes me sad is that the SM
    does not respect us “fan” She just confirmed this dating overnight and thinks we “accept” it just like that.
    I like Baekhyun, he’s a good boy. But do not believe, he and Taeyeon are dating … It’s so much that we have evidence about this … After all I’m sure that we will continue to support our “bias” ^ ^
    I’m sorry for the comment as large or for some error …
    I am from Brazil and I can not write very well in English
    Bye 🙂

    • It might true. But it might also true that they are really dating and SM turn it to manipulate us.
      We don’t know anything at all.
      Yep, whatever happens, I will not hate my bias. I hate SM, as that simple. Hehehe.

  22. Hello there and thanks for your all comments about the photos. I’ve always had a false sense since i’ve seen the photos but i wasn’t sure of what was wrong. After reading all your points, i realized those are the things i was looking for, so thank you! But somehow.. After seeing couple headphones and couple bracelets they were waering, Baekhyun was wearing same bracelet during SM week, which was 24-25th December.. It means 6 month.. I didn’t believe 4 months anyway. But their instagram posts.. Especially the one Baekhyun poster after 3rd concert in Seoul “From now on it’s a start.. My dream..” etc.. Same quote of pikachu(?) that Taeyeon used 1 year ago on her instagram post. My heart was literally broken after “Baekyeon” shippers found out Baekhyun wrote the same thing. But that i was convinced that it would be something Baekhyun would do to have Taeyeon’s interest? Talking about interest.. It was always weird for me to see Taeyon ignoring Baekhyun on screen but following on instagram.. Baekhyun looked like a fanboy on instagram; posting similar poses using similar filters/concepts as hers.. But i don’t know.. Maybe SM demanded this from him?.. I don’t know.. I want to believe that all of this is a nightmare xD I also heard Taeyeon used snapback & sunglasses of Baekhyun that was given to him as present from the fans? That’s incredible.. and reallynot respectful.. I don’t know, i just want to believe all of this one fake rumor(regarding the photos). But the social media.. I can’t be so sure.. 😦
    I would like to hear your point of view..
    Anyway, thank you again for this post!

    • Too many rumours and hoax spreading around. My ears also get itched despite of this.
      Honestly, at first, I don’t think many people will think the same as me. I mean.. so many people in my TL received this couple.
      But, then, I realize these photos and I know I just can’t sit here and listening the shits. I choose to wake up as me and not as EXOSTAN or SONE and suddenly I found myself analyzing these photos.
      Sometimes, being neutral will take you to the truth 🙂

  23. Also, on the shot of the back of the car, it looks like Taeyeon is arriving the dorm. Towards the yellow and white buses(?). But on the shot with Baekhyun and Taeyeon in the car, they were farther away from the two buses. I dunno. This seems suspicious… maybe SM would reveal their intent in the future?

  24. Alhamdulillah ya allah.. Saya nangis masa bacanya.. Terharu sumpah.. Terimakasih udah kasih infonya.. Thanks a lot T.T

  25. This just makes me laugh. Some of the reasons are so stupid and so farfetched. I just couldnt believe what i just read. Doesnt use their phone on a date? yeah you dont, sure. And the two Pictures are obviously not taken at that same Moment what the big photo shows but that doesnt prove anything. They dont even say it was taking at the same time. False editing fromdispatch ist their fault. Or Climb a tree? These days there are so many ways of taking that picture. The fact with the colour of the car which is infront of taeyeons car, in the second picture you can see the same car behind the yellow car. So just the places changed. Maybe it was all arranged but your reasons doesnt prove that for me. And why would SM want to reveal it, exo already lost a member. Just to distract from kris. They dont need to, because a lot of fans calm down already. To stop his succees in China, how should the scandal help them to stop kris´ succees in china. It just brings more Problems and more angry fans with it. And you say they (SME) were stupid enough to make these mistakes in the Pictures (Im sure if it was arranged they would look at the pistures) but they are clevver enough to post secret love Messages in their IG profile??! (My personal opinium)

      • That was my opinium, no need to open my eyes, no reason to get exhausted. You have your opinium and i have mine. I didn´t say that your opinium is wrong i just tried to tell you what i think. Just chill. Im just getting angry at the fact that because of this a lot of People make up rumours. Baek and Tae having already a bad time right now, instead of making things look even worse, just support them and help them to get trough this situation. (This is still just my personal opinium) And I was not a Baekyeon shipper, neither am i a crazy fan. Im just a normal EXO fan who tells you her opinium. Not my Problem when you cant eccept it i even wrote my personal opinium under the text you cant get everyone to agree with you :(( So sorry

      • I also apologize for my reply to you. Do I sound like forcing this too much? I am really sorry then.
        But, you need to consider SM’s relationship with Dispatch. And also many wicked action from SM. Take a look at many facts 🙂
        Once more, I am really sorry if I sound disrespectful to your previous comment.

      • And just wanted to add something after i read the other comments. Do you even realize how mean and rude some of your replys sound. You are not even trying to listen to the people who tell you that they are not the same opinium as you and try to explain you why. And the fact with the phone. Why is everybody pointing that out? Maybe because it is the most outsanding stupid fact. Just Sayin 🙂

      • It is because they don’t bring clear facts. Why don’t they also analyze over my other photos? Why is it only that photo?
        If only they gave me like a very strong and reliable fact, then I would consider their opinions.
        Most of those people here only said about I am being delusional, I am being fake detective, I am being so stupid in analyzing the photos.
        I mean like even a Korean in this comment thread doesn’t try to look up for the places if she /he thinks I am wrong. If I were her, I would do that due to my curiosity.
        Darling, trust me, I won’t be mean if they are smart enough to give me more proofs.

      • Ooh you replied before i could post my second part. So just to add the way you reply the comments Sound really weird to just wanted to say that you could be nicer.And im not saying that sm is the greatest Company and they would not do such of things, i just said that the analysez is not enough for me to believe the fact that this is all a act :))

      • Well, okay. You have yours and I have mine. Give me more proofs and we’ll be fine.
        Be nicer to those people? That’s not my thing. Sorry.
        I am just laying here actually and having this tab in my hand for all day long. And you might say I am weird or something but I can’t stand to not replying the comments that need to be replied. After all, this seems pretty fun to me 🙂

      • And to answer your question why just the fact with the phone, like i said it is the most outstanding weird Point here, thats the reason why i used it. And i really read your articles, like e few times. And i think i could tell you reasons why the most of the Facts you did tell are not real to me, but that would just take me to Long. Everyone should read this and then decide for themself if they believe it or not

      • Hmm… I guess I should add more warnings in my article. Thank you.
        As you can see many people here thought that I am saying they are not dating.
        I am going to add it tomorrow. Pretty exhausted today to add more paragraphs. Sorry 🙂

  26. Yes. I think the same way as you. Definitely. I am really happy that I found your page and your explanations. Your explanations are really easy to understand and proved. Really, SM is so stupid .. I can’t understand how they handle things. Really. Why do they need scandals .. and scandals .. and attention 365 days a year? I can’t understand. Poor Exo. Bad year for our cute boys..

  27. We can see that the scene and the photos are taken at the same place from the bigining to the end. She has parked her car between a bus yellow and white where she came to find baekhyun at his dorm but we can see the two bus on the others photos where they stop for their date( this is the same street!). All the photos are at the same place! So weird!!!

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  29. ga masuk akal jg kok mreka ngedate kyak gt , liat aj seunggi-yoona ama nickhun-tiffany, mreka ngedate pake masker topi loh wlaupun d mobil pun ttp pake. ga mungkin bngt kan mreka ngedate ga nyamar gt. pdhal dr kmrn ak br sedih” tntang mreka pcrn wkwkwk tp skrg hahaha dsar emang busuk bngt tu SM , ga tau knp benci bngt deh ama SM tp ga benci artis ny

  30. Sbnr ny agk ga masuk akal jg kok mreka ngedate gt. liat aj yoona-seunggi & nickhun-fanny mreka ngedate nyamar loh (pake masker+topi) wlaupun d mobil pun mreka pake. tp yg ini engga , udh gt knp sengaja d buka kap mobil ny ? kepanasan gt ? atau kurang udara ? emang ga masuk akal kok ini berita ny , udh gt taeyeon jg ngapain kluar mobil ? d sna kan pasti bnyk fans -_-

  31. you do know SM has confirmed their relationship, right? So no one really cares about your stupid articles and your speculations. It’s already confirmed, get over it.

    • Being confirmed by SM means true? Wow.
      Honey, how long have you been in SM fandom? Not too long? No wonder.
      Browse more darling. Find old news about TVXQ, JYJ, and Super Junior. By then, maybe you’re gonna realize how dirty SM is.
      Nobody cares? Scroll down please..

      • There’s a picture that shows where they are in the day time and there is no way they didn’t know someone was taking a picture of them. And just because it’s confirmed doesn’t mean it’s true. You’re voicing out your opinion so how come we can’t? We all know we’re not gonna end up with our bias. Duh! That’s not the problem and you people throw delusional, and butthurt around like everyone who doesn’t support this relationship is that. Also I didn’t know there were “real” or “fake” fans because either way they were fans before. We don’t always have to support what our idols do to be “real” fans. And stop throwing the word love around like it’s candy. Just because they’re “dating” doesn’t mean they’re in love. They probably just like each other or maybe they barely like each other. We don’t know the truth because we don’t know them personally. So stop acting like y’all know what K-fans are going through. They’re allowed to feel anyway they want, just like us I-fans are allowed too.(This isn’t made for the owner of this post lol, Im sorry for rambling. I just wanted you to know there was a picture but Im not to sure how to post it? Haha, I think someone said a Thai fan posted it.)

      • Hey dude. Thanks a lot. You save me. Hahaha.
        It’s getting really tiring to make those people realize what my point is the article.
        Maybe they read BaekTae fanfics too much? Or some kind of those candy movies? Perhaps. Hahaha.
        Yep, sometimes k-fans think they are more superior than i-fans.

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  34. I found someone who thinks exactly like me.
    Many thanks for the post, I also noticed that these photos were very strange. I’m sure that SM is hiding something big.
    I do not understand why people do not try to search or even understand things first.
    My friends of a facebook group think the same thing as you, and wanted to thank you for your review.
    Thank you! And sorry for my english. I LOVE YOU ❤

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  36. Well for me, if the scandal is really true or fake. Why don’t we just let them be? because what if it is really true? then, people are just breaking their relationship. Besides, what’s wrong of an idol dating someone? age doesn’t matter if they are really in love. Then, what if it is fake?… Well, the truth will always come out, we just have to wait patiently. So that, the both parties will not get hurt. Like what is happening right now, EXOStans are bashing taeyeon and I can say that taeyeon was really hurt. And also the SONEs are bashing baekhyun and I can say that baekhyun was really hurt also. That’s my point, so why don’t we just stop this and wait? I’m just saying my opinion here because I’m a fan of SNSD and I like Taeyeon but I like Yuri more. And I also like EXO and I also like Baekhyun but I like Suho and Kris more, heheh 🙂 hope you won’t get angry of what I’m saying…

    • No, I am not angry 🙂
      Honestly, I cannot just wait and see. I have been silenced for years about SM. I even have more proofs about how mean SM is. But, I choose not to publish it. Why? It is because I still hope that SM will realize or others will reveal it. But, no one does it. And I feel so stupid if I just keep this analysis for myself and for my friends.
      People have to ask. That is how we develop our logic,

  37. lmao thanks for the drama
    wht about the hints in IG? let love each other since a long time.
    this is so chaos for baekhyun n taeyeon why should SM made their artis got trouble?
    no one wanna buy merchendise baekhyun in pop store, fans wanna baekhyun go out from inkigayo, n his musical ticket got decresing.
    kfans srsly hates baekhyun n want him to go out from exo.
    Im sure taeyeon also got the same treat from her fans.
    this is why kfans called ifans are cockroach bcs we didnt know/understand the whole situation were but having a high of denial n try make it true, too much delusional in ifans tht kfans saying.

    • Up to you. Think as you want. People like you are kind of people who always think they are the best among others.
      Up to you. Say as you want. People like you are kind of people who only can debate illpgical without proofs. So, what should I am afraid of?
      Anyway, please scroll down the comments. Maybe you’ll find out how shallow you are.

    • Judging from IG post?
      Lol. So Taeng and Boa must be on dating too http://pic.twitter.com/U72H3epuCG
      Btw I love this article and I’m not alone to think that it have been set up by both SM and dispatch. We don’t know about they’re dating is real or fake, or maybe SM force them to reveal they’re dating (ugh..TT). If it’s real I will support them. Maybe some of baekstan just need the time to accept it. And also some of their shipper need to calm and not blaming us who – still – can’t accept this (or it’s just me)
      hey.. We have our point of view and we also have choice to believe it or not. If you’re didn’t agree with this article just leave and stay with your opinion.
      Sorry for my bad english

  38. Me and my bestfriend also realize that it is fake! Its too obvious! SM force them to do this because when kris leave their Stocks became low thats why they need another scandal to make their Stocks higher again! Haha! Nice try SM!

  39. It’s been a month since Kris’ issue. After seeing a few post in Facebook I realized something too like what you have said. Maybe they released this issue to make the fans be busy with this issue and forget about Kris’ issue. I mean I saw like a few minutes after allkpop shared this rumor of BaekYeon dating. And then within half an hour SMEnt released a confirmation sooooooo fast. I can imagine what is SME is doing that time. They were kind of waiting infront of their facebook/twitter/allkpop/email. Why did I include email? Probably most websites who shared this issue wants to confirm it thru Email if it was true. And then they concfirmed it in just less than an hour. Seriously?! My point, they’re really waiting for it to be released and wait for a few people to ask them about it to confirm it.

    –My opinion. That’s what I think also.

      • YUP. YUP. YUP. *^* This will be clear maybe not so soon but I hope someone really confirms this issue. :3 even if they say it’s CONFIRMED… :3

  40. Probably the people here who are hating your article are hardcore BaekYeon shippers :3 Or people who were badly hurt by the news or retards who are easily fooled by the entertainment industry. Just sayin XD Doesn’t do anything but leave dirty/hateful comments =.=” tchh..

    Anyways, nice analysis here dud, you gave me so much hope. Although I come to accept the news, it is really wierd, like WIERD. Things like this already came up just hours after the scandal was posted on that day. But this one is probably the best. XD

    And its really wierd that Tiffany’s family and also his guy friend are being loud in IG. Hwang Family liking TaeNy pics like “We approve this two and don’t mind those news, they are fake”. Many noticed that actually. Yeah I’m a TaeNy shipper. Call me delulu all you want I don’t care people :3

    Again thanks for this. Keep up Sherlock Holmes :))

  41. I just KNEW something was fishy with this new couple. I don’t support them. (Sorry to people who do. Have reverence for my choice). It’s not that your analysis made my decision, but from the beginning, I never supported Baekyeon and probably never will. For SM to announce a confirmation within an hour of the Dispatch release but still having zilch to say about Kris’s lawsuit is really uncanny. I just don’t buy into it at all. For years, all the scandals involving SM lead me to view them as a disreputable company who treats their artists with no regard. This is no exception.

    • Yep! Being in the SM fandom for long enough leads me to that decision too.
      Maybe those who don’t realize hasn’t been here long enough to know what really happened.

      • You’re welcome 🙂 I was also curious on why if they have been on 5 dates, the other “dates” weren’t in those photos Dispatch has released. It doesn’t seem right. Then I heard Taeyeon is in PH right now. Not to put anyone down but seriously now Baekhyun is facing all of this by himself in Korea. About the Instagram comments if they don’t want to see them anymore they could stop using it. Idk if you can delete Instagram since I’ve just kept one account lol but even though it’ll be a pity if they stop using it at least they won’t see the comments. In Korea is a whole other problem though. Honestly I can’t see this lasting if it’s real at this rate. I’m surprised SM hasn’t done anything even though I can’t possibly see what they can do. I don’t really put myself in fandoms and this is the reason why. I hate how some other international fans act like their idols can’t do nothing wrong then sound defensive when someone says something that they don’t agree with. It’s really aggravating. Anyway some people compare Korean singers to American ones. Here in America, our singers are so straightforward that everything blows over quickly unless it’s really really big. They don’t have a image that they sell to their fans like Korean Idols do. They don’t do concepts so we’re not really surprised or upset if they’re dating or act different. There are a few K-groups and idols that are like that also. I just felt that if they were on so many dates than fans would have spotted them but apparently none have before this was announced, so that’s fishy too. But I really doubt that they didn’t see anyone taking pictures of them. Especially since it seems like they are right in front of them. Like seriously if you see the picture I am talking about you can see that you can’t hide so that’s out of the question.

  42. OH MY GOD !!! I never had a thought like that~ so it means that baeky and tayeon are not really in a relationship ??? Wow~ i get it now… SM JAHAAAATTTT TEGA TEGANYAAA DIA !!!!!

  43. U guys just dont care how much the 2 must be hurt if the issue get bigger and bigger, tho its real or fake, the 2 and their fans are suffer from IT is true. very fans are trying to low down the situation and u guys are making deeper, pls let it be, i want no one to get more hurt

      • im not blind, but everything happened, no need to add more chaos, every fans get more upset and made them more confused, we fans need some peace

      • Well, have a peace then. I won’t bother. Don’t read this article. Say to everyone not to read this. As that simple.
        But, I am sorry, you can’t ask me to do as what you want.
        You mean that being in peace is more important than finding out the truth? Well, okay. It is okay if you are kind of people that hates confrontation. But, once again, I am not that kind of people. Sorry.

  44. odg. what the hell is this. i just laughing so hard about this kind of article. such a stupid support a betrayer. lol.

    • You posted the picture I was talking about haha. There’s no way someone could hide. Also I don’t think there’s enough grass there to hide like that lol. It’s so weird to me.

  45. Finally i know someone who is on our boys side. the rumors are the same as Tiffany’s scandal. the same reason came out “They are dating for 4 months already!”
    Gosh i can’t believe i didn’t look at the photo. im an editor for crying out loud!!! the only thing that im confuse is why the boys aren’t arguing with their company.. i mean look at YiFan, he broke the chains with SM and now his in a good hands. why can’t EXO do the same. other companies are willing to adopt them (cough*YG Ent*cough). can’t they just say “No, im not doing that”. all of the company’s reckless moves makes the artist feel bad and to the fans too…
    Gosh, why is SM acting this way!! ??

    • They are bounded with SM in contract. I heard that if you didn’t deal with that, they need to pay fine like three times bigger than what EXO gave to company. And about Kris, his contract date is expired, and he didn’t discuss it with SM to make him stay longer in EXO.
      Why? Easy. SM is company. And a company wants to get a lot of money with less efforts.
      Rather than developing the MV (which is always in the box), they choose to create this scandal. How shallow.

  46. It can be true or not… Then how about all the post in taeyeon&baekhyun instagram? Do you think it just coincidence? Or also sm ent scenario? All the fancam that related to this couple? Do you think its also just acting? I’m confused

  47. Wow…my friends and I totally booked how suspicious this whole thing was… Like I want to be happy for them if they’re actually dating, however the rest of the articles and news are seem so…desperate. Like they want to get rid of the attention of something (could be Kris), so they collect and put together all these things asap to make it “news”. Yes, we hear about Baekhyun and Taeyeon here and there in the past, yes maybe they’re actually dating, but why would you tell us that now? Especially when EXO is technically still “rookie” and on the path of making a name for themselves, but then all of these things happen…and the end is pretty damn uglier than expected. I don’t know, my suspicion just increased after reading this analysis. I think you did a great job of opening my eyes, thank you 🙂

    (p.s, I really like the way you handle the comments and replies. Some ppl are so rude and ignorant and don’t understand that this is just your opinion and analysis on something that can be shared with others, so they judge you and rage at you. I like how you keep your calm, and apologize—even if you don’t need to—just to make peace with those people. You have patience and I respect that as a reader.)

    • Actually, at the very moment, I was still analyzing. I don’t want to say anything without proofs and only based on my speculation. I even honeslty analyze about Kris’s situation. But, it is still based on my personal opinion, not proofs. Once I found evidence, even though the little one, I am going to share it. Don’t worry.

      Aaa… i am so touched. Thanks a lot. Your comment brightens up my day. Hahaha. I thought my reply regarding to the comments of those who hate this article sounds like angry grandma. Haha.

  48. I don’t understand why would they do something like this if it’s so obvious what the consequences would be…if this it’s true and it’s a set up made by SM aren’t they risking too much? i mean exo it’s getting attention but also a lot of hate most specifically for Baekhyun, and it’s not like fans are gonna forget about Kris, in fact now there are EVEN MORE dramas in the fandom which it’s not good for them at all, now there’s gonna be Kris issue PLUS Baekhyun’s issue and also they’re involving SNSD this time, now both groups are not only getting hate but even losing “fans” why would they create an scandal like this after what happened with Kris? this would not be a distraction but only make things a lot worse than they already were, it’s sooo illogical, sure SM it’s a shitty company we know that, but there’s still something weird about all of this, i don’t know what to think anymore….Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating doesn’t even make me mad, angry or something, actually if they are really dating i feel sorry for what they have to face now, and i wish they get throught it and be happy cuz every person deserves that kind of happiness no matter if it’s an idol or not, BUT what really would make mee soooo angry is if SM really made them pretend to be dating, that it’s WAYYY TOO MUCH i really hate that company, LOVE the artists, but hate the company for many reasons that we all already know, but THIS wow it would be really low from them to do something like this. i would feel really bad for Baek and Tae if that’s the case, I’d rather have them dating for real than have them being manipulated for SM

  49. This a very good article, I agree on everthing you say.
    don’t listen to the other ones who give you hate they are not worth you’re time c:

    • As long as SM still exist to create the craps for my boys, I am gonna continue analyzing this.
      Believe in their love? Yeah, sure. What kind of romantic movies do you watch darling? Barbie? Disney? Probably both…

  50. yeah i’m agree with you. when i see this news i’m think this is fake and to hidden Kris scandal.
    SM always hidden scandal with scandal. yeah this is SM trick but not possible to think.
    Kris always my first bias. love yah ♥ 🙂

  51. You know, I do think that the photos released by Dispatch is kinda strange. But what my opinion is, SM probably knows about Baekhyun and Taeyeon dating months ago. I still believe they’re real. BUT SM needed a medium in which the audience will turn their attention away from Kris, so they staged this “scandal” in one night w/ Dispatch and just release every information about the couple. That’s how BS Sm is. I’m not an EXO stan, but I’ve been in the same boat with my ultimate bias openly dating with another idol. The result with that is the fans start to betray, fansites close down. What BAEKHYUN really needs right now is the support of his fans, not the bitter betrayals of fans that “promised” to be there for him in every step of the way. This is just a phase of his life, he’s just dating, he’s not getting married?? So please, stop with all the bitter comments about the couple.

    • Hmm… bitter comments about the couple? You can find bitter comments about SM, and not about the couple in my article. You still can’t find it? Well, read more I guess.

      • I wasn’t talking about YOUR article, I was talking about the bitter comments about the couple here in the comment thread.

  52. hi, can u make your theory abt yoongi is fake too? HOHOHO
    i love your theory btw, with logic and netral HAHA, and i’m agree with this theory. i laugh hardly when taeyeon make an EC with paparazzi lol

    • Hmm.. I’ll try. I’ll be in home tonight and tomorrow I’ll take a look at it.
      But, ever since is Dispatch, I honestly don’t believe it lol. Don’t worry, once I found anything strange, I’ll share it.

      • thankyou so much! i’m waiting here if u really want to make it<3
        i heard SM and Dispatch have a good relationship, isn't it?

      • Not only with SM. Dispatch even has connection with all companies in Seoul. Usually, before the scandal is released, there was always discussion between companu and Dispatch.
        Lee Hyori stated that in Healing Camp. One of the comments below told me that.

  53. OR.. Don’t you think they just wanna have a normal date. And letting their hair down for even just a moment and let the roof off the car? Seriously.. Why would they risk both of Taeyeon and especially Baek’s career since he’s really technically still a rookie if this was just fake. Your explanation makes sense in some ways. Or it could be really just be pointless and they’re literally just had a date like normal people should & would. Not being rude at all here. But this is causing more commotion than it should be.

    • Your statement is also probably true. After all, we still don’t know anything about what really happened.
      Career? Well, as long as SM gets benefit, i don’t think they will give a shit about that. If not, SM has powerful media connection.
      Do you know JYJ? The former members in TVXQ? They can’t even perform in KBS or MBC etc because SM doesn’t let them.
      Keep asking. That’s okay. I might be wrong. You might be true. Or maybe both of us might wrong. Who knows?

  54. heyyyy, i dunno, but is it okay if i translate this into chinese tho~ so more people can see this. i mean, this is just amazing. i never truely believe tht they r dating at all. but this gives actual evidence tho

  55. “Baekhyun’s face was shown because of the flash from his handphone. Why did he open his cellphone while they were dating at that moment? It is 2 A.M, which means Taeyeon and Baekhyun looked for the time—even though it is so limited—to meet. They should have used it really well: to cuddle, to kiss each other, or to do anything else rather than plastering his eyes to the cellphone. If I were Baekhyun, and I met my lovely girl, I would put my phone on silent mode and ignored it for the rest of time. But, this? It doesn’t make sense to me.
    So, why did Baekhyun do that? Again, so that the paparazzi could capture his clear face. Problem solved!”

    Or maybe Baekhyun was texting someone while talking to Taeyeon at the same time, or maybe Taeyeon was not in the car that time cause as you can see the driver’s seat is empty and maybe he was waiting for her from god knows where she has been. And to kill time, he decided to watch porn what-so-ever he was doing that time with his fucking phone, and I kid you not when I tell you it’s not a fucking flash.
    It’s his cellphone’s backlight. And also the possibilities are endless and also I am serious when I tell you that this hopeless delusional exo stans would believe in any theory involving long english paragraphs including ridiculous theory just like what they did with the very infamous “Overdose comeback theory” which is kinda smart and shows how expandable and great exo stan’s imagination but it turned out wrong and pointless specially when you decided to spend 10 minutes of your time reading those long-ass theories complete with pictures and lines and circles courtesy of microsoft paint.
    I also had a theory earlier that I am such a heartless bitch who spares none and kills delusional fangirls bliss with english words

    • Speculating and speculating. Keep doing it babe. Maybe it will take you somewhere later. I am confused why all comments in criticizing my article include this point. Can you analyze my other photos? You can’t? Maybe because your imagination is way too low to analyze these photos.
      Anyway, do you know that knowledge comes from imagination?

      • Actually you are the one speculating lol. “Maybe it will take you somewhere later. I am confused why all comments in criticizing my article include this point.” <– like your article will take you somewhere. And you should at least be ready for some criticism after you posted your 'funny' theories, cause to be honest not all theories are right. I see your basis but some explanations are really tad ridiculous. "Maybe because your imagination is way too low to analyze these photos." <– or maybe you imagine too much, Knowledge may come from imagination but wisdom comes from experience. I have a lot of experience about all of this stuff (theories) and I know it's for no good. Well at least it got your blog thousand of readers and commenters. This fangirls are broken and a bit delusional and they are searching for something that will make their burden lighter, then they found your blog. Ignorance is a bliss. Can't we all just stop all of this and accept the fact that they are dating for real. lels. Thanks for replying tho, I admire your article.

      • Hi there 🙂
        Did I sound rude replying your previous comments? I am really sorry.
        Well, this is only from my point of view and my analysis towards the photos. Maybe my experience in this is not as much as you.
        So, could you please tell me why all of my stuffs are for no good? Does it because I am being delusional? 🙂
        I warned them in the beginning of this article to be considerate (updated already) with my analysis/opinions. But, if it turned on their delusional mind, do I have to say sorry?
        Okay that they are dating for real. But then SME used it to cover up other scandals.
        The way Taeyeon went out from the car, opened rooftop, the angels. And maybe you think because my imagination is way too high, I can write this.
        Once more, this is my point of view only. I made it not to make all people believe, but analyze it.
        However, thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your thoughts ^^

      • and also your title is a bit misleading and exaggerated, your proof is still very weak to claim this “dating scandal” fake.

      • Guyz, please stop arguing.. everyone has it’s own opinions.. I’m also not sure wether they are really dating or not..

  56. Huaaaa,, i’m really confuse right now!!!!!
    I wana believe, but i don’t want too
    the truth? The biggest scandal in SM?
    i really hope there are someting who can prove if dating just fake
    but i aggre with your analyzis
    thanks for sharing this with us

  57. tbh, cuma percaya itu sama news nya yoona & sooyoung, why? hello, mereka ke gap di parkiran. tiffany? taeyeon? they are trying to be spotted. and sm make them.
    public display lah.

    menutupi masalah dengan masalah..

  58. You make a very good point here – The photos were not taken in the same time.
    Yeah, they weren’t. Is it necessary to take the photo at the same time? They didn’t mention that the photos were taken at the same time right? They just compiled all the information they had. I’m sure that the paparazzi didn’t follow them for only one or two nights.

  59. the first think out from me is uwah! this is very detail hahaha!
    i agreed your opinion, i also thought that something strange about this dating news. why they confirmed couple if they were in the same agency? as i heard if they same agency, it would not have to confirmed. lol idk tho. and i want to adding some opinion why this dating news was up, you know that sm have smrookie, right? and we know exo too much have high popularity. how sm can release their new product if old product is still fine? even we know that in the smrookies had people with not-young-ages. they have to debut as soon as possible before they ages growing up. idk, but this is just my opinion hehehe. and i was read in the first comment line, is that really true if baekhyun was gay? oh god!!! if naver had ever revealed that news, it is true if this dating news for covering that haha.

  60. Waw. You must be a detective
    And finally, I found someone with same thinking with me that the dating issues was fake 😋

  61. Personally I think taeyeon and Baekhyun are dating. SMent know it and wait for the time to reveal it. And boom! It’s when Kris gonna be an actor. Why I said they are dating, from their instagram proof.. if SMent just ask them to act I don’t think their instagram should be like that. Unless SMent ask them to act from the beginning. Of course. Pardon my english.

  62. What a nice fanfic… Thanks.. Oh by the way, let’s see the whole scenario from a business point of view, shall we? I am SM for instance, and I’ve been making loads of money by creating groups that can shake K-pop industry, like SNSD, of course I have been taking of care of their image, because that’s how Kpop works, the funnier the more adorable the group, the better sales, the larger fanbase and the bigger money I profit. I then proceeded to making a younger boy band counterpart who might do the same, and successfully they did! Newbies that reached a million record sales in only 2 years of debut, and bam! One member files a lawsuit, and my stocks went rock bottom, say i lost Billions, and then i would create a new scandal after a month when I am just recovering from my loses? To what? hit rock bottom again because the experience was exhilarating? Not to mention involve two of my most profitable assets? Why would I do that? to create publicity? These groups could appear in any shows and fans would clamor for it to be uploaded instantly on SNS, and international fans would sub it almost instantaneously as well, these groups get publicity online like wildfire so really, why bother? and why I confirmed it after the news broke out? Geez, the pictures are so freaking obvious, so instead of denying it and falls breaking into my company and burning it to ashes, I could do damage control later for these artists instead of the whole company being called a liar and cause a bigger mess. I hope i’m making sense, i plan to go on forever, but i’d probably shattered a lot of delusions already. So let’s get straight to the point, Fans, let’s accept it, that Baek and Taeyeon are going out, we can’t do anything about it, or yes we could destroy their relationship, but would Baek look at his fans the same way again without remembering they broke his heart? Would you like that? Fans are people who stay behind their idols, not only when thing are getting mighty, but also when they hit rock bottom and their only cushion is us. You have a choice now, be a cushion to his fall so he could stand again as our Beagle, or help with his fall and turn your back now.

    • What a nice comment.
      Babe, I am saying this not because I am sure about this. We don’t know anything true actually.
      You know what, losing members are more horrifying for SM rather than having their artists gojng on a date. Therefore, they set it up, that dating scandal.


      Before judging this as fanfic, you’d better read this from many perspectives.
      But, wait, maybe you haven’t been in sm fandoms for too long? No wonder.

      Oh, so writing this means I didn’t support BH? Wow. Nice analysis. Nice theory. Nice conclusion. You’re the type of people that don’t give a fuck about what others think.
      Oh really I turn my back? How do you know? Have you ever met me in real life? If you don’t, stop saying as if you really know me.

      • if you say so, you should change the title. You say that you might be wrong, therefore you shouldn’t claim this as ‘fake’.

      • I am gonna change the tittle as soon as I get home. The network where I stayed right now is just so broke down. It is only enough to reply comments, but not to change the tittle.

  63. Yes and what’s weird is that Sm easily answered the question if the two are dating ..
    It’s like

    Fans: Is kris really leaving?
    SMent: …………………..

    Fans: is it true that baekhyun and taeyeon are dating?
    Sment: Well yes they have started to develop feelings for each other

    I mean what the heck? They can’t answer the kris lawsuit issue yet they can answer baekyeon’s issue. Somethings really fishy about this and I agree with you..

  64. are you sure?
    lol just accept fact
    I don’t think Baekhyun Taeyeon relationship is a set up. The impact is just damn awful
    I’m baekhyun stan, I love B
    at first I dont believe that baekhyun and taeyeon dating like all of you
    just answer me, what if baekhyun and taeyeon relationship is real?
    so you bash B until they break up?
    try to be mature
    imagine you in baekhyun position

  65. First, accept the reality baektae are dating for real BUT fucking bastard SM uses their relationship. Idk what SM wanna hide??? Kris’s issue??? its not been done yet, some say SM wanna distract fans from Kris’s but Baektae dating just make people keep their eyes on Exo more and more. imo using Baektae dating was a stoopid choice. SM should have picked another SUNBAE group (sorry cough TVXQ, SUJU, SHINEE sorry ha) to play not EXO ( too soon to date) this time tbh. They must know most of exo stans are teenagers like “oppa oppar…”. They must aware that Baektae even before the news had broken out, knets dislike the rumors they have been dating, they just chose to believe that they both are sun-hoobae, fanboy, nothing more. Further Exo has tons of sasaengs who will destroy/reveal/make up everything. Baektae are big names, like their popularity is huge but besides Baek had a quite INTERESTING PAST and TAEYEON also, their careers may fall down without a brake. SM should have had another wiser plan. Whatever what we are talking about??? its SM ENTERTAINMENT, just pray for a HE for them and the fandom.

    • It’s generally very rude to use people’s relationship for such matters and I actually think it’s worse to involve other groups.
      But well.. I guess SM wouldn’t mind, ’cause Jonghyun’s dating scandal (which btw. was also two years after their debut, so for EXO it isn’t even that soon) was used around the time when JYJ was leaving.
      If they wanted to create a scandal, to distract people/EXO fans from Kris, it makes sense that they use an EXO member, ’cause I doubt EXO fans would care much about other artists dating.

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  67. Hi, thank you for your thoughts. I find this really interesting to think about. I would like to tell you some of my theories as well privately. I dont really want to post this in public as is just a theory but I would like to see your opinions. Hehehehe:) would that be possible? Through mails or something? Thank you:)

  68. Yeah, I read all this article. You’ve done a good job analyzing it. But I want to ask you…
    Do you think the people are stupid to believe in a couple just because Dispatch has uploaded those photos? No. There are more proofs that shows they were dating before this so… why are you telling Baekhyun and Taeyeon Dating Scandal is fake?
    Because of you, many haters go to the Tae’s IG to bashing her for this. The fans are mad with them bc they were making a fool of their fans with mssg code and other things.
    Think in the words you use to put in this article. You aren’t an idiot because you know how to make all the young fans to believe in this 🙂 (10-17 ys)

    Don’t think about how to make feel better to the fan with good stories. Only be realistic and thinks about doing the best for your idol, the person who makes you smile. Just that.

    • So it means they really believe me? All of those young fans? Why do they believe me? Oh maybe because all of this makes sense?
      Dear Suki, it’s their choice whether what to do later with this article. I am not lifting someone’s hope way too high. I don’t mention it at all.
      If it is their perception, then it’s their problem. They bash Taeyeon? It is because they are immature. Do you think they bash Taeyeon only because of this article? No, they don’t. Why? Because those young fans and immature ones need proofs that Taeyeon and Baekhyun are not dating. And did I say that? No. I didn’t.

      • They believed you not because your article do make a point, but because they can’t really accept the fact that BaekTae is dating so they tried to find some article (like this lels) to withdraw their confusion. And guess what, you succeeded.

  69. I read so many speculations and analyzes from other fans. but this is the best analyzes I’ve ever read! *two thumbs up* ^u^
    You put so many details here, and you gave marks on the photos.
    thanks for your superb analyzes!

    I’m new fan of SM. This is the first time I idolized a group of SM and I don’t know anything about SM.
    If all this manipulated-things is true, It’s such a waste if a talented group like EXO has an awful agency like this >_<

    • You’d better read more articles about how mean SM is. Old articles about TVXQ, JYJ, and Super Junior will be helpful. We should know what kind of company our boys are staying in.

  70. I find it hilarious how the people who are contradicting your article mostly have fairly… flawed grammar. If they were asked to have verified proof that the two are indeed a happy dating couple without stating, “SM confirmed it, so it must be true” because we all know SM would willingly be mendacious for profit, then they’d have absolutely no comeback and leave with no further conflict. Also, they seem to point out the “negativity” in your analysis and conclude you are just a delusional fan who made up a story to deny said-couple. As you’ve stated, you’re only scrutinizing based on the available photos that Dispatch released. With your speculation, I see a notable amount of proof that the dating scandal is fake in your article that if any other fan were to oppose it, I’d say THEY’RE the delusional one.

    • Indeed. Very well-said. Hahaha.
      I think maybe they are BaekTae hardshipper? And I am ruining their fantasies? Probably.
      They should have stayed in this fandom longer so they know how wicked SM is.

  71. Then would you kindly explain tye secret msg/code they sent to each other on instagram?? They were way before kris lawsuit broke out. So pls accept the fact and stop creating more trouble.

  72. wow hahaha =)) calm down
    if you happy, why you make this situation worst? dont accept their relationship?
    I dont say “you” to the writer, but to all fans who bash baekhyun taeyeon
    cmon, I know this is just your opinion, but this is give baekhyun stan hope and try to pressure b & taeyeon to say they are fake relationship.
    back again if they are real this is just make baekhyun more stress
    whatever , i dont want to make “fan war” here, if you dont like this you can just delete my comment lol

    • I am really sorry. I sound angry, huh? I am really sorry if you think this will worsen the situation.
      Well, we are human, we can think. If they force them to say that this is fake, it means they are immature. There are still more evidences we need to find. Maybe you think I sound like hopeless detective that has no one to talk with. I have a lot actually. They also help me making this.
      I won’t delete your comment. As I said, this is open discussion. Just because you have different thought, I won’t delete it. Let’s just have fair discussion. That’s all.

    Let them live their life
    They’re human beings for god sake!!!! They have the right to love who ever they want!!!

    No matter how much “you fantasias with your idol” IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!
    They will not fall in love with you cz chances are he/she doesn’t even know you exist in this world. They deserve to be happy.
    & trust me this hurted me too cz Baek was my bias for EXO and even tho I don’t like the fact that they’re together that doesn’t mean I have to be in denial.

    • Denial? Oh my God…
      Dear little girl, what kind of life and logic do you have until you can say that I am in denial?
      Yeah, sure. He won’t fall in love with me. Yes, I don’t exist in his world. Do you exist? No?
      Nah, it means we have equal rights to say what’s inside our mind.

  74. it’s ok you guys are just still on the denial stage. k-netz are in the anger stage, in a few weeks maybe it’ll all go down and we can all accept it :). you guys are just going through all the stages of grief.

  75. Oh my! You’re genious! I has found any mistakes in this fucking news about baekhyun and taeyeon. But, not about the picture but SM ent’s contribution was increased. Haha, I hope it is real. That they were acting for SM ent’s contribution. How fool that bitch!

  76. I honestly think that Baekhyun & Taeyeon dating is fake. because knowing SM, they try to make as much money as possible, everybody knows that when an Idol comes out dating they start to make less money because the fans are less likely to like them. And also EXO only debuted 2 years ago!! SM would normally not even talk about dating for EXO let alone let them date publicly. As for Taeyeon, since she’s been in the K-pop industry for a while now, I understand that she should be allowed to date publicly, same as the other SNSD members. But if they are dating for real, we should support them, not hate them!! We don’t want them to feel even worse!! SNSD & EXO FIGHTING!!

  77. This article being ridiculous, frst I thought you really dont know anything aren’t you?and when I keep read, its make me laugh cuz you keep breaking it keep breaking with those picture that even you don’t know where and when is it exatly,for make sure those fans believe this article quickyl as possible
    To many denied in here. Sorry for my bad english,actually I have a lot of words to say. Here the thing,you have to know who’s open and close the eyes before you approve this article,even you arent k-net anw so why can be so speculated, byuntae had many line/code,even according to what i see its not fake,they really in love each other,you don’t see and realize that?

    • If they are in love, I am okay.
      But, if this is for the sake of SM again, I am not okay.
      Yes, i am not k-net. And I desperately seek for one if he/she can look up for the place and see if my analysis is true or not.

      • Actlly you may had a lot error analyze on it. Why you approve “its scandal is fake” by the little prof (photos),paparazzi isnt professional photographer anw,I would say,you seems like detective story addict. I know sment like a mutt dog about money and being monster to their own star,I assume sment use their rls to cover up kris who getting famous in china and won’t loose by their “threaten” (like they said)

      • Do you have stronger proofs? If not, let’s find it together. Let’s act like we are outsider and don’t Baekhyun or evenTaeyeon. Let’s be neutral. By then, I am sure, we can see the truth.

      • i’m not byun or tae fans tho, but i like their voice. i saw them like two high level celebrity on korea got dump by their stupid agony

        i have a lot proofs til’ those shit drawning my brain, and havent to sticked by those photos, those photos is nothing,becouse what,you dont know what exactly yet. maybe it was right the drama scandal is fake, Dispatch maybe need to approve Sment before showed this scandal on public or maybe not, and you know how many celebrity in Hollywood get caught by paparazzi and they saw the blitz too, and after that they runaway cus something strange followed them, i thought thats what happen with byuntae, and one of those photos of course taeyeon waiting for long, for make sure there isnt fans around there, and based on what i red on Pann and Nate,there isnt fans or sasaeng on that time cuz its too late night,after she convience the situation, taeyeon walking outside the building to picked him up.

        i have alot the thorough to denied your analyze by my safe and sound

      • One other little thing paparazzi is someone who can smashing and clicking button on many ways, because it was ther job, the job who can take the high risk by punching, got throwing down, fall from tree, even coma. im relate to you, it’s not strange at all the “hidding cameramen” took the picture from high place even the impposibble angle.

      • Hmm.. I do think there are many paparazzi here. Why? Should I update it? Hmm.. maybe.
        One thing for sure, we really don’t know how the place really is.
        Who knows that actually there was no tree at all or even no balcony at all?
        Who knows that actually there was a tree and a paparazzi climbed it to take pictures?
        Who knows that actually there was a balcony and paparazzi went there to take pictures?
        Who knows right?

        However, thank you so much for dropping by and share your thoughts. I will consider it in my observation through this case.
        Do you wanna say I have no life because of this?
        Actually, this is my life. I love doing it. I love to analyze things. I love to relate it with other phenomenons.

        Btw, you have nice fanfics 🙂
        Keep writing and I am sure your writing skill will be developed a lot 🙂

        Have a nice day ^^

  78. Yep! I think so…Baek is not the kind of guy like this..I mean that he’d not create a date easily.. .And that was unbelieveable…So sudden.. . How can it happen …that Exo is arrived back from China and immediately release these awful news…So I don’t believe and ever…
    Btw…TAEYEON is my bias in SNSD from beginning of their first album ….SM ! You must have a kind heart..to world

  79. haha funny when people do believe in this and think that the dating things are not true. you dont know the truth by the way

  80. Your article is logic, but still not enough. You need to proof it, but this article isn’t tell anything. You show that Baekhyun and Taeyeon was not really date together, but “So?”. You can’t tell anything if you not really sure about it, cause thousand of fans won’t believe you, after all, what SM said is the truest. Of course, this is your opinion, but that are their story, you not understand anything, me too. So, just hear what their said, should not do like this.

    • So SM is the only who is honest right here? It seems pretty new to me. I have read many articles about SM who is being so bad to the artists. Don’t believe it? Try to search “JYJ3 dispatch” or even just click jyj3.net. That is one of the largest news site for JYJ. They have many translators from China, Japan, and Korea. Just look for it. It might open your eyes too.
      Yep, this is still not enough. Therefore, I need everyone’s help to prove whether this is true or not. If not, please give stronger and reliable proofs than mine.

      • Haha! You didn’t believe Dispatch in Taeyeon and Baekhyun’s scandal, but you really believed in JYJ and SM’s problem? Well, you think I didn’t read those articles? Sorry, I can’t open my eyes more…cuz I have read all. But, in those articles, have any of them is about “SM confirmed that they have being so bad with their artists.”? If it true, I’m apology…but if it not, haha…I have no word to say…

  81. Hahaha! SM failed!!!! SM didn’t know that EXO fans are like detectives who can detect theories like this. Sooner or later, the truth will be revealed…

  82. aww shit!! I dont know want to say and do anything right now!! I want to hug you so tightly, holding your hand, or maybe buy food for you!! I just wanted to scream THANK U at full speed!! why? because you’re a best detective who opened my eyes wider!! aww I want to hug you right now, can I?

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  85. I’m not SNSD nor EXO fans, but I’ve been following D*spatch posts & articles since they revealed KTH-R dating news last year. You can check NB’s translation post about “who are people behind D*spatch” to find out about their “journalism style”. They only release dating news after they have hard evidence (ie. photo / video) from 4 different instances (dates). So I have to disagree with your statement that they create scandal without logic & proof. Maybe they did in the past, but they have upgraded their game now. They’re the journalists (aka paparazzi) who’re notorious of following very famous celebrities to expose them with hard picture evidence. I don’t support their behavior, but it’s their bread & butter so what can we do?
    Those pictures were taken on different instances, hence there’re inconsistencies. Perhaps I’m the only one who noticed it, I think Taeyeon wore different shirts.
    My theory: they started following B-T dates to analyze their dating patterns then they figured out the best “spots” to capture their date. Then they sent their hard evidence to SM, if SM denied it, they would send more explicit pictures to “force” them to come clean.
    About the timing, it could possibly arranged by SM so it was released at the right time. LSG & Y, their dating news was revealed on New Year’s Day, after the drama awards concluded. D*spatch posted on one of LSG fancafe on New Year’s Eve giving a “subtle hint” about the “bomb” that they’d dropped the next day.
    Obviously we don’t exactly know what happens behind the scenes, my theory is only based on what I read on the net & what I noticed since I started following D*spatch dating news which are more shocking than SportsSeoul. I believe Baekhyun & Taeyeon are dating and these pictures are real.
    It’s refreshing to read your great analysis, I guess only time will tell if this is real or fake.

    • Hmm.. You are right about that Dispatch journalism style. But, do you consider that maybe it has been set up by SM? What for? Scroll down the comments.
      You might say that I am being too dramatic what so ever.
      But, as you said, both of us don’t know about what really happened. Yes, time will tell 🙂

  86. OMG KAMU ORANG INDO?? *maaf caps jebol* kalo gitu aku komen pake Bahasa kita aja… kkk tbh yaaa dari awal pas abis baca artikel pertamanya tuh nyesek eh abis itu mikir, kok ini kayak ada sesuatu gitu yaahhh, serius aku sekarang mah terserah mereka mau real apa enggak, tapi aku hanya meragukan sesuatu, kenapa? kenapa mereka terlalu gegabah kayak gini? kayak Taeyeon gak pernah belajar aja dari scandal member soshi lainnya yang ketangkep pas lagi dimobil, nah ini baekyeon pake buka cap segala, apa gak aneh? belum lagi aku heran nih poto diambil dari atas gitu… hahaha
    entahlah pokoknya aku ngerasa bgt ada yg ngeganjel ini, kebetulan Baekhyun lagi apes, kebetulan dia yang ngepens Taeyeon, kebetulan saking ngefansnya suka niruin pose bias eh tau2 dimanfaatin sama company,kebetulan fans nya bekyun juga paling banyak dan dia termasuk yg entertainer *semacam kalo diacara banyak ngomong* jadi otomatis masyarakat bnyk yg kenal dia, dia juga main vocal. tapi tetep aja sih aku gak nangkep apa alasan SM bikin scandal kyk gini.
    duuhh seneng banget aku kamu bikin article kyk gini, kayak semua isi hati aku ikut disampein disini, sedih banget beberapa hari ini baca bad coment tentang mereka, terlebih lagi buat bekhyun yg dibilang penghianat dll.
    klo article kpop macam berita date ini tuh kita gak bisa sekali baca lansung percaya, kita harus mikir dan cerna baik2 baru deh ntar terserah mau percaya ato gak.. *aduh maaf komennya panjang, aku excited baca ini hahahaha

    • Ga papa kok. Aku seneng malah bales komen pakai bahasa indo. Lama2 puyeng bales komen pake english. Hahaha.
      Nah, bener bgt. Emang ga bisa sekali tangkep kalo berita scandal macam begini, apalagi SM sama Dispatch.
      Aku ga bilang dan maksa mereka harus percaya kok. Kayaknya sih kurang warning di awal2 artikel. Bakal aku update deh nanti. Soalnya banyak orang yg ga ngerti poin apa hg sebenernya mau aku tunjukin. Hahaha.

  87. analisismu keren ^^ lagian aneh juga mereka terang2an gitu pacaran di mobil dengan roof yg kebuka. strange. totally strange.
    tapi yang aku pengen tau, apa pendapat kamu tentang interaksi mereka di instagram? yang manggil satu sama lain taenggu dan sebagainya, trus postingan “pikachu”, how’s ur opinion??
    thx ^^
    btw i love this ^^

    • Aku punya 2 pendapat yg mgn sama2 benar tapi bisa juga sama2 salah:
      1. Mereka beneran dating. Gimana sih rasanya baru pacaran apalagi sama idola sendiri? Pastinya mau ngasih tahu ke seluruh dunia kan. Nah, tapi ternyata, SM tahu ttg ini. Mereka mikir deh gimana caranya ngegunain BH sama TY. Dan boom! Dapatlah wangsit. Bisa jadi buat meredam berita kris. Bisa juga buat meredam isu orientasi seksual mereka yg ada di naver sana.
      2. Mereka ga beneran dating. Kenapa posting ig mereka sama? Soalnya mereka temenan baik. Apalagi si BH, kan ngefans TY. Kayak kita juga yg ngefans sama idol, pasti mau mirip2in kan.

      Itu aja sih. Tapi ga berarti ini bener ya. Bisa jadi masih ada pendapat lain di luar sana 🙂

  88. Finally there’s another person who is trying to solve crappy mess like this. I believe in this. One more thing, why do they need to open the roof of the car? For fresh air? There’s an aircon. Psh. You really want Fresh air? YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL because there are FANS EVERYWHERE. Where’s the saesang fans? Make some noise! And they reveal things like this for covering Kris’ Lawsuit file! Open your eyes guys! They’re making us forget of what happened to WuFan. But we need more Proofs for the better! FIGHTING~

    • If I were in seoul, I would look up for the place where the photos are taken as soon as i found it is odds.
      But, why didn’t sasaengs do that? I am suspicious towards sasaengs. I am afraid that they know something. But, they keep ot fro intl fans. What for? Only God knows.

      • aku membaca dari salah satu coment di youtube,ada yg mengatakan sebenarnya k-fans j-fans & itu mengetahui sesuatu tentang fansnya tetapi mereka cuman mau nyimpen berita yg dia tau untuk dirinya sendiri,dalam arti mereka bener2 ngeprotec idolnya dan mereka gamau fans luar tau berita itu

  89. Congratulations
    Youre deluded as hell. The author of this article and everyone agreeing with it are everything wrong with kpop fandoms.
    Your precious oppas and unnies that you cry over dont know you exsit and dont care if you approve of them dating… theyre going to date anyway.
    Grow up

  90. Omg the same thinking as me I was thinking why would baekhyun look at his handphone?
    Thank you for finding out!^^

  91. Well I couldn’t argue with your post. It’s your opinion anyway, Atleast you didn’t bash Bacon & Taeyeon. It’s a breath of fresh air for me. I’m only wondering why does SM allows SNSD dating, I thought its against their contract? Last year they are to denial on dating issues (SNSD) but now they even confirm it (SM)? I’m very confused. With all the news that is ironical with each other, I can’t tell now who is telling the truth..

  92. I KNEW IT!! I was suspecting them every since the photos was revealed. Like who the hell goes to have a date in an OPEN parking lot with WELL-LITED area and they look like they didn’t even TRY to cover up their appearance??? If I were to secretly date, I would go some where dark and abandoned and wear something I could cover myself!!

  93. A-ha!! You are right! Even when yoona and soo maybe even tiffany’s scandal. They were all catched by dispatch! So then i thought it a bit fishy! Why it has to be dispatch? I’m doubting now! Are they really dating? All of them? Not sure anymore

  94. Pingback: [TRANS][NEWS/SCANDAL/REVIEW] Baekhyun and Taeyeon Dating Scandal is Fake! | • Xiao Ling •

  95. I don t analyzes until this level…but I feels the same way…this is a new hoax made by sm ent….your analysis make sense…this scandal is really nonsense..while kfan crying and calling him traitor, international fan use their brain to analyses ….good job and good theory

  96. I knew It from the start that it is fake they would be more careful if they went out on date…SM really gets on my nerves….

    • Hmm.. I didn’t say it was edited by the way. It is probably true, they are kissing. After all, I didn’t think any error in that photo like angle or anything. So, I chose not to bring it up.

      • so u choose not to bring out baekyeon`s kissing pic cuz the pic really real hahaha u know what? u are so pathetic and in denial stage cuz u knew bakyeon is real but u choose to
        keep on ur delulu world and make this article /pats u and these poor fangirls who believe on ur imaginations
        btw ur article title show how much pathetic fangirl u are..
        saying baekhyun & taeyeon dating scandal is fake like u are the one who taeyeon/baekhyun urself lolol

  97. okay im a korean and uk how u said dispatch is always wrong? well guess what. they are cosidered as one of the best news sites in korea and they have caught tons of celebrities daring already. and of course, they all turned out to be true. u foreign fans dont even know anything about dispatch so i suggest u guys stp this nonsense?

    • Hmm… You’re Korean?
      I assume you are not going to look for the places where the photos are taken. Well, if I were you, I would look up for it and proved to the world that they are really dating.

    • Hahahahahahahaaa!!! So if your close friend be assumed as murderer so you just shut up without do nothing to help approved your friend is not a muderer?? How a shame 😛
      We are very aware with we are postion who just a fans but as a fans we are just shut up with palm face and say “ooh they are dating. Congrats for your new relationshit, unnie Taeyeon -,-”
      Big NO NO
      We are not just buy the album, download song – MV, buy idol items& watch our idol perform but we are want investigate the suspicious thing who related with our idol. So we are not a butthurt fans who always full of bash & do immature acts. If your a Korean so you must better know about this not act like “i don’t give a fuck’ we are just want to know what evidences you have so you can say it like that??

      • They have shallow thoughts, that’s why. Hahaha.
        Rather than giving solod proofs to me, they keep saying that I am immature and delusional and bla bla bla. How cute!
        Maybe they are too lazy to think? All they know are probably sitting in front of their laptop and screaming about how pretty and handsome their biases are without further questions lol.

  98. And obove i see ppl saying aboyt how tiffany and yoona arent rly dating. but guesswhat, on koream shows that U GUYS dont know or understnad, they saud it themselves that they are dating.

  99. wait if is true that were just fooled well why did taeyeon said to her IG account that shes sorry about it and she also said that shes not be careful about it?

  100. Hahahahaha!!!! OMG! Dispatch you must continue your school until master of degree lol#SuckDispatch
    I am actually laugh loudly when i am read the facts of baekyeon who now be called Oreo couple #Puke
    Seriously if you has stalk BoA unnie’s account of SNS there are so many similar moment with Taeyeon on her Instagram so must i acalled it is a TaengBo couple :-P. Until now i just believe in YoonGi, SooKyung & KhunFany couple #Sorry Baekyeon Shipp.
    If you still confused just look at YoonGi couple who have the same similar with baekyeon couple thing is date on the car, Lee Seung G’s car have the very very tint black car who paparazzi camera can’t catch a picture someone in the car *LOL Taeyeon who being the big star not knowing about this. Impossible!!* And i know being SONE since 2011 not aware Taeyeon’s character. She’s not looks a like who some one in fall in love

    • Poor Dispatch. They don’t know about people like us. Hahaha.
      Yep! I just want everyone to stop being emotional and start to wake up analyzing the facts.
      Whether you are Baekyeon shipper or Chanbaek shipper or even outsider, we need to be neutral in facing this scandal.

      • idek why u think this is fake. i am a fan of baekhyun myself but wuts ur point of writing this article? im not saying ur completely wrong i mean it CAn be true but not necessarily. like although u think u have evidence, that might not be true and it could have been honest. some of ur facts arent even correct so why even post this for it to be spread around? are u trying to brainwash these people to believe you or something? if you are baek hyuns fan then i think you should really just trust him and right him comments on instagram instead of posting this nonsense which you arent 100% sure about. atleast if i were you, i would just delete this and write him encouraging comments on his instagram page instead of saying that dispatch is poor or bad because i assure you, almost all the couples dispatch found turned out to be true. and instead of asking your korean friends about the korean stuff i wrote, i think you should ask them about dispatch or tell them to search it up on naver.com or something. all these people that agree with you are foreign fans. fans that doesn’t read korean articles or so. im just telling you, that those dont make anysense.

      • hah i say that everyone agreeing to u is stupid and i can rlly ussume that they aren’t koreans including u

  101. Finally!!!!! Mataku udah kebuka lebar selebar pintu sorga/?
    Awalnya aku gak naruh curiga sama foto” nya. Yaa u know lah masih shock dn lgsg stress ttg berita itu.
    Stelah aku baca artikel ini aku lgsg bersorak sorai gembira. Tapi aku gatau lagi kalo mreka emang berhubungan lebih+emg beneran dn bukan karangannya sm
    Aku agk kurang paham bc artikel ini krn ada yg gak aku ngarti artinya’-‘ apakah ada yg ver. indo?
    Oya, apa itu baek, tae beneran ato cumn org yg mirip ato boneka ato semacemnya?wajar masih awam sma yg beginian._.v
    Terimakasih buat artikel ini. Eh yg buat artikel ini. Lanjutkan siluman/? Sherlock mu, thor/min/agan/whatever

    • Hmm.. versi indonesia ya? Mungkin aku bakal bikin. Liat nanti ya. Soalnya pastinya lebih enak bikin yg versi indo. Hahaha.
      Yep. Pasti dong. Mgkn kalo ada skandal lain yg aneh radarku aktif lagi. Hehehe.

  102. i’m glad that this relationship is fake and that you think like me. thank you for clearing all up! i really do not like taeyeon neither baekyeon. now i’m really happy thank you!

  103. so if your theory is true, then whats with ‘this is the beginning of exo’ and there was a peace sign from taeyeon at the back? and whats with ExO? whats with ‘taengkyung’? IS THAT PERSUADED BY SM TOO?

  104. yeah, same with you~ I think they’re fake
    and I also curious why Baekhyun turn on his cellphone?
    then, I also think SM just making this scandal for divert about Kris news
    I agree with you~ ^^ thank you, I feel better now keke

  105. If this picture were true i will b super mat at sme bcoz they were the 1st kpop boy band that i really love with my all heart

      • okay so have you been to sm? Are you lee soo mans right hand man? You have no first hand experience you are only implying what you think you know about sm ( no I’m not saying sm is good but I’m saying there is a chance sm didn’t have to do with this) what the media portrays can be often misleading…EXAMPLE YOUR view above. So they could be real but you are not willing to accept it

  106. This is bullshit, seriously. Can you guys just stop and face the fact that they probably are dating? Okay, yeah, so maybe it is a set-up. However, what if they actually really have feelings for each other throughout this “set-up”? It’s possible, actors and actresses date after how many months of filming together, so why is it not possible for idols in the same company? Sorry to say to all you butthurt fans, but honestly, probably all your idols; all your favourite men are dating right now. They just haven’t been caught. And not all scandals are made up, they might actually be in love with each other. Not all companies have psychopathic chairmen that are only crazy for fame. Face the fact, guys. You guys are just in denial. Try and put yourselves in their shoes. You’ll understand a lot better. Just sayin’.

    • They are dating? Okay then. They are falling in love? Okay then.
      You might don’t know about SME, do you? Oh, you do know about them? How come you think they are not crazy for fame?

      • Ok so you are implying that neither baekhyun or taeyeon can fall in love? Way to go if you hate sm so much the go burn it down.

      • one more thing. Have you been to sm? Are you some coordi? I you don’t know the full story stop fueling peoples minds because from what I can see you are blinded with your own views. I am not saying that they are real or fake but you sound really butthurt and immature at this rate your gonna fall into the categorie of gullible 12 yr olds on the internet who are obssessed with their so called “oppa”

      • This analysis looks like 12 years old thoughts? Wow. I am surprised. Because I am pretty confident that I am so mature right now. Can’t believe it? Just stalk me. You think that stalking me waste your time? So, just stop acting like you think I am immature delusional whatsoever.

  107. Delusion level: 99999999999999999999999

    Seriously why would SM do that. SM cares about money. By doing that, EXO will lose fans especially since their fandom isn’t stable yet. And who would buy EXO stuff.

  108. Delusion level: 99999999999999999999999
    Seriously why would SM do that. SM cares about money. By doing that, EXO will lose fans especially since their fandom isn’t stable yet. And who would buy EXO stuff.

    • But the stock level is getting higher from this scandal lol.
      And you know what losing some fans or you may say many fans are not problem for SM ever since they still have their stock holder.

      Illogical comment level: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

      • We believe what we want to believe. The damage is done. Emotional on both the individuals and the groups. it sound like your really anti baekyeon. Who knows? That’s a lot of logic up there. Bit either way you and me will never date baekhyun because honestly you sound like some crazy saesang fan who stalked all the photos to find all the flaws. So what if it’s fake? Do you really have to rub it in their faces? Beakhyun doesn’t deserve this shit. I just merely hope he is able to be in a happy relationship…oh wait that’s never gonna happen. because some fans can never accept the truth fake or not. so their stocks went up? Ok we can all believe this is some sm hoax but seriously, I doubt sm would risk it. because of the going fans in exo’s fandom and 2. maybe taeyeon and baekhyun got really close to eachother during this or what you put it a so called set up scam and actually start dating. idk is it really that hard to accept? What are you going to do when you find out it’s real? It’s like pointing fingers at innocent people. Using logic to convince people of your views.

      • Anti Baekyeon? Well, okay. You can think as you want. That’s fine. Really.
        If it is real, like very real with reliable proofs, then I’ll be happy because it means they are dating for the sake of love, not for the sake of SM.

  109. lol I have the same thinking with you… but can you explain me about their post in IG? does it also constraint from SM? I’m so curious….

  110. gosh!! it hurts. big time :'(( but it’s okay anyway, i will still support them. saranghaeyo bacon and taeyeon~ ❤

  111. wow ! this is enough for calm me down.. thanks for your analycis ! you are smart ! i think your IQ more than 200.. haha..

    makasih ya atas pemikiran cerdas nya ^^

  112. Some famous SONEs who have inside information already said or giving hint that they knew BaekYeon are dating, they just didn’t expect the news to came out. Even YoonGi warning came out before the news was released.

  113. I would be happy for them if they’re really dating coz as a fan, if my idols are happy, that’s what important for me.. I should accept them eventhough it hurts.. If my idol is hurt, i’m hurt too..
    But what if they’re not really dating and they’re forced by SM to act as if they’re dating.. Ohh.. Poor Baekhyun oppa and Taeyeon unnie.. If they’re not really dating then its not only the fans that suffers, they do too… They may be confuse and sad too.. They might feel bad for their fans too and who knows, they might feel bad and guilty for lying to their fans… They might even cried silently too… I jst cant stop my tears when I think of them espicially Baekhyun..
    So lets not call him a traitor or hate him because of his dating scandal.. Its not like he’s leaving EXO or he’s gonna love his fans less,. Please understand that its gonna be hard for him too… Lets support him untill the end without taking sides over EXO or Baekhyun or Kris..
    But if this scandal is only made up by SM, i hope fans wont bash Baekhyun or Taeyeon…,
    By the way, you’re a genius for finding this out, you’re totally amazing..
    and I just cant stop my tears anymore thinking of all the possibilities that this scandal is fake.. Its hurts me more than knowing that they’re are really dating coz im hurt to know that they’re not dating on their own will or out of love but only because they are forced to.. They are gonna be very sad for disappointing their fans.. I feel bad for themm.. Really…

  114. Awalnya gue pikir walaupun seandainya Baekhyun-Taeyeon berpacaran gak akan di konfirmasi, karena jelas bakal ngerusak image EXO. entah apa yang diinginkan SM dengan mengkonfimasi kalau mereka pacaran, mungkin buat menutupi berita yang lebih besar atau alasan seperti yang lo buat, supaya kris tidak merebut perhatian. Kalau dulu SM selalu berusaha mati-matian menyatakan bahwa artisnya tidak berkencan, tapi sekarang dengan mudah mengkonfirmasinya.

    Gue juga fans dari TVXQ/DBSK, dan gue tau bagaimana sikap SM dalam menanangi kasus, mereka jelas tidak mau kalah. dan sulit sekali melepas JYJ, walaupun sekarang sudah lepas, tetap aja di cegat dengan berbagaimacam cara (if you know what i mean)

    Kalau dalam kasus ini, Baekhyun dan Taeyeon gue masih sulit berspekulasi, karena emang banyak kejanggalan seperti yang lo tulis tapi dari tulisn lo gue juga masih ngerasa ada yang gak pas. entah itu apa. gue masih bingung -___-

    Masih percaya gak percaya sama berita kayak gini, sasaeng exo aja bilang kalau berita ini terlalu mendadak, dan fansite sekelas polar light juga adem ayem banget nanggapin skandal seperti ini. tapi kalau dilihat-lihat kayaknya mereka emang gak pacaran beneran alias ini settingan SM.

    Gue juga gak sedih atas skandal ini, yang gue sesali adalah dampak dari skandal ini buat Baekhyun. terlalu besar dan kejam T.T

    Duh jadi kebablasan curhat. Hahahaha

    • Sama. Aku juga mikir masih banyak missing pieces di artikel ini. Salah satunya aku ga tahu gimana situasi tempat saat foto ini diambil. Serius deh kalo aku tinggal di Korea sudah kucari tuh tempat -___-
      Yep! Bener! Yang lebih sedih itu perasaan Baekhyun saat ini T___T

  115. And one thing, don’t u guys look carefully wif taeng who looked to camera and with a smile or a smirk? I think its really suspicious.

  116. gimana kalau itu ngambilnya dr waktu yg berbeda ga dihari yg sama? Bukannya dispatch bilang kalo mereka ngedate 5 kali dr februari sampek Mei? I know you’re Indonesian, so lets just our lang XD

    • Bisa juga.
      Tapi tetap aja kalau aku jadi Dispatch, aku bakal bikin fotonya semeyakinkan mungkin.
      Satu lagi. Gimana dgn angle fotonya? Aku masih bingung ttg itu.

  117. What if it is real? Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating, and their feelings are true? How would you react to that? You can’t expect them to grow old alone, and die alone. Idols are going to grow up, and date. They’re human. You say that this fake, yet how do you know the feelings are fake? How can I prove their feelings for each other is real? Only time will tell.

  118. Whoow. I felt relieved atleast :3 The sad thing about this is that, because of that *fake* news or stuff, some of the EXOstans or I should say “many” of them reacted so O.A that they even posted pictures showing 10 members ONLY, without Kris and Baekhyun -___- Some also called him “traitor”. 😦 Just because of that fake stuff na di naman pala totoo -___- D*mn it. (Sorry if my English wasn’t good ^^v)

  119. Omg!!! Finally! There have a same feeling with me! I know my baekhyun won’t do this! I knowwwwwww 😦 maybe he do that because he want help kris but why baekhyun? I know baekhyun is a tae fanboy. My feeling always said baekhyun won’t do all this!

  120. Blady agree with you. I doubt this relationship from the start. Exo is so blady famous, baek wouldnt risk such a careless mistake. And when taey kissed him, he didnt seem all thrilled what not. He just closed his eyes, emo face. A hot gurl kissed you. And i think they just wanna increase their stock since it fell after the kris’ scandal. I dont understand how they can do such thing. Its like pushing exo’s future down the cliff. Fans will hate baek and taey will be dragged along. I SO think it was forced.

  121. No offence or anything but you really need to understand that SM aren’t that immature as trying gain attention or to distract others from the whole Kris thing. Koreans/Dispatch/SM knows the uncomfortable truth about how people pay more attention to celebrities and dating scandals about them rather than problems that occur within the country. I’m Korean and i’m aware of the fact that Korea is currently full of problems and is probably not in their best state at the moment(regarding government, etc). If you really paid attention, you should have known that the Yoona and Lee Seunggi relationship was released to prevent this problem within the Korean government from escaping. With celebrity news being the center of attention, then reporters would not write about problems within the country since the people are not interested in that.
    Oh and why would SM want to risk the popularity of the two main money making groups in their company. Their stocks already dropped after the Kris incident.
    Don’t just jump into conclusions without knowing the backstory.

      • Could you tell me how can i look at SMs real stocks?? I went to a Website and the stocks were really low. Maybe it did get higher a little bit but not that you can say it was to their favor. They lost tons of fans and the saesang fans even stopped buying everything which was related to baek because they were really mad at him. Just asking because it doesnt make sense to me and I´m curious?!

      • Hey, thanks to make me realize. You are right. I just opened the website and the stock is really in low state. I mean how many company which has SM Entertainment name right?
        Hmm… why do many people said that stock is getting higher? I should have checked it first. I am sorry. My bad.
        This becomes even more absurd. I mean if this has been set up and in fact SM stock went very low, why would they do that? But, if this hasn’t been set up, why all of the photos contain a lot of error?

      • This was the reason which irritated me. Everyone is saying the stocks did get higher but thats not true they did fall when kris left and even now when baek is dating. So i dont see any positiv Point about revealing that News. (Im happy they did reveal it and sm confirm it because i hate lies) But yeah the photos are really weird but that also can be dispatchs fault. Dispatch is really crazy.They placed the wrong photos on the wrong News and didnt even tell which was at what time, that can make everything look weird. For now i support baek and taeyeon and thats all what matters to me rightnow, so they can be happy and smile again. Even if its fake.

      • I read on this one blog type thing(i dont really know what to call it. it’s kinda like a forum?) quite a few weeks back (around when the Tiffany and Nichkhun thing was confirmed) and on that site there are a lot of Korean reporters. According to those reporters, they had, apparently, already known about the relationship between Baekhyun and Taeyeon yet SM was able to prevent the news from spreading. My guess is that the photos have been taken various times, not just in one day. Like I’ve said before, Korea knows what cards to play so the public doesn’t pay that much attention to how much of a mess the state of the country currently is.

      • So, you are saying that they are really dating and this news is revealed on purpose so we don’t know how messy the country at this moment?
        I thought Korean is a country with organized government and good state and even barely no corruption involved. I mean that is so smart to distract the world with this scandal and making people less acknowledge about the current state of country.

      • Well basically yes. I can’t say that I am 100% sure about their relationship being true since all I know is what reporters have said. It’s not like most of us know Baekhyun or Taeyeon personally.
        And yea, Korea is a mess. It’s a BIG mess at the moment and the current president isn’t really helping.
        You could say that they are being smart, but it’s really the uncomfortable truth about the public.

      • Yep, you have my point here. We don’t know anything about them for real 🙂
        Wow, it is really out of my expectation. One of the exhange students I know went to Korea and he said that Korea is really good in handling the government. We can see it from clean streets, good historical site, and even he said about how clean the government from corruption.
        But, hearing from your point of view as Korean, I start think that there is no perfect country.

      • Yea I totally agree with you. There are no perfect countries and what is seen is different from what is really done.

  122. yang aku penasaranin SM kalau confirm selalu bilangnua ‘sudah 4bulan pacaran’ (padahal kan bisa aja lebih). kenapa selalu 4bulan? ada apa dengan bulan ke 4 pacaran buat dikorea sana? hmm~ kali kamu tau?

  123. Wait, one more things. How about their instagram? Many fans said that they playing with code in instagram. That’s hurt me lot after i know this.

  124. at first, i didnt believe to that they’re dating till sm confirm it. or just like you said before, i think its just a trick from sm. but they’re so many ppl hurt, a lot of fans leave fancafe and hiastus from this fandom. if theyre really dating, i dont think if theyre happy at all.

  125. I’m not a hardcore Baekhyun stan nor I am a SONE but I am an EXO stan though I listen to SNSD’S music. When the scandal broke out, I was like just another rumor since SME looooves the spotlight. They want good publicity since the Kris issue. Almost all fans side Kris since we all know SME has some managing issues. I never heard other Entertainment got sued by their talents. If they depart, they do it without any lawsuit. But I think this is a distaction since almost all EXO fans are curious about what will they do since Kris wants to terminate the contract, will he return or will they be able to amend or whatnot, then this came up! Baekhyun knows and EXO stans knows how crazy we are. If they were indeed dating, I think it’s more safe to keep it to themselves. They know they will be bashed for weeks. Some people will boycott their concerts, shows and other activities. Maybe I’m in denial but there’s really something fishy about the relationship. Some SNSD members’ scandal took days to be confirmed while this one was confirmed in just hours. Wow. Now SME has tax evasion case. CLAP CLAP. ALWAYS ON THE HEADLINE EH.

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  127. It’s kinda weird though. First, when rumor about taeyeon and baekhyun are dating I just stay calm. “Woah, it doesn’t make sense. Eventhough baek and taeyeon are really dating, I don’t think that SM will confirmed it. Look at snsd, they’ve been in that company for too long and yet only a past few months they can dating without hiding their relationship(you didn’t think that they’re single all those years, right?) Even superjunior, it didn’t seems that SM gave permission for them to dating and reveal their relationship to public,” I didn’t believe I said that to my friends which is baekhyun stan. Heck, when SM confirmed their relationship, I just still didn’t believe it. Never mind, until now I still didn’t believe though

  128. Someone kept bragging abt insta thing. So lemme ask you, how abt taeng and gdragon insta??? God, idk if it’s just a coincidence or what? The pic and the time seem legit tho than with baek. Check it out by yourself. :))
    Ps : I hope this dating is covering up for gdragon-taeng’s dating. Lol. #delulu sorry guys.
    I love your post

  129. dari awal emang udah ngerasa ini settingan. firasat aja sih. ada banyak kejanggalan2 yg gak bisa diungkapin pake kata2.
    itu ngambil dari atas gitu gimana caranya ya btw? ada bukitkah? naik pohon? naik helikopter?

    …… atau minta bantuan harry potter? hahaha..
    gila aja angelnya bisa kayak yang di drama2 gitu.. atas bawah samping depan belakang :v

    iyain aja..

  130. I dont know if there is some korean fans would read this thread news scandal or whatever.. but they r actually yet found everything but they only talk them self and keep it them self… if you check korean trending twitter on the exact day they r talk about 오픈카, 디스패치,오레오, and other funny thing that actually make a fun of secretly dating on a car. But only part and its not a complete explaination. They talk a lot why an idol stupidly had a secret dating with open car? And even its 2am, what the heck you think its village? Or kinda? And oreo, they said its setted and staged too .. it just within 3-5 hours or not even before the hottest fantabulous news coming out. And dispatch , i just found the evidence here… because they talk about it and put a source which i couldnt open. So this why they talks that ‘diseupaeci’ and sm os bestfriend. And for funny thing .. haha they are actually teased thus two, its really funny.

    • So it means they are also suspicious towards the couple?
      But, as you can see, there are Korean in this comment thread and she said that kfans already received this news calmly. She said that I am as ifans would better sit by myself because i dunno how the situation is.
      But, if you are right, it means she is the one who being delusional lol

    • I just looked for it. But, too bad, my Korean is not really good T.T
      So they are making fun of them? Does it mean they also think this scandal is ridiculous?

  131. Hai, eonni/kakak/mbak. Orang Indonesia, kan? Maaf, aku belum jago sekali berbahasa Inggris Wkwkwk, tapi beneran aku suka banget analisismu.Semenjak kasus itu, jadi nggak betah lama-lama mantengin TL, karena ya itu… jengah akut bbh jadi bahan ejekan terus. Rasanya mau nangis, orang yang selama belum kena skandal dipuji-puji berlebihan, sekarang pun dijatuhinnya ampun-ampunan. Ya nggak, sih? 😀
    Pokonya makasih banyak, setidaknya dengan postingan ini banyak orang yang mempertimbangkan lagi sikapnya sama bbh selama skandal itu. Love ya! ^^

  132. wanna do high five wimme? seriously i got mad when i found out their date was setted. I mean, duh, they’re in same company, i heard rumour (oh believe me, i heard it thousands times) that sm artist cant date with the others. if they’re date, why sm confirmed this news? I love TY. I adore her. I’m just exhausted with sm, since long long time. Maybe since… Hangeng accident? Duh the point is i’m 10000% agree with ya (sorry if my english is bad LOL i’m sorry)

  133. Hai.. Makasih ya udah buat analisis tentang skandalnya Baekhyun. Saya jg menganggap berita ini settingan waktu pertama kali liat. Aneh aja gitu, masak dia pacaran atap mobilnya dibuka, trus pacarannya di bawah sinar lampu. Trus kalau orang pacaran diem2 kan biasanya pakaiannya itu agak ketutup ya, pakai kacamata, pakai topi, syal, pokoknya pakai sesuatu yg ngebuat orang ga bisa ngenalin kita. Tapi mereka nggak. Pakaian mereka biasa aja. Kayaknya SM memang menutupi sesuatu, tp kita nggk tau itu apa. Mungkin SM mau nutupin isunya Kris biar fans lupa sama Kris.
    Saya fansnya EXO dan bias utama saya adalah Kris. Sedih bgt waktu Kris mau keluar dari EXO, bahkan saya sempat kesel sama dia. Tapi setelah tau alasan dia ngajuin gugatan, saya dukung dia keluar dari EXO walaupun dia dibilang penghianat. Saya harus move on, dan menerima kenyataan bahwa Kris nggak akan kembali ke EXO berkaca dari kasus-kasus sebelumnya (Shinwa, JYJ, Hanggeng, dll). Saya percaya bahwa Kris sebenarnya nggak ingin keluar dari EXO, tapi karena dia tidak suka dengan perlakuan SM ke dia makanya dia terpaksa keluar. Saya akan dukung Kris sampai akhir, dan juga dukung EXO walaupun dukungan saya untuk EXO tidak sama seperti yang dulu.

  134. Honestly for now, after all the rumors and fake news was announced about Kris’s issue I don’t really believe the internet…I usually go on allkpop and they haven’t announced anything about the couple being fake. and truthfully, I don’t know whether to be happy or not, does it make a difference? I mean it’s not like baekhyun is going to date me (i wish) and if he found love and it makes him happy then why not? It is inevitable and bound to happen. And lastly the damage is already done even if it’s fake baekhyun and taeyeon have been hurt by the malicious comments on the internet telling them to die, on inkigayo fans shouted “traitor ..traitor” when baekhyun was mc. if that hasn’t hurt him, apart from 200 000 fans leaving the fan cafe then I don’t know what is. the damage is done whether it is real or not. And guess what? Even if it is fake do you really think exo members would have the guts to date anymore?..so much hatred and worst of all would any girl want to approach them now? No. I dunno I’m not trying to put you down but it hasn’t been OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED and although I love baekhyun all I want him to be is happy….or just get together with chanyeol. Dem baekyeol feelz. Lol ^^

  135. kupikir cuma aku doang yang mikir kaya gni, ternyata ada juga yg sepemikiran… bagus deh sampai dipost kaya gni… smoga aja mereka smua (trutama EXOFANS lain) bisa buka mata 🙂 great posts! 😀 I Love it 😀

  136. I’m glad that someone has the same way of thinking like mine. I thought, I was the only one who thought it was fake. Dispatch and SM are really annoying. As in ever. They think they’re intelligent enough? Well, sorry for them, we are more intelligent than them. Good Job to whom who made this. You have a point and I got and I’ll support your point. Because, in the first place I really didn’t believe it.

  137. Hi everyone! First of all I was very shocked when the news came out. Like all of the sudden…. Coz I always thought tht Taeyeon regard Baekhyun as her hoobae..
    Anw, after reading your post, there is a logic in it.. :3 However, there are some parts tht I would like to point out.. (I’m an exo fan and Baek is my bias)

  138. Hai.. Aq prtma kali mampir ksni. . #salam kenal ^^
    Aq tau blog ini stlah bca slah satu artikel.. Aq kirain authorx dri luar loh, gak nyangka trxta indo ^^
    keren, tulisan author jdi referensi artikel loh.. Aq sih takjub ama analisis author, aq bhkan gak kpkiran ampe sana loh. . Takjub deh ^^ authorx udah kyk Detective Conan aja. . Aq sih ngedukung pndapat soal adax kejanggalan.. Skali lg, salam kenal ^^

    • Haaaai.. salam kenal jugaaa ^^
      Wah? Beneran? Boleh tahu apa artikelnya? *tibatibapenasaran*
      Makasih ya… kyak detectice conan, aku masih belum sampai pada kesimpulan ttg apa yg SM rencanain. Tapi, mgkn dgn bantuan semua orang, kita bakal tahu ^^

  139. I’m prey if my replies offended you. Idk I’m just so confused. And it’s 1:30 am okay I need to sleep because I will meet baekhyun in my dream and we will have hot babies muahahhahahah

  140. Hi everyone! First of all I was very shocked when the news came out. Like all of the sudden…. Coz I always thought tht Taeyeon regard Baekhyun as her hoobae..

    Anw, after reading your post, there is a logic in it.. :3 However, there are some parts tht I would like to point out.. (I’m an exo fan and Baek is my bias)

    Firstly, about the first pic, I think tht Dispatch paste tht zoom pic to show tht it’s Baek’s dorm.. however I find it weird about the van.. haha

    The 2nd pic probably they have just arrive at tht place while the zoom photo tht Dispatch paste probably wanted to show what happened next inside the car..

    And if SM just want to make this up, why would they kiss? Idk if they just want to make the news more… boomz(?) xD

    But on the other side of the note, if Taeyeon felt sorry and apologies of what she did, why did she even open the roof of the car?? Won’t it make it more obvious? It’s like it’s part of the plan.. lol

    So, I’m still “confused” and wonder if they are really dating.. 😒

    • if you look into it more deeply.. they were not kissing.. they just took the picture with a different angle.. it was when taeyeon’s hand touching baek’s cheek.. so it does make it looks like they were kissing..

  141. Wahh daebak eonnie.
    Aku sama beberapa fans artis2 sm uda ngira ini pastii rekayasa,akal2 an nnya sm.
    Secara nggak sekali ini aja kan SM bikin sensansi.ahahah
    Semogaa aja masalah ini cepet kelar,
    Kasian juga si B di jelek2in terus, pasti dia juga nggak mau kayak gini. Secara si B kan mirip kayak Heacul, klw ngomong rada buka2 an gitu.ahahaha
    Mungkin fans korea diem,juga ada alesannya, mungkin biar anak2 EXO lainnya aman, entahlah.
    Tapi sepandai-pandainya nutupin bangkai, baunya pasti kecium.
    Semangat Eonnie, di tunggu analisis lainnya ^^

  142. I do think they revealed it on purpose ! Their date was so obvious… but I think the two are really in a relationship & SM knows that. So, SM plan is to cover up Kris news by this ? ughhh… i don’t know anymore

  143. the first time when i was know this news my thought same as you why not baekhyun and taeyeon covered their face by cap or mask maybe? why them should kiss while roofed car is opened?
    regretful somehow i kinda believe with this news too but i think again “sm just tried to fooled us” lol
    ok thankyou very much for your theory 🙂

  144. my question.. why did SM had to put Baekhyun and Taeyeon in the first place??

    is it because she is a soshi.. one of sm money maker or this because Taeyeon have a good image in public and have so many fans so SM think There’s no one againts this scandal.. since the other member who had confirmed their dating have so much support although there’s some negative comment too..

    and why should SM pick Baekhyun.. he is going to debut on his first musical.. are they even ever thinking about the risk..

    *i’m sorry for my english ;;;;

  145. I appreciate your hard work in analyzing all these pictures but I can’t help but laugh. You sound so ridiculous and delusional, please. Just, just what’s so wrong with checking your phone during a date? Oh, maybe some SM staff is probably texting him to tell him about stuffs he should do to get caught by Dispatch, like maybe kissing with an open roof car yeah right. Gosh, get a life and go date for God’s sake.

  146. Since begun, I think like this too. Thank u finally I found people who still dont believe w/ this.
    But, how about the couple items and insta pics?
    SM has planned it a long time ago then?

  147. This article is basically “oppa is used by SM, oppa did nothing wrong. World, look at how cruel SM is towards oppa and unnie.” Duhh

  148. OMG..
    Thanks before for update it to me and all EXO Fans..
    I’ll spread this,, may I??
    Firstly,, I hadn’t believed for all RUMORED about dating..
    Bcoz I knew SM did this to covered up Kris oppa lawsuit..
    I can’t think clearly,, why SM did this to us??
    Whatever Baekhyun had a bad news or EXO too,, I can’t believed easy before they confirmed..
    I said thanks for immature fans who leaved EXO with a FAKE RUMORED made by SM..
    And thanks for support EXO..
    For all EXO fans around the world,, I said I have a new big family.. I’m happy and become strongest even problem come and leave..
    For A real fans who still love and support EXO,, lets continue our cheering up EXO.. they need us..
    They miss us so much and so do we..
    Thanks for ROSAZAZIL *sorry if I’m wrong to call u’re name.. ∩__∩
    엑소 라랑하자

    EXO Fans Indonesia..
    Nice to know U guys.. ♡•﹏•♡

  149. I just wanna ask your opinion about their instagram. Dont get me wrong. It’s not because i dont believe u but, i just so sad when many people say that they both using instagram to communicate. Thanks. :*

  150. Stuju….knp cuma snsd aja yg d confirm dateny?knp f(x) ga?trs msa mreka sbgai artis pcrn atap mobilny di bka…ga msuk akal bgt -_-…

  151. I was waiting for that analysis since the moment I saw the pic. I also think it was made to cover up the Kris thing. Why ? SM and Kris’s parts talked the weekend before it happens. And now Kris is playing in a quite big movie. Plus the fact that Taeyeon is rumored as being lesbian, Baekhyun being the most supportive Exo toward Kris ect ect ect Thanks a lot for making it !

  152. Aku juga mikir banyak kejanggalan disini..yg paling aneh itu kenapa semuanya kayak udah ada jadwalnya..terus beneran gak ada sasaeng yg tau ttg ini? Masa mereka yg bisa pasang kamera di kamarnya luhan ga tau hal kaya gini?

  153. Reading your analize about this scandal, suddenly I remember Detective Conan. Wow! I amazed your ability to analize every detail like that. Over all, you are amazing! We have to positive thinking no matter what. Always support EXO. Once again I want to prise you, well done chingu!!!!! Like it.♥

  154. Huahhh ternyata aku nemu orang yang sepikiran sama aku jugaaaaaa huuuuf
    Aku udah crita ke tmen2 aku klo foto dispatch tuh ada yg janggal, tapi mereka berpikirnya “ah itu mah karna kamu gak terima aja makanya nyari negatifnya” :(((
    SM jahat banget sih bikin rumor kek gini, dia nutupin kebusukan dengan bibit busuk
    Apa mereka gak tau dampak rumor ini ke baekhyun sama taeyeon nya???
    Baekhyun diteriakin pengkhianat bahkan disuruh brhenti jadi mc inkigayo, tiket musikalnya dia dijualin lagi sama fans2nya, anggota fancafe nya hilang 200.000 orang. EXO bener2 lagi ngalamin masa2 berat
    Taeyeon juga pasti di bash atau di comment yg gak enak di ig nya sampe ig nya di private
    Ada yg bilang ya kalo rumor baekyeon ini buat naikin lagi saham SM yg turun gegara masalah sama Kris. Kasian banget ngorbanin orang lain begitu aja
    Trus mslh kode2an mereka di IG, aku pikir itu settingannya SM lah. Kalo SNSD mungkin memang pegang hp nya sndiri
    Tapi EXO?? Mreka hp nya masih diatur staff SM (inget waktu awal masalah Kris?? Kan staff SM yg ngatur hp anak EXO trus unfoll Kris di IG)
    Jadi caption mereka kalo ada yg samaan, kupikir itu settingan. Terlebih mereka kan gak post berbarengan
    Haaah susah banget nyari yg sepikiran sama aku, untung aku ketemu artikel ini
    Rasanya legaaaaaaaaa banget hehehe
    Kapan2 ayo bertukar pikiran lagi 😀

  155. I can’t be more agree with you.
    Though baekhyun is one of my fav in exo, I don’t really feel depressed abt the news. I’m perfectly fine with it. Yet, how the news came out not long after Kris’s news abt casted in movie is indeed suspicious. When my friend first told me abt this, I thought “what a coincidence, is this some kind of manuver to dart people eyes off of Kris case for somewhile.” I studied in communication major, and I know some abt business and manuvers in media. As long as I remember, SM’s really good at dealing with the media. And don’t you think that there’s too many SM artists that have been confirmed to be in relationship this year?
    But anyway, back to the BaekYeon case, even if it’s real it’s fine. We just have to wish them the best and pray for their happiness. That’s what fans should do, isn’t it?

    • Hey, can you also analyze the stock picture I put earlier? It is dropping right? Or you have another analysis? Because honestly I don’t understand some of those words in the pictures.


  157. finally I found who think the same like me… at first when the news come out I feel like My World has to come to an end!! And that time I was crying so hard.. from the first time I like baekhyun but my bias was chanyeol but with these two news at the same year I feel really disappointed. Disappointed with baekhyun and other member but a day after that I start thinking with a clear mind And I came to the same conclusion as you writer-nim.. everything was so fake for me.. but every time I talk about this fakeness every one start to tweeting like they’re cornering me because of my opinion… I know some day we’ll let them happy for their choice but I think for a group who just celebrating their two years, dating news was really a sensitive matter and it could make the group fall appart…
    I really like you writer-nim because you can be so brave like this to shout out your opinion in place where people could see this openly!! wanjon daebak! oh there is something that I think weird too… did you have read those article that stating the clarification from SM and Q&A from dispatch to SM? I read that and the weird thing was why SM confirming that only to dispatch? I know dispatch who catch the “picture” but why dispatch could get those answer really fast and that detail about the relationship? who knows why, but I think that was really weird… And something about statement that they’re starting dating on february… I think those were really weird too because as I know, those month was should be SNSD date to comeback. And I heard they have a problem in their comeback so they postpone their comeback and have a re-recording for their comeback. SNSD having a comeback on march 23rd, should they start dating when you’re a leader of a massive GB who had their schedule so tight with re-recording and etc? I just stating this because this really gives me a weird vibe.

    • Hmm… good analysis about that comeback date of SNSD.. I didn’t pay attention to that actually. After all, thanks for sharing.
      You are right. The schedule must be so packed up and she barely had no time to even get some sleep. When do they have time to date? Only through social media? Message?
      Taeyeon is a leader, she must be taken care of the members very well. And how did she has time to have a date?
      Hmm…. this is so weird to me.

  158. Actually i thought the same way after reading this,but sometimes you make it too forcely,maybe is it because you want to make your analysis more stand out?especially the one that baekhyun’s face was shown because of his handphone flash.no one knows,it could be he has something to take care of,check out the situation by asking his manager through phone or find out something, actually no one really knows except them and your last analysis, i don’t think that’s the right place to locate the circle,in the first picture the left side of the blue circle there is a bus,but in the second picture, it is just an empty area without any bus unlike in the first picture is.’You only believe what you want to believe’ it’s true, i know that you all hurt but there’s nothing wrong of accepting the reality , and the most important conclusion is no matter how bad ,okay, i know that sm entertainment isn’t the best entertainment,but at least i’ve been trusting sm as much as exo trusts them,which is why exo always thank their-sm-ent first even in their happiest state,it’s because sm is their trusted agency that has been supporting and being good to them,i believe sm wouldn’t do such dirty things,i won’t make another assumption, but please don’t look bad at these critics and comments,i just want to share a piece of mine as exo fans,please look at it prettily,remember,there’s still a bright future awating for us,who knows,keke

  159. I believe all of this, and if SM is really forcing love upon two lovely people may they except the consequences coming towards them. And why does the hood of the car keep changing it gets me soooo confused😑

  160. Wow ! You have really good eyes xD ! Honestly, i didn’t want to see the photos because i’m Baekhyun biased, and i was to touched. Then i saw your analisis and i was more choqued. Not because of the scandal this time but i was choqued by the things that SM use their artists like toys, i had pity for Baekhyun who was called “traitor” at Inkigayo, i had pity for Taeyeon who is detest now by some EXOstans…

    I’m French and your analisis was so interesting, so i translate it in French in a Word Document ha ha xD. I showed it to my friends… It would be relly good if all EXOstans and Sones read your analisis, now it seems so obvious that they’re not dating to me :3

  161. hm lalu kenapa ya gak lama kemudian muncul berita dan foto baekhyun mabuk2an diumur 16 tahun?hanya sehari dari berita ini ada yg bilang yg nyebarin fans yang benci ada yg bilang foto itu untuk buat orang lupain skandal baekyeon,pertama aku lihat foto baekyeon kencan itu aku heran bagaiman cara mereka memfoto baekyeon dari tempat tinggi dan dari arah depan.yang aku juga heran sampai sekarang dari anggota exo yang lain ga ada yang komen tentang masalah ini,waktu kris keluar beberapa member exo komen.

    • Bisa jadi itu kerjaannya sasaeng yang nyari foto. Mungkin mereka marah banget sama Baekhyun dan nyari bukti sekecil apapun kalo Baekhyun itu ga seperti yang selama ini orang kira.

  162. Thanks for sharing your analysis of the pictures. When I first read about the article and saw the pictures, I was confused because they were not making sense to me. When I tried to figure out the logic between them, I noticed why do the other photos do not match the other. Also, after reading some article/comments by other fans, I started to have suspicions whether the pictures released by Dispatch were really reliable or the scandal is really true to begin with. Thanks for posting this. This enlightened me about the issue.

  163. Maybe the way you put the headline of this article makes some people misunderstood your intention (maybe you could write like “what is wrong with baekyeon dating revelation” etc etc)
    Its very interesting reading the comments I found 3 type of commentators
    1. The gullible fans who be like “omg thanks I i know their relationship isnt true omg u give me hope”
    2. The burthutt reader who be like “u r delulu leave them alone u think it makes u marry ur bias?”
    3. The wise one who willing to consider all sides of this news (they r golden yes)

    Some people most know that from a very long time ago when we decide to stan exo or idols we know that we have ZERO chance to be with them (duh we arent that delu pls).

    Personally I kinda agree with this. I notice the same things after the news broke (heol but not this detailed tho) salute to you master to able point out some unnoticed items.
    We have to admit that this dating revelation is being sketched by SM (its obvious yeah yeah). jyp once stated that when the nickhkun drunk driving scandal broke out that they must change their 2 years planned schedule for 2pm. I think its no different with SM. They already planned everything for the next 3 years maybe including what news to be out in certain time. The close time between time the news out and the confirmation signaling that the deal have made before bcs its a tradition that SM always avoid confirming things

    But I dont understand why they make it so sloppily. Its just plainly stupid. Honestly as a fans I feel kinda insulted (?) Lmao. Are they think we r stupid or what. They both realize that exo has so many hardcore and sasaeng fans and snsd have soooo many fans also and they choose this way to reveal their relationship. Its like “oh we have many hardcore fans lets let them know that we are dating with making out in public! Open the rooftop! Light your face! Face the camera!” LOGIC. If they choose to announce it in different way maybe we will be less butthurt. Im happy if he found his love. No reason we, as a person, to tell one to not love. But they must realize that they r public figures and they must maintaine themselves better. And to people who say to leave them alone. no sorry we cant. They are artists and meant to be on spotlight and they know it very well.

    This news must be to cover a bigger scandal regarding SM or its artists but I dont think its about kris anymore. If SM wants to makes any kris news disappear it make more sense if the news/scandal involving the chinese members bcs kris based in china now. Baekyeon dating news might be have effects to china headline but not that big (?) I think. But one member of hottest boyband and a leader from top girlband in korea announced dating ofc it will stir the public esp in south korea

    Once again all of this purely based on assumptions. Only baek taeyeon and SM who know the truth. I dont really care if they r really dating or not bcs its up to them. But I must admit im kinda disappointed with the way the presented the dating to public. You say that idols are human and have rights to feel things. But so are we. We have freedom to feel all we want but the actions towards it that determines its wrong or right.

    And for beloved fellow readers, Author just want to pointed out the other view of this news. No one force u to believe. Take it or leave it. But it might be help to see this news from different side.

  164. Yeah right. Nice try. This article/theory sound pitiful and funny. Creating this scandal because of Kris? Korean EXO fans already hate Kris so much right due to his betrayal so why make this scandal? And your explanation about this shit is so inconsistent. Then what about their Instagram posts? SM are controlling it? LOL. Why dont you face the truth rather than being delulus. Baekhyun and Taeyeon are dating and he and she is not dating any of you. You’re so fucking stubborn.

  165. great! at the moment I’ve though of those strange photos too. I wasn’t Baekhyun biased but I care bout this news oops fake news. It’s okay if they’re dating but it can’t be fake, for dispa*** they r too limit for make a real news just shut the fck and make a fatal one.
    Good jod(:

  166. afghhh thaankk you!!! i didn”t believe this shit from the moment that i saw it :3
    but can u explain, this plz?(http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/765152/8/about-baekhyun-s-and-taeyeon-s-dating-scandal-made-up-by-sm-snsd-taeyeon-exo-baekhyun-girlsgenaration-baekyeon ) , it’s not like i believe this shit u_u , they’re saying that sehun likes taeyeon and he got mad at baek ( wut a bullshit) anyway let’s not give a shit about this and keep on supporting the boys ;3 that way we’ll be alright !

      • ohhh i heard about that… aaa.. you can search about that in the internet i forgot what the address of the website but the one who post that already confirmed that the photo of “hickey” was not after math of the scandal… he/she already confirming that… may be the skin irritation or prints of pinch is.. or maybe chan’s hickey?? *wiggles eyebrow* hahahaha… I’m joking

  167. I think these two are dating . but exo fans dont caught any picture these two hanging together because they proberly know if they do that . its a bad move . so they just using phones or meet backstage . since kris nees thingy . sm want to change thr topic so people dont focus at him . so maybe they force these two to hangout and do what they have been told . So hope theyre dating is true . dont bash me

  168. i’m agree with your opinion. it’s just scandal. thanks sist, because of you i can smile and good feeling now.. thank you so much.. (^3^)

  169. This is the main reason of my trust issue ㅋㅋㅋ
    seriously ever since kris’ case I can’t put myself to trust whatever spreaded by the media
    even I don’t believe all the things members said on their press conference cause the thought “all of these were scripted by the company” always on my mind
    forgive my lame english,btw.. ehehe

  170. Well,there was another point that made me think it was fake.If I rmb correctly,some time back,I read that Sm Ent. did NOT allow idols within the agency to date.If so,why release an article abt their OWN idols dating?Bcuz LSM changed his mind?Bcuz its fake and trying to cover up something?Most probably they are trying to distract ppl from 1) The strong groups that are having a comeback or 2)Kris’s lawsuit Personally,I think the latter one is the right one,however the choice is up to you. 🙂

  171. it make sense.. but i believe that baekhyun and taeyeon couple or dating.. , sorry ,, it really make sense.. but i dont know its true or not.. , i’m sorry.. , but i hope baekyeon is true love #sorry for my broken english 🙂

  172. They’re really dating.. Let’s accept that fact. Even if you go look at BaekYeon pictures from the past, they looked as if they were a couple, and I have no doubts of them being in love. BUT. Let’s say that SM knows the every relationship their artists has. We don’t know if their artists are really dating or not. But I’m pretty sure SM, especially SM Managers know that. Maybe, they just revealed the relationships of their artists, to cover up or make money. Companies can manipulate their artists by blackmailing them. They could have information, personal information about their artists, and they can use it for their company’s good. And that’s atleast what I know about. I didn’t even noticed the failed pictures, but Taeyeon and Baekhyun are really dating. And I’m not a Baekyeon shipper, I’m a Baekyeol shipper and a Kaisoo shipper. I’m also a Locksmith, so I’m not a shipper, but I support them. 🙂

    • I accept the the fact tbh 🙂
      But it is normal if I cried for the first time I heard the news right? ^^
      I know that some people have different action in facing this news. And just because I am not celebrating it, doesn’t mean I cannot accept the fact.
      Yep! Your analysis can be true. They are really dating, but too bad the companies using it to make money.
      Anyway, thank you so much for your thoughts, unlike many people here and in the webs saying I am delulu whatsoever 🙂
      Basically we only have to respec each other right? ^^

  173. I really agree with you. Tbh I’m really happy for them at first because gosh taeyeon finally have a guy but then lately I realize that maybe this is all just a made up scene for kris issue and I didn’t expect that it was baekhyun. I pity to these two poor innocent. They got played by their company.

  174. This is my exact same thoughts!!! I also didn’t give a second glance about the scandal but when I saw one picture, the one with the open car roof, I became suspicious. This is so daebak! 🙂 I ship baekyeon tho. But i wish it’s really official and not some doing of SM. *sigh* Fighting!!!

  175. oh wow finally someone stating this out. well i can’t say that your analysis is 100% true but i do smell something fishy for this ‘relationship’ and ‘dating confirmation’ but i couldn’t put this out right. thank you for your eagle eyes.
    at first i was like ‘oh my God, they are dating’ and teared up and felt crushed and i went like that for hours inside a train (yes i were having a holiday, thank you SM). but then i stayed positive, maybe this is the best for them and that kind of “i am okay” and actually felt really hurt when someone bashed them. they have life also, love life is counted. then hours later when i finally reached my destination, i thought for a while and discussed it with some of my friends who are also exo enthusiasts (lol we have no life) and we, in the end, got same opinion as you. also this maybe a trick from SM to cover up Kris’ news and scandal, and using both taeyeon and baekhyun to make a new scandal so public attention would be drawn back to SM, not Kris.
    one of my friend from communication degree said “bad news is actually a good news for some parties”. i don’t say this is a bad news (as for baekyeon shippers this is a very good news isn’t it?), but yeah, scandal can be counted as bad news.
    but on the other hand, they maybe are really dating, though at first none knew. when SM found out, they used their relationship and spread it out as a benefit. i swear to God if this opinion is true, SM shouldn’t get any respect.
    thank you for bringing this thing up and making this kind of opinion. whether it’s true or not, i hope the best for them.
    (p.s. for anyone who got raged after reading this, well, you read to analyze, not to trust, dude. so chillax. and sorry for the long post;;;)

    • Hi there 🙂
      Yeah, SM surely knew how to ruin our holiday. Haha.
      Thank you for considering my article as opinion only, not as something to believe that both of them are not dating 🙂

  176. I feel so sorry for both B and Taeng if this is really fake.. I am a EXO stan and a SONE but tbh I do not ship both of them at all.. I once just hated people shipping them.. In the same time.. I feel so guilty.. I feel guilty for ‘if they are really dating and I’m not supporting them’ some fans will be a bit… Crayzed.. So if what you posted is true, I will be happy, and dissappointed at SM the same time.. I’m really sorry if you don’t agree on what I say.. But this is my opinion.. I’m sorry to BaekYeon shippers.. I’m sorry if you think I’m not a supportive fan.. But I support them in other ways.. Sorry.
    – Chinese anon fan

  177. I don’t like Dispatch since 2010. Most of your states seems convincing. SM either have an inside rule of dating 4months before they can go out or so…..just my weird unacceptable thought ^-^

  178. Ha! Even I thought it was fake! I just didn’t have enough proof. This post however gives me a lot of proof. At first I saw the pics and cried my eyes out because Bacon was my bias, but then after two days I went back and saw the open roof. I started laughing cause I could tell it was fake.

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  180. Kak, I totally agree with your theories and the way you tried to put yourself as neutral as possible. Thanks for your theories and you yourself for mending my brokenheart. Hahaha… X))) But, (For the sake of your safety) hati2. SM klo tau artikel kakak ini bisa berabe. Secara artikel kakak ini sudah mendunia dan diberitakan di banyak media di internet. Taulah SM kompeni macem apa. Takutnya dia nyari kakak sampe kesini dan “ngancem2″ ga jelas. So please, take care… ^^

    • Hah? Mendunia? Kayaknya ga sampe segitunya deh ^^
      Tapi tadi ada sih iseng nyari2 di google, terus kaget bgt ngelihat ada yg translate ke bahasa Spanyol segala. Meskipun ga ada ekspektasi apa2 waktu publish artikel ini 🙂
      Malah lebih baik kalo SM-nya sendiri nyamperin aku. Itu artinya pendapatku bener, dan SME takut lebih banyak orang lagi yg ngelawan mereka. Hahaha.
      Kalo itu kejadian, percaya deh, kita bakal lebih mudah mengungkap kebusukan mereka. Hahaha.

      Do I sound delusional here? Lol

      • Wkwkwk~ You’re delusional? Banyak kok temen.nya. X)))
        Ya klo SM tiba2 nyewa interpol kesini truz kamu dibawa ke negara antah berantah cuma karena SM ga terima gimana? (Kayak kasus Sulli digosipin hamil. Yg nyebarin gosip -kata SM- uda ketangkep) Ntar kita ga punya detektif lagi donk. We still need you to analyze SM’s “scandalous cases” in the future, okay? Kita masih punya 4 member yg masih ngantri ini. Hahaha..
        Anyway, I’m sure people here and everywhere started to open their eyes because of this. It’s all over twitter and sure I hope it would reach Korea. And SM won’t take reckless ways and torture their artists again just to cover whatever shit they’ve been keeping.

      • Sejujurnya, aku takut malah Korean yang ga peduli sama artikel ini. Banyak yg bilang kalo kfans udah move on dan ga peduli lagi. Banyak juga yg bilang kalo kfans diem aja ttg keburukan SM soalnya mereka takut sama kekuatan SM.
        Entahlah. One thing for sure, I will keep going on no matter what.
        Wow. Bakal seru tuh kalo aku diculik. Tenang aja, aku cewek pinter kok. Bisa bela diri. Punya banyak pengalaman buat hal kayak gini. Jadi kalo mereka macem-macem, bisa lah ngelumpuhin satu dua orang. Hahaha.
        *do I sound narsistic?*

        Btw, thank you for your sweet comment 🙂

  181. WOW. Awesome one! Thanks for sharing this one! I’m a great fan of EXO and Baekhyun’s one of my top bias so when my friend told me the issue about him dating SNSD’s Taeyeon but I didn’t believed my friend so I went to see the news online and saw Dispatch’s photos about the said issue. The car’s roof really caught my attention there! But then I ignored it. And accepted the fact that they really are dating especially with the SM Entertainment’s confirmed it. And that really did stabbed my heart. But now, after I read your article I suddenly felt relieved about this. Whether you’re right or not, I still believe that this is just one of SM Entertainment drama just to cover Kris’ leaving the company issue -_-
    Ugh. How I wish Kris will still be the leader of EXO-M XD

  182. One more thing is that taeyeon was wearing blue polo when she went out of the car but when she was with baekhyun in the car she was wearing white shirt. Why did she changed her clothes? Well for my opinion maybe dispatch asked her to changed for the ‘photoshoot’. We can say that she changed because she is hot but that is just ridiculous because I bet her car must have AC so it would be weird for her to feel hot. Right? Well I hope you would read my comment and give me a reply. Thanks (:

    • Is it really blue when she went out from the car? IMO, it is white, the same as the white one she was wearing while on the car.
      But, it is still so blurry because the lighting and the picture quality are not very good.

  183. I knew it! Just like what I’ve thought right from the very start that there’s something fishy with these baekyeon dating issue – it’s to divert exostan’s attention from kris’ lawsuit against sme to this dating issue. I’m not an exo fan really, my fave cousin is, so I checked on exo once in a while (it’s since kris’ lawsuit actually =p) so that I can catch up with my cousin’s blabbering but when I found out about this baekyeon dating issue I started to doubt it while my cousin was crying a river =p
    But then if it is true (especially that most of the people up to the galaxy knows that baekhyun is a hardcore fan of taeyeon) or not, just let them be happy with their relationship and stop bashing cause it’s not good for everyone. 🙂

  184. OMFG, I’ve never read such a brilliant analytical report, about anything, in my life ! that was shoking ! I’m totally amazed. OMG that facts….that I’ve never thought about. every detail…it was so true. I can’t stop repeating OMG OMG OMG this is so TRUE.

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  186. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ this kind of ‘article’ that makes rumours spreads in wrong way and most of fandom believe it ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    Don’t you read netizenbuzz or kpopkfans article? Kfans already warns us, international fans. Also kfans are known better la,
    Why you guys keep speculating, it doesnt help anything, baekhyun and taeyeon is officially a couple, just face the truth you butthurt.

    • coba dibaca lagi, aku yakin di artikel dia sudah bilang kalau dia enggak nge bash baekyeon dia hanya memperlihatkan keanehan pada foto.

    • And that means I cannot speak out my opinion?
      Sorry honey, it is my blog, my private blog, I can write anything I want here.
      Read to analyze, not to trust or looking for the flaws.
      Once you’re done, it is your rights whether to believe it or not.

      And hey, have I warned you in the beginning of the article to be neutral and looked from different perspectives?

      By the way, have a nice day ^^

  187. There’s a lot of flaws in your observation. You nailed a few of it though. I’m lazy to write what but yea. Look at it again, it’s totally one-sided thing. Your mind is totally set on proving this wrong.

    • Hey, dear 🙂
      It’s my opinion, my point of view.
      I only share my observation through the case.
      If it is different with yours, I am sorry.
      But, after all, we have our rights to speak out right 🙂

      Have a nice day ^^

  188. maybe I should state what is already so obvious and non-speculated facts here :
    -exo was doing extremely well then suddenly a week before their first big concert kris didn’t come back to Korea and decided to hide out in china(Beijing) while the news of his lawsuit being released by sina. news website said that the Seoul court hadn’t heard of this “lawsuit filing” even after it’s released by sina but few hours later SM and the court confirmed their knowledge of the said lawsuit.
    -kris was never spotted at least ONCE since that news came out. (maybe that one time when he went to the hospital? I’m not so sure)
    -exo members’ social media accounts’ issue (they made posts then deleted them later, unfollowed kris ig acc except baekhyun, then he unfollowed the next day), with all fans bashing SM
    -petty fan accounts about baekhyun being slapped by SM staffs
    -exo continued on without kris
    -some news about SM dealing with kris’ lawsuit; (meeting up with kris and his lawyer) but no fantaken photos of kris were out in twitter or other websites.
    -out of nowhere came the news of baekhyun and taeyeon dating with odd evidence-pictures.
    -still baekhyun-taeyeon thing as the hottest talk of the month
    -kris suddenly going to star in a movie, (from the photos spread, I assumed they already did photoshoots and maybe early filming?)

    and here is my thought about it:
    it’s like there is huge gap between the recent stuffs that exo has undergo. and for all the people saying “why hasn’t SM said anything about kris issue?” maybe because it’s not finished yet?
    and it is indeed easier to confirm baekyeon’s dating rumour rather than kris’ lawsuit; because kris’ issue involves laws and courts and that’s not a short and easy process (I would know, I’m a law student)…
    the thing I do wonder about is how did the case go? if it’s not finished yet and kris hasn’t won the case then kris is still under SM, because this is a legal contract, it’s not something you can hit then run, it has to be finished legally; if kris is still under SM, did kris get their permission for the movie? or the case is already finished but SM never told the public and kris is already with a new agency?

    and about baekhyun and taeyeon; I have always believed that both of them have the tendencies of having a ‘different’ sexual orientation; so their dating might be a cover up for that or might be a cover up for something bigger than everything that we’ve known; or they have made peace with their supposedly ‘wrong’ sexual-orientations and decided to try a relationship; or they’re never gay and people’s assumptions were all wrong and they’ve been ‘in love’ with each other for so long.
    (remember none of the above are proven to be true, those are my thoughts and inquiries only)

    the odd thing about the haters that commented on this article is that they overlooked the fact that you clearly DID NOT STATE ANYTHING–neither baekyeon relationship be real/fake nor this has anything to do with the kris’ issue nor anything else (except the title, honey. they’re using that as senjata-makan-tuan, you should change the title)–
    these are just finding the peculiarity in the photos and dispatch statements and these are JUST YOUR POINT OF VIEW how YOU see things, and you are in NO WAY saying that you hope baekyeon is not real so oppa is single and you have a chance with baekhyun to get married; and you NEVER STATED that you bash nor support this relationship.

    I think people should be just like
    A) wow great we have the same opinion yehet now I can celebrate and bask in this glory because I’m not the only one who thinks like this
    B) ow snap this person doesn’t think like me; nope I should move on to other articles that wouldn’t make me butthurt.

    but then again….there are various kinds of people with different characteristics and we cannot wish they would react the way we want them to.

    personally I give you heaps of kudos because of your courage in voicing your opinions despite the hurtful comments (yes I read almost all of them) and bashing. just keep in mind that big chance you would never meet them in real life so don’t be to bugged about those

    • Hey 🙂
      Thank you so much for commenting my article this way 🙂
      Many people here still don’t get my point tbh *sigh*
      All about those non-speculated facts you stated, yep, you are absolutely right.
      And about your thoughts about it, can I ask something?
      If the lawsuit hasn’t won neither by both parties yet, and one party did something violates the contract, is it possible that another party sue it?
      One thing I knew about SM Entertainment: they don’t want to lose in any way. They would do anything to those who rub dirts on their face to suffer in the career, for instance, JYJ. The mediation will be held on July 8th, it means that the lawsuit hasn’t been won by both parties.
      Is it because Kris is Chinese and he has special rights? Maybe those who don’t live in related country which the lawsuit is filed might have special rights. But, I am still not sure because the law in each country is different.
      And about the reason of confirming the relationship of BaekYeon, you are probably right ever since the law process is so complicated and the dating scandal is easy to be acknowledged.
      They have tendencies? Do you think so? Well, I couldn’t say I agree with you or not, but one thing I know, we are never know how they are in real life besides being idols. I mean they should behave in the certain image created by company to distinguish them from others. So, when the camera is on, when the fans are around, “taraaaaaa” they become those idols we want them to be.

      You do really have my points in the last three paragraphs 🙂 I expected people will react this way for the very first time I clicked “Publish” in this article. But, as you said, people are different and we cannot expect them to react the way we want them too. Yeah, I was being naive before lol.

      Yep, of course 🙂 I keep saying that to myself when I read some people call me delulus and dramatic and stupid and have no life and others (you don’t wanna know it, trust me), but it’s my private blog and it’s my rights to speak out my opinion 🙂

      Thanks a lot for considerate comments and sweet reply ^^

      • apparently if I delve a little bit deeper I think kris violates the contract because he thinks SM already violated the contract before, in the first place. so it could be possible that the contract has already been broken, so kris doesn’t give a flying fuck about it anymore, he just needed this case to be done then he can move on with his life. and the violation of the contract by kris would be SM’s weapon against kris, if they would ever come accross in the court again.
        I have believed that because some people made analysis about Baekhyun’s homoerotic behaviour, because honestly if you look at that article you would never think the same way about him anymore. but then again (lol) back to the fact that all these are just fans’ speculation, even if those fans are highly educated people studying body language, physiognomy and any other character-reading; they are still fans that knows certainly close to nothing about how idols really are.

        and it’s always been baekhyun hasn’t it? since the beginning of kris’ issue, the individual always brought out and got public’s attention was baekhyun right? the fancam where he almost slapped the fans because they yelled at him about kris (I saw it, and I’m sure some other people did too) and then suddenly dating news.
        we cannot assume anything from this but that is certainly something going on.

        be strong okay, these hate comments won’t die down not until this gossip has. maybe you should only reply the ones that give you positivity, even if their opinion is against you but they don’t call you with bad names; and should just ignore the retarded ones that call you retarded 🙂

      • Hi, have you guyz seen the post abt Taeyeon searching for korean speaking fansbcoz she wants to apologize to other fans?

      • It really makes sense. He thought to do the same as SM did to him. But, at the end, SM turned it to against him. You really made good analysis here. Maybe because some EXO fans are really emotional at this time so they barely have no time to really think what is happening. Most fans judge Kris being guilty, that’s what i know.
        Yep, these speculations actually are not even close to be true, cause all we do are expecting, questioning, and answering it based on what we and others see.

        Hey, i didn’t notice that before. Even when most exo members unfollowed kris, baekhyun is the last one and thus most fans still believed in OT12. Then, when he unfollowed him, most fans “yang ga ngebias kris* judged him for being guilty. In short, he looked like someone who had the most public attention at that time.
        Yet, again, we still don’t know whether it is just coincidence or what, but there are too much coincidences right?

        Okay. Thank you for such nice advice 🙂

  189. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Sherlock!!! You are a genie*the music goes on* you are like a detective indeed. That’s what I’m trying to tell people and fans that even though Sm had confirmed it, we don’t really know if Taeyeon really want this to happen. Beside, I notice something really suspicious about Tiffany’s dating news, too. So apparently, Khunfany had dated for 6 months by now, and they got caught by the camera, I’m sorry, but I honestly still don’t understand what is Dispatch. Don’t you think it’s weird to date in a restaurant where there are a lot of people. How can they spend happy time together if they date in a public place like that? Don’t celebrities usually want their love relationship to be private? Also, when Tiffany walked down stair and before got into the care, she look DIRECTLY at the camera. We could literally see her face, and Khunfany didn’t even cover up their face…Tiffany new went after Hyoyeon news right after a day, 4/3 & 4/4. Since Hyoyeon was reported to the police for violent actions, I’m not sure, don’t you think that Sm post Tiffany new to cover up Hyoyeon situation? Do you think that Khunfany might not date in real life, but Sm use their close relationship and kind of consider it as dating?
    For Taeyeon, I think it’s very similar to Tiffany’s. Baekhyun drinking underage came our before or after, I don’t know, the dating news, then there came the dating news. May be the Kris thing could be involved in dating new. It’s a possibility that Sm use Taeyeon dating new to maybe cover up Kris, since all the Exo fans are like dying when they heard they Kris terminated the contact. Beside why would a so popular idol like Taeyeon date someone with her car’s rooftop open? She doesn’t even go outside for a ride with her car’s rooftop open, as long as I know.
    Did you know that there is a rumor saying Lee Soo Man like Taeyeon? That one was quite disgusting to me. An old man tries to attract a mid 20s girl? That’s crazy. I think that Taeyeon knew Baekhyun admires her, so she might ask him for help to warn LSM to back off?! Those apologies that Taeyeon made, I think she hints fans that the new is not true. She said it is not her intentions to post those pictures , so may be someone force her to :/ and she apologized the fans for something, darn I can’t remember , but all she saying is she’s sorry but someone is forcing her to do something… You should check it out, pretty interesting
    Type in : The real reason for Baekhyun and Taeyeon’s scandal allkpop
    Truths are not always true, they are true that that are the covers for the reality.

    • Hmm.. your expectation is probably true.
      We don’t know for sure what happened inside SM right?
      One thing I know, business is cold-blazing hands. For the sake or gaining money, company even can do the meanest one to those who preclude their way.

  190. About their kissing pict, you can read in this post https://stblt2gs.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/stbl-03.jpg?w=1076&h=4500

    And about Ig post,why everyone still think that it’s their love message. Taeng already said,she post that pict not for him.
    Just because same pose,everyone make a conclusion
    Before this news release,I’ve see some shipper will try to make a theory about SNS post,not only from baekyeon shipper,there’s gd-taeng,tae-siwon,junhyung-tae,heechul-tae,even tae-boa .so it can’t be legit evidence,, There’s not only one man who have a rumour with taeng..so every shipper will try make conection from their post,to make their couple look like a real couple. One pict from tae Ig can be code for two different couple. For example,tae upload pict of two ice cream,purple and pink. Taeny shipper think that post about tae and pany,but i also found that tae-siwon think that post is about their couple. So it jus interpretation from fans.
    I make this explanation because there people still think there’s hidden message between baekyeon Ig post and they felt betrayal..

  191. Hi! your theory is surprising, is the best I’ve read so today … my English is not very good but still had to try to write this amazing article, as you say nothing is certain and everything is a assumption … you know I do not think it’s the fact only cover about kris I think there’s something more hidden all this, there are several things that confuse you but could not talk about it here as there are many who could learn I think it’s a very private so that anyone can read theme, have some email, gmail or facebook? to communicate with you … better discuss this matter. Thanks, D

  192. You really are retarded. I’m happy for them. Wake up! Their human and can date if they want. You need a real boyfriend.

    • Hi 🙂
      No, I am not retarted, I only analyze the facts, and from which point can you say that I am retarded?

      Honey, you need to read the whole article and understand each sentence even the meaning implied in it 🙂

      Have a nice day ^^

      Love you ❤

  193. Hi! But I don’t really understand you… You kept emphasizing the pictures were not taken at once, but what has that got to do with the scandal? I mean like proving the pictures were not taken at once doesn’t prove that their not dating or anything. And I know everyone does not know why but can I just ask, why would Baekhyun agree to this scandal? I mean like you said they discussed it only after the paparazzi took the pictures so why Baekhyun would show his face before he knew there were paparazzi? I just wanna know you opinions on what I asked 🙂

    • Hi 🙂
      Well, as I said, these pictures were not taken at once but why do they put it in the same picture? I mean, why don’t they just put it separately and only revealed the wow pictures?
      Maybe this is just me or what, but that kind of picture format usually made to show the zoomed picture. I am really sorry if it is wrong.
      And why would Baekhyun agree? It is because he is in SME, that powerful company. Maybe SM threatens him or what, we would never really know.

      However, like I said, we really don’t know anything. Sometimes, everything is not what it seems.
      I could be wrong and my theories are just shit and delusional comments made by fans.
      I could be right too.
      Who knows? 🙂

      Anyway, thanks a lot for questioning.
      Keep asking and it may lead you to the truth ^^

  194. Well, i one-sided agree with ur post and ur proves. Its kind of odd scandal i think. But, the proof of their have been like each other i think its true either. I ever watched fancams during on dream concert. The camera snap baekhyun is looked for taeyeon so often. Seems like his eyes keep watch for his girlfriend for not being flirting too another boygroup. Lol i dont know the exact reason tho, its just my own thought.
    and.. why tae n baek agree to play the role as a couple since they know abt the consequence of having a scandal like that. If SM forced them, I think that agency its kinda too cruel. They can see what the effect right now. The album, song or concert ticket maybe selling as well. But it has effect to tae & baek mentality due to bashed by their fans. And exo also loses many member in their fancafe. As we know, Fans in korea is too sensitive abt scandal like that. So in my opinion its a bit odd too if they faked their relationship into a dating. Kris lawsuit its going to be end soon, i think he obviously would leave exo for being an actor and exo fans must be accept it in the end. If that scandal is really fake, so..whats the purpose of SM doing that? I think they has been so popular since debut, so whats the matter of SM reveal that kind of scandal? I still curious and dont get it. Anyone can explain?

    • Hmm…
      This analysis also makes sense..
      What’s the purpose of SM if they are really faking it?
      There is one theory in my wildest mind, don’t believe it, it’s just one of my crazy thoughts:
      SME actually knows they are really dating. Then, SME thinks it would be bad for their career. SM decided to make them them feel really sorry for having relationship. They force BaekYeon to reveal it and call Dispatch to take pictures of them dating. Then, as expected, the hurtful bash goes to both of them. It really hurts them mentally. SM thinks they will break up so SM cannot do anything else to hurt them and fans.

      That’s my thoughts. Crazy right? Please ignore it. Really. I have no proofs at all. And it’s just one of my stupid and baseless analysis. Hehehe.

      And to explain you question, is t because they are really dating and SM never faked it? Who knows? 🙂

      • hi! thx a lot for ur feedback, i really appreciated. Nice to know u 🙂 anyway, thats not ur crazy thought, every ppl esp their fans would be thoughts and assumption in their mind to same as you and me.,thanks for sharing it in a good and smart way. I think I could make a conclusion from it, so.. they are dating for real, and SM just take this opportunity for their advantages by reveal this into scandal that they really know how the reaction of the entire netizen and fans would be. Why music company can be so cruel like that, I have no idea for it. Money blinded their mind. I feel pity of SM artist, although they being so popular, they might be under pressure too.Their artist must be sacrifice their pride and popularity only for company profit. I feel really sorry to hear that, hmm, back to the topic. i got what u mean dear, nobody know abt the truth right now, people just assume and judge as their own thought and emotional. i hope the truth can be answered clearly as time goes on in the soonest.
        To be honest, I hope this scandal will be true. I like them as a couple, they looks cute together…how abt u dear? 🙂

  195. And on addition at march until may (except exo after showcase because it’s korean mourning month because of sewol’s tragedy) was exo’s busiest time because of their recording for overdose, comeback showcase preparing, comeback schedule, and concert preparation. Did you watch sbs roommate which chanyeol staring at it? when chan always comeback so late in the early morning or after morning then went to another broadcast. I don’t know their schedules in detail but is that make any sense if Baek went on dating like that hehehehe…. I really adore you writer-nim!! because not only your braveness to post something like this but for standing up for hurtful comments that pointed on you…

    Please for any readers who read this post, If you don’t like the article of the author writes, just don’t send any hurtful comments. I read about any hurtful comments that addressed to the writer and sometimes I wondering about your mind level.. I don’t 100% believing in this article but it gives you different with a new perspective of others thinking about this… while you’re judging the writer rudely, you’re the same with a person who have no manners or you can’t receipt any other thinking that different view. This is the world when people can share any opinion whether is different or not and expressing it freely but not with a manners that could make any person hurt. Just please grow some age of thinking and just don’t seeing a matter from the surface and one way…

    Sorry author-nim, I just rambling on this post.. because I really annoyed with the people that comment a hurtful things for you

    • Hey dear 🙂
      You really have nice comment encouraging me here. Thank you so much 🙂

      I am also confused about that. Or maybe were dating through phone? Or maybe that mourning when sewol’s tragedy? Or maybe you are right that they are never dating. I don’t know.
      One thing for sure, those photos released by Dispatch are just so much weird.
      I actually have a really fucked up mind in remembering dates and time. Hehehe.

  196. Sumpah ya ini bener2 apa yang ada difikiran gue pas pertama kali tau kalo katanya mereka officially dating! Ga logika banget sih menurut gue. Dan gue mikir sme bikin ini supaya exostan pada lupa sama kabar kris dan malah fokus ke scandal ini. How bad SM it is. Gue berdoa aja supaya 12 member baik-baik aja mah:’)

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      • aww thanks! and thankyou for the fast reply 😀
        And, i see, some people here disagree with your analysis…be patient ok. I appreciate this, kok…
        and btw i like your sherlock eyes tho… you have a great insting :v /Inggris ngawur XDD
        keep writing eonnieh ^^

      • My pleasure dear 🙂
        Yep, they do. But, I only appreciate those who comment with manner despite their disagreement with my article. Do I sound cruel? Lol.