[HEART] Moment of Silence


Last Saturday, there was a big concert held somewhere in Jakarta. In the meantime, if you are Indonesian and also EXO-L (would you please tell me people who is giving that stupid simple inelegant name?), you probably screamed here and there, tweeted this and that, updated whatsoever, and cursed anything and/or anyone you can about how unfair it is for you to not being able present among the big mad crowd fangirl in the concert venue. Apparently, in those crowd of mad fangirls who were I am pretty sure forming their mouths screaming as if the state of orgasm, there was a very dearest friend of mine watching the same concert. And do you think I will write something mainstream and perhaps being written too by others about how unfair it is for me to not be in the same place as her? You get busted; I don’t.

So, what the hell am I doing here? Honestly, I don’t even know what to write! Fantastic, huh? But, here is the plot twist, since I don’t know what to write (which is once in a blue moon because mostly I always figure out what to write ten minutes before I type first alphabet in my post), you’ll be surprised. Maybe it has something to do with concert, sincerity, life, love, dreams, or even just about sex.

What in the world telling me to write this? It’s not concert even though many days before I wanted to write something about concert. It’s about the face of an old man with grey beard and so many wrinkles crossing the road in the traffic time while carrying a gigantic pile of unused boxes on his becak. There was a white Avanza coming from the other way and the driver told him to keep going. At first, I thought the driver talked to me. It turned out he talked to the old man when I saw the becak besides me and kept going to the road behind me. In two seconds, I stared at his face. That was the moment of silence. He looked very sorry to interrupt the busy traffic to be busier because of his slow becak. He kept saying sorry. And somehow it broke my heart and also tore my consciousness as human beings.

I don’t know whether this is because of my swing mood which is getting closer to my period or not, but the way I saw his face, I saw life. I saw the real life. The real harsh life that mostly we don’t even think about. We are too busy sitting comfortably in our car, too busy hanging out with friends in the fancy café with delicious coffee, too busy browsing in our gadget so we have no even a single second to look up and look around, we are too busy thinking about ourselves and have no time to think about others. How many hours you spent on your way going somewhere while calling someone, piercing your eyes on your gadget, sleeping, or even not giving a single fuck to anything? You know what, observing makes you alive. That’s what I’ve been doing every time I was on the road.

Let me tell you another moment of silence. This happened a few years ago when I was in senior high school. I was on my motorbike going somewhere (don’t ask, I forgot). When I was in the U-turn, there were an old man riding motorbike too and a kid behind him while holding tight to that man’s shirt (probably his son). There was a big bump in that U-turn, unfortunately, his motorbike hit it and the machine dead. It hadn’t even hit one single second yet and the kids jumped out of the motorbike immediately and pull the motorbike crossing the road. This maybe seems so simple and unnoticeable, but in this era of gadget, how many kids are willingly to jump out of the motorbike without even asked to and pulled it crossing the road? I am pretty sure the number will not pass five digits.

So many people forgot about humanity around them while screaming about unfair treats far away from where they stand. They screamed about Gaza, but they kept silence for the souls of manipulated children singing love songs in the traffic light. They screamed about Africa, but they closed their eyes of what happened to their relatives or friends who need help. Look around you, people. So many things and people need help. They need a hand, but you don’t even give them a single look.

Do you see an old man or an old lady or even just a kid selling something you don’t need in front of your campus or your office? You see, but you don’t care. Even though you don’t need it, buy it. The old man is maybe a father of five children, the old lady is maybe a daughter of sick parents, and the kid is maybe an old brother for his seven siblings. Even, guess what, your smile can enlighten their day. Don’t buy it, it’s okay. Talk to them. Smile to them. They will give you bigger lesson what it is taught in your schools. They will give you important lessons which are maybe your idols cannot give except how to memorize difficult raps.

Our humanity suffers right now. Our technology might move forward, but not our heart and our earth. We are moving backwards. We care to something which needs our help less than those who need it. We focus too much in our goals, not the process. We love our idols, but slowly we forgot how to love ourselves. We want to be like our idols, but we lost ourselves. Is that what you really want?

If you don’t, shut down your laptop and your gadgets right away. Wake up and see the world. Get lost in the crowd. Drive somewhere unknown. Observing new people. Read good books. Write your taught. Draw your imagination. Make the gap between you and this world disappear.

Love them simply. Love them innocently. Do not love your idols as if they will really become your husband or wife. Do not love them and make you forgot the world around you. There are so many beauties waiting to be discovered. And we need you to find it.

Your idols had reached their dreams; it’s your turn now.

In one simple word for this post is: live.


With all of my dreams,

Rosa Azazil


2 comments on “[HEART] Moment of Silence

  1. Oh, wow… Its makes me cry.. Thanks for write or whatever its called.. Idk, i just… Your post gave me a goosebumps..
    By the way, aku juga tinggal d indonesia.. Dan ya, aku juga menjadi dari salah satu orang yang tidak begitu peduli pada orang orang yng seperti kamu sebut d atas… Well, gimana yah ngomongnya, d jaman sekarang susah loh membedakan orang-orang yang benar2 kesusahan dan yang hanya pura2.. Maksudku.. Aku ga ngomongin orang yang biasanya yang ngejual sesuatu ke kita, tapi anak yang ngemis di pinggiran jalan itu loh.. Mereka panas2an minta-minta k kita, tapi d sudut jalan, sering loh aku ngelihat entah itu ortu mereka, ade, kakak, tante, om yang duduk santai makan enak, sementara anak2 mereka berkeliaran di jalan, jadi kadang aku tuh rasa kasihannya jadi hilang, gimana yah? Kok ada orang tua yang begitu, dirinya sendiri masih sehat walafiat, tapi malahan ngebiarin anak2nya yang kerja, ngemis, dll… Bukan berarti ‘humanity’ ku ilang ato gaada, tapi lebih kepada susah untuk percaya… Terkadang (maaf memang tidak sering) aku juga ngulurin tangan kok ke orang2 yang berusaha.. Orang yang menjual sesuatu yng tidak.begitu penting buatku. Di bandingkan orang-orang yang ngemis dan gaada usahanya sama sekali…

    • Hi, dear. Thank you so much for reading and taking a lil time to think about this.

      Nah, kalau itu memang kita harus realistis, biasanya aku lebih milih ngasih sesuatu atau ngebeli sesuatu dari orang yang benar-benar berusaha, bukan yang minta-minta. Soalnya yah.. kayak yg kamu bilang, siapa tahu kan itu cuma akting?

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