[REVIEW] EXO, Power Connection and Symbol, Fantasy or Fact?

EXO creates history this April. With their debut Music Video entitled MAMA, we finished our waiting.

But, this music video is not only musici video as usual with single story. From December 23rd 2011, EXO begin to lit our curiosity. KAI’s teaser is the beginning. Then other members overtake the stage of this new boyband.

After they released MAMA lately, what are the teasers for are revealed.

SM Entertainment prepares EXO debut carefully and not as normal. From MAMA, we know that is actually the story line.

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[REVIEW] EXO – MAMA, Heroic Tale with Perfect Simulation

When the skies on the ground were born the legend, through there 12 forces created the tree of lives. That eye, the evil creation, covered the heart tree of lives. And the heart slowly grow dry.  With the return and increase of tree of lives, the legend divided by three in half and hide inside. Time is over turn. Space turns as stone. The trans forces into two and creates two suns, the legends travel apart to twelve worlds.

The legend shall now see the same sky land on different grounds. The shell stand on same grounds but see the different sky. Each legends have single power before one sky simulate as one world.

The legends will greet each other. Protect the green leaves of tree of lives being one perfect world.


That is the narration of MAMA music video, one more the way for EXO to enter the showbiz fame deeper and fight for K-PopErs heart. The story of music video itself is really amazing and so manificient. There is no much recently the setting used the gentle animation yet romantic but also make you WOW-ing your mouth. Amazing color mixed, the chants and melody hypnotized, we are really into the MAMA world. The megaton heart attack and gigantic avatar-alike scenes will be the main excess of this music video.

It’s not without reason. The beats, the melody, the harmony, not just the song with hard music only. It offers you the beats feel melody combine with harmony and rhythm of each members. Yoo Young Jin knows when to put the soft melody and how to shock us with hard beats. Instead of making us confused, it’s the power of this song.

Supported by their dynamic movement, this music video is really the most anticipated one this April.

We are not only watch music video, but also the high definition 3D animation movie. The twelve boys are the real stars for this tree of lifes legend.

They danced just like there’s no tomorrow. How awesome we see the anxious greets in showcase, they don’t show it up here. With dance, voice, setting, animation, and whatever they create, it covers every lacking.

EXO PLANET is the real outside planet of other world. It’s fairytale. It’s epic. It’s heroic. Yet really fascinating story.

Once, there was the tree of lifes. The leaves were green just like jade stone, the flower as red as blood, the woods were strong as stone.

One day, the evil power covered the heart of tree of lifes. The tree slowly has no more power to produce their life. But, just like its name, tree of lifes is stronger than the evil thought. Inside the dying woods, it creates the cell. Divided into ‘legend’ and ‘shell’. Twelve ‘legend’ and twelve ‘shell’ obtained. One ‘legend’ paired with one ‘shell’. The ‘legend’ is the human and the ‘shell’ is the power. They were spread in whole world and different place.

They have to find each other to create the tree of lifes again. Cast away the evil which make the balance of the world harmed. When they finished, the new world will open up….

KAI as the man who can travel easily from the power given by the tree.

D.O ruled the ground.

Su Ho cramed the water.

Baek Hyun lit the lights.

Chanyeol made the fire by his hand.

Se Hun control the wind.

TAO freeze the time.

Kris can fly and also control the fire.

Lay cured something weak and sick.

Xiumin made everything like the ice.

Chen governed the thunder.

Lu Han see something far away from him.

They will unite and create the new power, something which is never imagined before….

Written by Dyland @ Fairytale Beyond Reality

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