[HEART] You are One of My Special Memories

There are some special memories that I carry throughout my life; they are my father’s protection when I fell from his motorbike (he hurt himself in order to save me from pain), my imaginary world with my brother when we were young (we lived in the sea and our house was built of clamp), my mom’s hug in the middle of the night while whispering that I was her most precious diamond (I was upset to her because she didn’t let me watching midnight romance serial in the television), my first conversation with my bestfriend–intan, my sister’s comforting hug every time I felt like giving up, and the last, everything you did–and I do really wish you will always do it all over again–to me these couple of months. What are they? Oh, darling, words are far too easy to describe them, and even I lost count of them. But, let me try with the easiest ones: your back that I always hug while we are riding on your motorbike, your cute smile to me, your head that sometimes lean on my shoulder, your heartbeat, your gaze, your warm hug (that kind of hug that always assures me that everything’s gonna be okay even if dinosaurs return from their death), and your whisper of ‘I love you’. I could close my eyes and repeat those scenes over and over and over and over and over again.
I used to think that finding someone you love and loves you back is surreal and impossible. Then, you came along like a summer breeze and spring flower. You didn’t even try to break the walls I made to protect myself from hurting, it fell by itself, and I didn’t even give a fuck. It’s like finding the right piece to my puzzle and damn, I really love the feeling, and I love you. I do wish I am not the only who fall this hard, I hope you do too. I hope both of us really fall into this stupid hole that we called the love madness.

With love,
Rosa Azazil

[HEART] You: Smile and Scent


Hey, you.
It is 11.11 PM and I am writing about you. This is January 12th 2016 and the 122nd after the very first time I saw you in front of my boarding house. You were asleep, I know, you sent me that cute sticker, Bony and Cony hugging each other.
Allow me to write this while you’re still mine. You are probably about to go since it is tiring to be with someone as childish, as selfish, and as spoiled as me. When you’re gone, I’ll be damned to write about how much I love someone who isn’t even mine. I need to write this, you know that, or my heart will explode.

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OT12 Great title, huh?

Does it catch your attention?

Good, then. It is because right now I want to tell something new about me. Not really important of course. Who am I after all in your life?

But, it will be good if you stop by and read; maybe you will see something from many different perspectives.

Why do I keep barging you about different perspectives? Maybe you read my previous posts and I keep repeating it.

Do you know Sofie’s Verden, philosophical novel written by Jostein Gaarder? I read that novel when I was around 15 or 16—I don’t quite remember actually. One thing I really remember and has stucked in my head until now is about those who lived under the rabbit’s fur. Confused? Let me explain you. Those who lived in the rabbit’s fur tend to see from one perspective only. They only can look up to the sky and hope to jump out to see bigger view. But, they didn’t want to; the place where they lived right now is the safe zone. They are afraid to jump out and see the bigger view only to find out their expectation is no true. However, there are some people that jump out from the rabbit’s fur. Out of it, they become bigger and realize that the rabbit is so much smaller under their feet. They can look the rabbit completely. And even though it is true that their expectation didn’t fit the reality, they were relieved because at least they can see the bigger view.

It is the metaphor. Those who I call ‘they’ are us. We are who bounded in K-Pop world. We are who stuck in front of our laptop and scream our bias’s indefatigably. We are who spend our money to buy the merchandises and albums while we know can spend it for something else. We are who judge those who hate us for loving K-Pop.

Why don’t we leave? Why do we have stayed for so long? Why do feel being safe here? Even though there are many dramas in K-Pop, we still stay. Why?

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[HEART] Fangirl’s Feeling



Hello beautiful world!!

Hmm, sudah masuk bulan puasa nih, tapi kayaknya virus yadong nista gue ga hilang-hilang juga. Haha. Tapi, tenang aja. Virus itu aktif pas malam hari kok, kalo siang hari dia ngumpet. Hehe.

So, what I am gonna talk about?

Masalah gue kemaren aja deh yaaa..

Jadi, ceritanya itu gini, kemaren kan ada acara JYJ Membership Week tuh.. Jadi gue mau ceritain pengalaman gue dateng ke acara itu..




Ga, bo’ong ding… Mustahil banget gue dateng ke sana, secara finansial gue aja udah keteteran beliin album bias gue. Nah, jadi gue cuma mantengin live report-nya aja di Twitter. Berharap menemukan sesuatu yang bikin gue bahagia, gue baca deh semua interview mereka. Tapi, alih-alih seneng, yang ada gue sebel.

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Dear EXO,

Wah, akhirnya kalian comeback juga ya, setelah sekian lama. Jadi inget deh, betapa gregetannya waktu dulu nungguin kalian bener-bener debut, setelah puluhan teaser itu (percaya atau ga, folder EXO teaser di laptop gue ukurannya 1 GB! Cuman teaser lo! Kebayang kan betapa ngenesnya gue nungguin 12 alien itu). Tahu ga, waktu nungguin satu persatu teaser kalian muncul, aku sama temen-temenku bolos  cuma buat donlot di warnet. Ga panter dibanggain, sih.. Maaf ya kalau kalian marah. Masalahnya kalian itu bikin gregetan tahuuuu.. Tiap teaser kalian itu bikin sport jantung, hipertensi, batuk-batuk, kejang-kejang, pingsan, gejala-gejala aneh deh pokoknya.

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[HEART] Westlife Changed My Life (About Love, Miracle, and Dream)

Westlife 1

Hi guuuuys!!!

So, here I am again. I don’t know what to do right now in my college even though I have a bunch of assignments to finish, then I decide to stop by in my blog and write some stories again.

Now, I’d like to share about 5 great men who influencing my life for these past 6 years. They are the men who become the reason why I can start my day with a smile. They are the reason why I keep my dreams until now. They are the reason why I have become me today.

They are… WESTLIFE.

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[HEART] About SS5 INA (For You Who Feel Blue)



Holllaaaa… It’s my second post of this day! The previous post was written in English, and this one will be written in Indonesian.

Sebenernya, posting yang ini ga beda jauh sama yang sebelumnya, jadi supaya lebih asyik bacanya, baca yang sebelumnya dulu yaaaa…..

Aku menulis 2 posting hari ini soalnya kangen banget nge-blog lagi. Speak up my mind di blog serasa lebih asyik daripada berkoar di Twitter atau Facebook. So, this is my heavenly heaven!

Nah, 2 posting hari ini terinspirasi dari ketidakgalauan gue dengan SS5. Aneh, kan? Emang. Gue aja bingung. Tapi, setelah dipikir-pikir lagi, kayaknya emang ga seharusnya gue galau.

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[HEART] Unlucky Miracle (You Will Feel How Lucky You Are)


Finally, I’m baaackk!!

Sorry for not being here for a very long time. Those stuffs about college assignment and tests take all of my time away! So, although it is still busy months, I don’t give a fuck with that. I miss writing here so much and share my story with all of you.

So, I’m here to talk abooouuuut… concert of your idol!

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