[NEWS+PHOTO] Boyfriend Reveals Jacket Photo and Tittle of Their First Mini Album

Unstoppable, Boyfriend soon shares the new photo of their album jacket photo, entitled “Love Style”. It has been said inspired by ‘downtown hipster’ fashion of New York, Boyfriend showed a contrasting image to their floral look with a unique look full of individuality.

Starship Entertainment revealed, “This album will show a definite change along with a reflection of the current trends interpreted in Boyfriend’s own style. They’ll be trying some of the hottest looks for men this year like colored and patterned suits along with street fashion.”

Their ‘Love Style’ mini-album will be released on June 14th.

This contrary image began explodes the curiosity of netizens as well Besfriend. How will be their MV and songs?

Will they be a cute Boyfriend with floral image once more or being the cool guy capturing Noona’s heart with hard-gentle expression?

The answer will be in 14th June when they soon release the album.

Source: allkpop
Written by Dyland @ Fairytale Beyond Reality
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[NEWS+PHOTO] Boyfriend with Floral Themed Image in Their First Mini Album

After a long waiting since last December with their thanks for fans, this June is time for Boyfriend return for Bestfriend. Releasing their image teaser on June 7th, Boyfriend reveals the theme for their first mini album.

Bright floral boy, that’s their choice to make Bestfriend see the hidden side from these 6 boys. Romantic, adorable, and charming. This image of floral paste color really suits with their cute personality.

Boyfriend’s first mini-album will be released on June 14th with a brand new change in image and musical style.

Source: allkpop
Written by: Dyland @ Fairytale Beyond Reality
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[NEWS] Boyfriend Memenangkan Pendatang Baru Terbaik 2011 di Allkpop

2011 adalah tanda dari Penghargaan Tahunan Kedua Allkpop. Lebih dari 3 miliar suara dilemparkan oleh fans K-Pop di seluruh dunia pada Penghargaan Allkpop 2011, dan hasilnya telah tiba!

2011 adalah tahun yang menakjubkan untuk K-Pop, seiring dengan pertumbuhan internasional yang meledak tanpa diduga setelah sejarah panjangnya. Mari kita lihat dan beri selamat untuk para pemenang di Penghargaan Tahunan Kedua Allkpop 2011!


Indonesia Translation by dylandia@fairytalebeyondreality