[HEART] You are One of My Special Memories

There are some special memories that I carry throughout my life; they are my father’s protection when I fell from his motorbike (he hurt himself in order to save me from pain), my imaginary world with my brother when we were young (we lived in the sea and our house was built of clamp), my mom’s hug in the middle of the night while whispering that I was her most precious diamond (I was upset to her because she didn’t let me watching midnight romance serial in the television), my first conversation with my bestfriend–intan, my sister’s comforting hug every time I felt like giving up, and the last, everything you did–and I do really wish you will always do it all over again–to me these couple of months. What are they? Oh, darling, words are far too easy to describe them, and even I lost count of them. But, let me try with the easiest ones: your back that I always hug while we are riding on your motorbike, your cute smile to me, your head that sometimes lean on my shoulder, your heartbeat, your gaze, your warm hug (that kind of hug that always assures me that everything’s gonna be okay even if dinosaurs return from their death), and your whisper of ‘I love you’. I could close my eyes and repeat those scenes over and over and over and over and over again.
I used to think that finding someone you love and loves you back is surreal and impossible. Then, you came along like a summer breeze and spring flower. You didn’t even try to break the walls I made to protect myself from hurting, it fell by itself, and I didn’t even give a fuck. It’s like finding the right piece to my puzzle and damn, I really love the feeling, and I love you. I do wish I am not the only who fall this hard, I hope you do too. I hope both of us really fall into this stupid hole that we called the love madness.

With love,
Rosa Azazil

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