About Me

I used to call myself Dylandia Elfyza.

Now, I call myself Rosa Azazil.

My previous name seemed too innocent for the real me.

In fact, I am deathly dangerous as rose thorns and wicked like Lucifer (Azazil is another name of Lucifer).

99% of me is the devil, another 1% of me is the angel. I save that 1% only for my beloved ones. Trust me, you wish for not seeing 99% of me.


So, be careful.

Although I look fragile, I am as strong as diamond.

Once you do bad to me, I will do worse to you.


I love writing. I love reading. No one can tell me what to do. I rule myself. I rule my dreams.








Dylandia Elfyza

5 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi! just wanna ask if I could post this in a website where I am a member. The site I’m talking about is dedicated to Girls’ Generation. A lot of fans may want to read this post of yours so I’m hoping you would give me the permission to do so.

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